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Sennheiser MOMENTUM Reviews

Positive Reviews


A truly great portable all-rounder. Just make sure the comfort is there for you. (feat. quick comparison to the Sony MDR-1R)


Pros: Stable on the head, exquisite feeling, more comfortable than most supra aural headphones, linear, coherent sound, great bass performance,

Cons: Not comfortable enough for long listening sessions, big case, cable coating material and pricey replacement, thin headband padding, expensive

I will get my bias out of the way first: I really enjoy the sound of many Sennheisers, and in my opinion the Momentum Full Size is the best sounding portable I have tried, and the best all-round sounding consumer-targeted portable headphone on the market.    Appearance-wise the Momentum is, as I mentioned, an exquisite feeling headphone. It reminds me of that modernist British industrial design that is the Bowers and Wilkins P5 and P7, but more classic or vintage looking (cough cough hipster) and with aluminum instead of stainless steel. The headphone is basically an aluminum headband with two ear cups fastened on. The headband padding and earpads are made from lamb leather...
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YoYo JoKeR

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0: Regained its Momentum


Pros: Strong Build, Comfortable, Decent Sound Quality, Portable

Cons: Flimsy Cable

Me: I am an amateur musician & avid admirer of music. I would like to call myself a music enthusiast, rather than an audiophile. I was inspired by music since childhood, and as the time passed, the passion of music grew in me, and that subsequently led me to join Head-Fi. I usually like to listen to Indian Classical Music along with Bollywood songs. My main listening genres include classical, vocal, instrumental, jazz and sometimes pop.  With time, my sonic preferences have very much grown. I avidly admire transparency, accuracy along with neutrality, I mostly listen to full sized open back headphones and my favorite headphone is AKG K812, which I run from solid state...
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Versatile, high-quality sounding headphone with a great performance/price ratio


Pros: Well-balanced neutral sound that works well for many audio applications; excellent iDevice integration; superb remote control

Cons: Not a headphone for those who want to hear the smallest details in recordings; replacement remote control/mic slightly pricey

INTRO I have been enjoyably appreciating the Sennheiser MOMENTUM since just before Christmas 2012 and continue to do so now as I type this.    The MOMENTUM is part of Sennheiser's Club Orpheus* flagship range of products - which also presently includes the HD 700, HD 800, RS 220, and IE 800 headphones as well as Sennheiser's newly released headphone amp the HDVD 800 / HDVD 600 - and is a beautifully-construced headphone with a high-quality sound that works well in a variety of listening settings.   DESIGN   Packaging   The MOMENTUM's packaging is similar to that of the Amperior (another recent and well-made addition to...
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Negative Reviews

Hifi Man

Average headphones, build quality suffers, looks like a retirement home


Pros: They're comfortable. Sound quality isn't bad

Cons: They're ugly, they aren't exciting, they're poorly built, they're not worth the money

I got these headphones about a year ago. During this years I used these headphones on a constant basis. I had previously upgraded from the Sennheiser Amperior which hurt my ears (because the on ear design crushes the shape of my ears). Getting into the details   Build quality: Where do I even start? The flimsy stainless steel headband. Some of the metal in the headband is cut out making it forked. Immediate when I first got it I was disappointed. It feels flimsy and it actually bends! I'm not kidding. I'm not talking about flexing. I think most headphone bands are flexible. I mean you can bend it into different positions. I shouldn't have to worry about bending my headphones. I...
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Compact, good-looking and good sound, but not worth the price


Pros: Build quality, design, sound quality

Cons: Value

I will first start by declaring that I'm no audiophile, and that this is just a review coming from an average consumer. I know a lot of you will facepalm by my review, but I will post it anyway.   One year ago I bought the ATH-M50, coming from a Beat Solo HD headphone (yeah, I know). Although the Beats and ATH-M50s were at approximately the same price, I was simply stunned by the open sound, the tight bass and crisp sounds from the ATH-M50s. However, after a year I thought it was time for a new upgrade, and doubled the budget I had one year ago to £250. After I had bought the Momentums I excitedly went home expecting I would get the same WOW-feeling as I had gotten from the...
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Inline controls won't work with Android phones


