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A good pair of headphones

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Comfortable, the sound is balanced

Cons: leaks sound to much

Before you read this you should know that I have only tried them for a couple of minutes and this is my experience of them under those minutes and this is all from my own preferences!


The headphones is overall good and the sound is balanced BUT! They are a little to balanced to fit my preference. As I said the sound is really balanced but the lack that little extra to make me get that feeling of overwhelming pleasure. Most of the reviews that I read through before I tested them said that the headphones was a little more bass heavy which of course made me happy since I like that little overwhelming bass since I listen to rather bass heavy music. I am sure that they are really good for those who listen to classical music but I would not recommend these headphones for those who like bass heavy music. The reason to why I gave it three in rating is of a different matter. When I talked to the employees  from Sennheiser they told me that momentum was the newest in sennheisers "on the go headphones" witch I think is wrong. Perhaps it is my head that is to small but I think that they leaked way to much to be a good pair of headphones when you normally travel with the subway.


same experience after a few minutes try
Your profile picture (a HD800) confused me greatly, since it's the large picture on the review page, heh.
As much as input is always appreciated about different types of gear, it might be better to review things that you've spent an extended period of time using.
A few minutes or even a few hours isn't enough time to get a proper grasp as to what you're hearing.
A few minutes? I understand that there are some things you'd like to say but seriously that is not near enough time to get a fair perception of any headphone. I'm really surprised that you found the bass wanting as,like you, I have read allot that these have both powerful and good quality bass. I'm getting the impression that you are fresh to the higher priced headphone world and that you would be happier with pure basshead phones. If you don't mind spending the extra cash and want vibrating bass from the Momentums. get the Digizois ZO2 portable amp. Trust me, you'll be happy.
Please don't review things you've only spent a few minutes with. It's not an accurate representation and is not going to help inform anyone on the quality of the sound produced.
Not trying to be mean even though on the internet it may come through that way.
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