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Sennheiser Momentum

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Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Comfort, noise isolation, detachable cables with mic, superb quality and materials, practical, GREAT SOUND.

Cons: No gold connectors


The Momentum have a great classic retro quality style and fantastic sound to boot. Out of the box, the headphones are setup for a great listening experience for a majority of my music including R&B, classical, rock, Jazz, 80's, 90's, trance. Of couse, with a DSP you can tune it to your liking and the Momentum handles it very well. The case, although big, offers the protection it deserves. Not sure how Senn could have done that differently. Something unadvertised is the "noise-isolation" resulting from the ear cups - it actually works just as well (if not better) than some digital noise cancelling units. Yes, the ear cup sits on the ear and will touch the circumference, this is by design and offers the noise-isolation whilst being smaller and more practical.


The only gripe I have is that the connectors are not gold plated.


Quite frankly, I was blown away by these 'cans', very happy indeed. In my view - straight into the Hall of Fame for these.


>> I can't reply to comments below for some reason, I'll try to reply by editing this review <<


EDIT 1: The unit comes with two cables - one with and one without the inline remote which I thought was a useful touch. I walk around with these headphones and listen to them whilst on the move indoors and outdoors. Prospective buyers should be fully aware of the "context-of-use" before buying these. For example, if you are considering the Senn HD 650 then they are a completely different headphone for just sit down and listen. Please be aware of this when comparing headphones. The earpads are made from a high-quality english lambs leather. Yes, not Pleather that will rot away after awhile but the softest lamb leather you could imagine. I cannot imagine how anyone can get these headphones around-the-ear unless you are a tiny dwarf, and trust me I've seen dwarfs with large ears so these are definitely around-on-ear hybrid. I use the headphones with a software DSP and playback of lossless/hq-mp3 files on an iPhone. A DSP can seriously improve listening experience and these headphones are highly capable across the frequency spectrum. I have never felt I wish it could have more bass/treble. It's just right for me. If you try these headphones in the shop you might notice the weak volume (i know i did). Just check "sound-check" and "volume limits" are off. I have great hearing and 70% volume gives a pleasant listening experience. 


I'm interested in these but I'm quite turned off by the inline control. Does it work with Sansa Fuze? Is there a cable without the control that exists for these?
i would try out the earpads on this can before buying...whether it is on-ear or around-ear..or partly on and around. :P
There are two cables that come with the headphone. You can opt to not use the one with inline control. Hope that helps to alleviate your concern regarding the potential downside of the inline control =)
I have the Sennheiser Momentum, They're Great!, best portable ever, for my these are on-ear, but very comfortable!
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