Pros: Great sound

Cons: inline controls are dead to Android

This will be a very brief review because unless I discover otherwise, I will be returning these headphones to Amazon because the inline controls for smartphones do not work for Android phones; or at least my Motorola Droid 3. For $350, this shouldn't be an issue. The Sennheiser website has no info on phone compatibility but I purchased on faith given the company's rep (plus I've owned three sets of Sennheisers previously and have always been happy).    I'm simply shocked that a set of cans designed expressly for mobile music players won't work with the stock music player for the most widely used OS out there.   Beyond that, the pads are very tiny, they barely fit...
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More Reviews


Descent headphone if you want something portable and stylish, but falls short overall, especially considering the price.


Pros: Very warm mids, great overall construction, fantastic design, descent isolation

Cons: Lacks detail, almost no soundstage, earpads very small, expensive

I've owned the Sennheiser Momentum for about a year now. Though it is aesthetically pleasing, and very sturdy overall, I can honestly say that it isn't worth the $300.   I enjoyed the mids, which are very warm and smooth. However, treble sounds very veiled. I enjoy headphones that roll off a bit on the treble, but the Momentums just take it too far, yielding very muddy high frequencies. Bass is adequate, even without an amp, but again, the lack of detail hits the bass hard. I believe these headphones simply lack detail in all frequencies, and while the mids benefit from that by acquiring the warmness that acoustically pleasing, the other frequencies fall behind quite a bit.  ...
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The Sennheiser Momentum: A Great Piece of Design.


Pros: Gorgeous mids, great extended bass, no sibilance.

Cons: slighty lacking in treble "air", earcups won't comfortably fit larger ears, a little bit more definition in the bass would be nice.

Intro      The Sennheiser Momentums are my favorite pair of headphones that I own (including UE700's and the Senn HD650's).  I started a quest last year after buying a pair of (at that time) Monster Beats Solos.  Yeah, I bought into the hype.  I'm not gonna start a Beats-hating review here; suffice to say I wasn't satisfied, sold them, and looked elsewhere.  After weeks of reading reviews, going back and forth and hand-wringing over which pair to buy, I settled on the Ultrasone Pro-900's.  While I loved the 900's ultra-high resolution bass and extended treble, the mids weren't doing it for me; voices and guitars sounded too distant for my...
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Benchmark Setting for 'stylish' portable headphones


Pros: Amazing package, truly world class, engineering and material are amazing, sound matches up to the build quality

Cons: Honestly, nothing.

Sennheiser is one of the old players when it comes to high-end headphones and their top tier products are rightly recognized as world class. Rightly so, the Sennheiser heritage produces quality, refined products that excite the listener. I have been looking for a new set of cans for a while, and although I have been tempted by other brands I always come back to Sennheiser as I know the quality is there. So, having done my research I finally homed in on the Momentums. Before I continue lets clear up a couple of points, firstly, these are are branded as circumaural, which means the cups don't touch your ears but, rather, entirely enclose them. This is not quite the case, unless you have...
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excellent compact headphones offerings


Pros: balanced sound - fit majority of genre out there , detailed resolving of sounds frequencies

Cons: 1. small headphone size feels head cramping discomfort over long hours 2. average soundstage

A trendy and stylish offering by Sennheiser.   Choice of colours and design seems to be targeting at teenagers and younger adults with a taste of design simplicity.    Sound quality is typical sennheiser - well rounded bass with moderate impact, no boom boom rolls., clear mids only slight warm , clear treble - doesn't roll too much, no sibilance.   What i don't like as follows; 1. I extend it to largest possible size on the headstrap .. still feels crampy on my head after fitting it on 2. ear pads gets warm on ears after 30 mins 3. soundstage size medium , and imaging is only average - i feel like 20 percent larger than a good audiophile earphone. ...
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Sennheiser does it again


