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Inline controls won't work with Android phones

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Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Great sound

Cons: inline controls are dead to Android

This will be a very brief review because unless I discover otherwise, I will be returning these headphones to Amazon because the inline controls for smartphones do not work for Android phones; or at least my Motorola Droid 3. For $350, this shouldn't be an issue. The Sennheiser website has no info on phone compatibility but I purchased on faith given the company's rep (plus I've owned three sets of Sennheisers previously and have always been happy). 


I'm simply shocked that a set of cans designed expressly for mobile music players won't work with the stock music player for the most widely used OS out there.


Beyond that, the pads are very tiny, they barely fit over my ears; that's a minor complaint as it would have been entirely livable if it weren't for the dead inline controls.


Well atleast the audio quality got 5 stars :P , did you go to sennheiserusa facebook page and posted what problem you were having ? they would help you
First world problems...
Compatible devices are listed on the front of the box. Also, I see the remote as a bonus since the headphones also come with a cable without the remote.
Thanks for giving it a better review here than on Amazon, especially regarding sound quality. I'm not here to start a war but I don't really think you should knock it for it's incompatibility with android when it's explicitly clear that it's only compatible with "i" devices.
Soooo... basically you're saying that the inline remote is more important than the actual sound quality of the headphones? Alright.
I'd just like to point out a couple of things. Firstly - the fact that the remote doesn't work is a shortcoming of Android itself, not of the headphones. You will find this is a problem with any Android device as for some reason it is not designed to be compatible with more than one button on a remote (although apparently there are some exceptions when it comes to proprietary, phone manufacturer provided remotes).
Secondly, there is a good workaround for this. If you download an app called "Jay's Headset Control" (which is actually designed for the Jay's One Plus headphones) you can get the button in the middle to perform basically any task you want it to. The default behaviour is that a single press pauses, two presses skips to the next track, pressing and holding increases volume etc. It's as elegant a solution as you're going to get with only one button available, however if you're really set on having a remote you'll find it works quite well and becomes fairly natural to use after a while.
I hope this comment was helpful, if not for the reviewer, then for any other Android users out there.
@Blackend That's not true. Androids and iPhones use different coding for their in-line remotes. If you try to use an iPhone in-line remote with an Android, only one (or none) of the buttons will work. Why? Because it's not made to work with an Android. I have had two IEMs with in-line remotes in them and they could pause, play, skip (forward or back), and turn the volume up and down. That's a total of 5 buttons.
Isn't it unfair to give poor rating to this headphone on the basis of a thing which is not even claimed by Sennheiser? I purchased these today, in-line controls(apart from pause/play, next/previous track) do not work on my Nexus 4 too, but I have tested it before purchasing. The packaging clearly says 'For iPod, iPhone and iPad". So why complain on compatibility with android?
The in-line control works perfectly fine as a standard one-button control on my Android phone. I have no issues to play/pause music + answer call/end call by the center button.
I have to agree the two-star-rating is a joke.
I read an interview with a 'phones company CEO a few weeks ago, and he stated that Android compatible products take longer to be released (or are not) because of the infamous Android fragmentation of both hardware and software.
Nobody here has figured out the real company to blame here? It's apple. They wanted it this way. They made their controls different, and they have a bigger market share, especially in the target group for high end headphones. Any company is going to do the smart thing and make the controls work with iphones, and apple wanted that to mean they wouldn't work with anything else. Every android phone including three button ones use the same pinout that has been used even before android was released. Anyways for a comment that is on topic. I don't really like the momentum line because sennheiser is competing in a part of the market it doesn't even need to. It doesn't need to compete with beats or sol or the companies like that. I would have preferred they just release the cable as an accessory for what they already had. I doubt much development went into these compared with the others in the same price range.
Read this.
"Apple has built a different way of signalling (sending instructions to the phone) into their remotes and phones."  The vast majority of headphone manufacturers support Apple.  This is not a problem specific to the Sennheiser Momentus.  It is virtually impossible to find a modern headphone with inline controls that volume controls work with my Samsung S3.  
I have to agree with most of the posters here.  It states on the front of the box that the controller only works with "I" devices.  I would give it 5 of 5 stars but my ears are kind of big, not really big or anything but I have earlobes that are not connected like some people.  Perfect for guaging out but the heck with that.  So I would take off one star for comfort while wearing glasses and listening for a long time.  Without the glasses they are just fine but I cant see very well without them lol.  I am scared to try contacts as I can barely put eye drops in without flinching.  
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