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Compact, good-looking and good sound, but not worth the price

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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Pros: Build quality, design, sound quality

Cons: Value

I will first start by declaring that I'm no audiophile, and that this is just a review coming from an average consumer. I know a lot of you will facepalm by my review, but I will post it anyway.


One year ago I bought the ATH-M50, coming from a Beat Solo HD headphone (yeah, I know). Although the Beats and ATH-M50s were at approximately the same price, I was simply stunned by the open sound, the tight bass and crisp sounds from the ATH-M50s. However, after a year I thought it was time for a new upgrade, and doubled the budget I had one year ago to £250. After I had bought the Momentums I excitedly went home expecting I would get the same WOW-feeling as I had gotten from the ATH-M50s, but when I plugged them in my computer and put them on my head I was just surprised. Not because they sounded good (they did), but because of how average and familiar they sounded. They sounded almost like the £100 cheaper ATH-M50s. I tried connecting the Momentums to the cell phone and the iPad (the box says they are "made for" iDevices). For three hours I listened to the Momentums, but after switching over to ATH-M50 right after I still heard no big difference. Disappointed I returned them to the store and once again I'm looking for a new pair of headphones.


Some might say I wasn't satisfied with the sound because I was used to the ATH-M50s, but how is it a matter of taste when they sound basically the same?


It probably sounded similar because you had a bad source AKA your computer or low-quality music files such as MP3s that are compressed. Once you spend some money on a dedicated amp and dac (doesn't even have to be that much, something from FiiO will already give you a big improvement) you will start to notice the difference.
will i agree on the quality, it should been better than IE80 at least... yet the IE80 made me enjoy more, i had both, for the system i got from Fiio to WA7 fireflies and i gave them the amplification justice, and i say it wasn't worth the price what so ever, for a 350$ i could many better options soubd/value wise like a silicon CIEM from the custom art and top this sound quality 10 times, considering  i want HQ portable headphone for this price the momentum is just way too over rated, 
note i love senn products a lot and HD650 , IE80 still one of my top HQ headphones. 
Source is probably not the problem, as the computer got the newest Realtek audio chip and I'm listening to 320 kbps on Spotify. The box even states that these are "made for ipod, ipad, iphone", and then I atleast expect it will sound good on my iPad. Amp should not be required as these are easily drivable.
its still a nice portable headphone but not for the price, and yes they won't sound bad without an amp, but i am sure a portable amp will tend to improve the sound a lot, like pico slim amp which tend to make the sound way more magical <3 
Trust me, the default audio is pretty crappy. The HD600 and HE-400 sounds better out of my Fiio X3 than my laptop. They sound a lot better even just out of the Modi. Even so, if you don't like them, you don't like them. I can't imagine they are worse than the M50 but who knows. I do think they're overpriced.
There are no bad headphones from a certain Price Level on, but all depends on your personal taste and expectations. Price depending also on where the headphone is build, if you device is build in the US, EU, and or Japan it will be much more expensive than when made in China, due to the salaries and social Situation, wich does not mean that China build headphones are of a lesser Quality, but for myself I prefere a fabrication where I am sure there are social Standards like we wish them for ourselves.The Momentums are hyped everywhere, but only trust your own ears, and don´t expect that the double Price doesn´t mean it is double as good, because of reasons I explained before.
@Zalithian I don't think it's smart to compare these with the power hungry headphones HD600 and HE-400 to explain the significance of amp, because, you know, they need more power.
@willyvlyminck I'm not expecting it to be twice as good, only worth the £100 more it costs, made in China or not.
If I knew amp/DAC was needed to hear the "magic" of the Momentums, which I still don't think they do, I would never have bought these. I am now going for the Philips Fidelio X1 together with a FiiO E17, and I'm truly hoping for better results.
I'm just illustrating my point that a lot of sound cards are rather bad. I should have mentioned my amperiors sound terrible out of my laptop as well. Hope you enjoy the X1 more.
you should have at least give it a proper BURN-IN
don't jump to conclusion too soon. 3 hours is nothing.
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