Pros: Build quality, sound qualit, asthetics

Cons: Nothing worth noting

I have an Audio Technica and Sennheiser open over ear headphones and was looking for a closed portable, iPhone compatible one which is top notch in sound quality, not the kinds of VModa or Beats crap. I got the Beats as a gift. Brought the bets back and put some extra money to buy these. This was the best decision I made. The looks are great. Sound is top notch, Sennheiser quality. Build is particularly solid. Love each inch of it and the sound coming out of it. My ears are large and somewhat brush the leather a little bit for these over the ear cans. The gentle pressure and soft leather does not cause any discomfort of any sort. I broke them in with music and white noise over night and...
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Must have


Pros: Sound Quality, Design, Build, Detachable Cable

Cons: Inline controls and mic not working on my Android device

I've been listening to these headphones everyday for a full month, and I gotta say I loved every minute I've listened to them.   OK, so I might lack experience doing this review because these are my first true high quality headphones, and I have not listened to all the reference headphones out there, and lack all the lingo used in these forums, but I try to review them as a normal person who was looking for an audio quality leap.    I come from the Shure SE215 and the Sennheiser HD449, and although they are quite good for their own merits, the Momentums have been a massive increase in sound quality. I'm not gonna say the typical "you hear stuff on your music you...
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An excellent portable headphone!


Pros: Warm, smooth and engaging high fidelity audio. Gorgeous design with quality materials. Very comfortable (for me). Very light.

Cons: Slightly excessive mid-bass and laid-back top-end may turn off purists. Soundstage isn't great. Remote volume up/down only usable on i-devices.

On sound alone, the Sennheiser Momentums are worth every penny. But aside from being wonderful sounding, the elegant design is beautiful and luxuriant with stainless steel band, real leather and quality plastic cups in a nice, dark bronze finish. The standard cable is also very high quality, with a substantial metal remote attached to it.  The case isn't as large and bulky as I expected from reviews, and it's sturdy enough to keep the headphones safe under most circumstances.  They are very comfortable. The light weight and the materials inside the earcups ensure the fit is great, with minimal headband pressure and without heating up your ears. The cups are on the small side,...
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Sophisticated look & great sound!


Pros: All day comfy, good bass response, stylish, excellent case, replaceable cable

Cons: case bulky,

Very impressed with the Sennhesier Momentum's. Sound is fairly balanced with clear highs & lows. They're stylish without being 'in your face' like various brands such as Beats. The quality of the leather on the earcups is impressive and I'm finding that I can use them for a couple of hours at a time with no discomfort.   Using them straight into my iPhone 4S and 320kbps tracks from spotify is giving me excellent sound and I'm happy to use these without my Fiio E17 so that I can make / receive calls whilst out & about. Call quality is good and no one has commented on external sounds or sounding distant.   Sound isolation is surprisingly good and I'm happy to use...
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The Jefferson Airplane of Headphones - A Review of the Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear


Pros: Raw, spacious, carefree sound. Excellent build and materials. Beautiful design.

Cons: Microphonic. Lacks sonic refinement. Hardwired for Single-ended cables.

Sometimes there’s this manic impulse that takes hold and makes me buy stuff at the drop of a hat. I wrestle with it all the time. A horrible need reveals itself for that missing piece of your system, and suddenly you can’t sleep until you place that order. I can’t give you a logically compelling narrative as to why I bought these headphones. I’m just glad I did. Most of my listening is done at the office, where I sit at a bench all day working with my hands on electronics, testing, repairing, etc… Most of the time it doesn’t take a great deal of thinking. For the first nine months at this job, I was alone with naught but my thoughts, day after day, as my hands toiled. There are no...
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An Allrounder. Stylish and enjoyable for most genre of music


Pros: controlled mids and bass

Cons: not true over ears for large ears, costlier

I got the pair 6 months ago and I am loving it.  It's my portable pair and even though it doesn't fold you hang them around the neck (only good thing about the small ear cups)   ​Design & Aesthetics: Build quality is top-notch.  They feel sturdy on head and I thew them in my backpack several times. I would like to label them modern with a subtle Retro touch.  Looks great on head.  Isn't bulky at all.  The cable is also thin and won't cause discomfort.  The bundled case is hardshell type covered with suede type material.   Comfort:  When I got them I didn't find them comfortable for long listening sessions.  The ear cups...
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