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Very good closed can

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Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Very good audio quality, refined, balanced, never harsh or sibilant, "open sounding"

Cons: Small cups may be a deal breaker for those with big ears

These sound really good for closed headphones: very good detail, good bass, fantastic mids, good highs without beeing too bright or harsh sounding. Jumping from v-moda m80 I found these more detailed and extended, expecially on the highs. The sound is also more airy and the soundstage more extended.

I also owned v-moda m-100 and while I think both are very good, I find momentum best for rock genres (like muse, radiohead,...) and as all-rounder  while I found m-100 best for dance, techno and electronic genres.


How do these compare to the DT1350, TMA-1, ESW9a, HD25-1ii?
Sorry but I didn't try those models, only v-moda m80 / m100 and Sennheiser px100 as portable
that's fine! how does the bass compare to px100? and isolation?
Isolation is quite good, like m100 and a bit more than m80. Bass extend much lower than px100 and is more refined, px100 mid-bass is a lot more pronunciated
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