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Top notch portable headphones, fantastic balance

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Good soundstage, fantastic instrument seperation, tight but strong bass, comfortable

Cons: Bulky carry case

I have been in the market for a top notch pair of headphones for portable usage for some time. After trying a number of pairs at JBHIFI and Jaben in Melbourne, I eventually settled on the Sennheiser Momentum. I live with 2 others so a headphone with solid isolation and no sound leakage was needed, but also to be a portable pair was needed. These were perfect.


So upon getting home I opened the packaging. Right away we have a solid carrying case, which is rather bulky but definitely is capable of protecting you HPs quite easily. We also have a 1/4 adapter for your headphones 1/8 jack, we also have a second cable in the circumstance that your other one breaks. Outside of that there is a 2 year warranty with Sennheiser.


Design wise the Momentum has a stainless steel band with a leather headband. The pads are leather, and even after extensive usage both indoors and outdoor in heat, they do not make my ears feel hot or sweat at all. They hug my head slightly but never feel tight enough to be uncomfortable. I find the the pads are actually quite small and fit just on part of my ear and not over it entirely, this worried me at first. However as I soon found out this results in the pleasant knowledge that little sound leaks at all. The build quality seems quite durable and you can tell this phone is not a cheap model.


My testing songs for this review after burn in and before are


Rom Di Prisco - Troposphere

Ne Obliviscaris - and plague flowers the kaleidoscope

Deftones - Romantic Dreams

Freaky Mind - Kill

Nas - N.Y State of Mind

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Voodoo Mon Amour


Out of the box, I was very impressed with these phones. I'm running them for a Z series sony Walkman and a Hippo Cri Cri portable amp. The ohm rating of these phones ensure you should easily be able to get plenty of potential out of them with a portable device.


I found that the effects of burn in were minimal with these phones. The soundstage is fairly broad and the instrument separation is very defined. Overall the headphones have a tight but very present and punchy bass. Mids are a tiny bit recessed but nothing that is too noticeable. Treble is smooth without major sibilance or grain. The sound is not colored, and is very natural and transparent. I did find that a number of older rock and pop records had their flaws quite noticeably exposed by these phones. 


As far as performing on each of the tracks, the soundstage and instrumental definition were more than enough for the complexity of Ne Obliviscaris' mix of classical and heavy metal, while crushing guitar riffs sound powerful, fast and the bass has impact. For hip hop they are extremely clear and fantastic for vocals, but the beats may lack impact compared to basshead phones. Deftones track was highlighted with amazing clarity, soundstage and very impacting lower mids. For electronic music I found these phones were more than adequate.


On the side of value I would say that the 389 dollars that I paid for them was definitely a bit pricy, especially thinking of Australian prices. However they have definitely paid off as these blow my Sennheiser 439, 418s, 280 HD, Sony SA-1000 out of the water quite handily.


Overall I'd say these are a fantastic portable headphone if you are interested in fantastic isolation, comfort and natural well balanced sound, all while being able to be driven by most portable devices.


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