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Easy listening on the move

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Sound, Looks, Build, Comfort, Design.

Cons: None... the carry case is a little bulky.

(I've been using it exclusively on my ipod classic + PA2V2  portable amp)


This headphone is a genre master.


Sound: Very clear full sound with a natural timbre. 

The bass extension is superb - it goes deep; ALL THE WAY deep, without ever intruding on the rest of the sound. 

The mid-range is liquid smooth and full. Vocals don't have any nasal quality like some other closed-back headphones.

The treble is never fatiguing but always there, crystal clear. I really like the slightly soft treble presentation on these headphones - it really makes these super-easy-listening cans. 


Comfort is flawless. I have small ears and these are the most comfortable headphones I've ever owned.


Build is seemingly flawless, no corners have been cut here. Even the plastic shells are slightly pearlescent in appearance and feel very solid. The cable seems thin at first, but the past few months have proved it's rugged nature. 


Design is absolutely brilliant. I have seen very few headphones with aesthetics this good.


Paid 300 euros for these in land of Sennheiser. Worth every cent.



They are the BEST closed back portable headphones I have ever heard. They have an excellent natural timbre, and clear presentation that excels in the outdoors, on-the-go.

EDIT - Even after the slew of new portable headphone releases in the past year, I'm still convinced these are the best. (if your ears are small enough).

EDIT 2 - Knocked down "value" rating a notch, as the competition is now too great, and the price is still on the 'competitive' side.

The only 2 headphones portable/fashion headphones I feel compete with this are the Bang & Olufsen H6, and KEF M500 (I have not heard the Nad HP-50)


Pretty much describes how I feel about these phones. I wouldn't be able to call them the best since I have no other reference headphones to compare them to, but for someone who seems to have some other nice gear, discribing them as the best, it means something.
The only thing I quite don't like about these headphones is that the mids feels a bit reccessed to me, but juuust a bit. Not enough to call it a flaw.
Agreed on the mids - it can feel recessed at times because the bass extension is so much better than a lot of the competition, and it feels like it's going to swallow the mids, but I've never been distracted or annoyed by it.

Also, there are a few higher tier closed backs I havn't heard, so for the money, these are the best.
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