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Poor effort by Sennheiser. A step towards Beats territory.

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone

Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone

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Pros: Nice design, sturdy build, replacable cables

Cons: Overblown and intrusive bass, veiled mids, too much clamping force

These Senns are not proper Hi-Fi headphones. I can recommend them only if you're a basshead and don't care about SQ.


these were the 2nd worst headphones i ever had, the worst ofc is the beats.... 
Well you clearly never tried 50 cent hps^
But yeah they're pretty bad for the price
Finally, a review of a momentum that makes sense. And it's pretty hard to be worse than Beats.
Ouch! I feel sorry for Sennheiser right now lol
The only pair of Sennheisers that I have ever liked were the HD600s.
I wonder why people keep recommending these as well as the HD-25s?
For a decent pair - I recommend either the German Maestro GMP 8.35 or the Soundmagic HP150. 
Agreed with this review and the above comments. Bought one after reading the reviews, but these on ears are a big disappointment. Booming bass, harsh treble, and incredibly high clamping while not isolating noise that well. It does perform better than beats at similar price range, but I think some over ears from beats with $200~$300 price tag are actually more bearably than these, unfortunately (I know comparing over ears to on ears are like comparing apples to oranges, but this is from the "beats" to "momentum on ears" point of view). If you like similar sound character, I think you can do better with Martin Logan Mikros 90 at lower street price.
I'm not an experienced headphone audiophile, and I've never tried HPs with over $450 msrp, but I've been a 2 channel audio addictive for a few years, and I've been using my system as reference when I try out headphones.
I'm love my NAD Viso HP50s atm!
This is a V shaped signature, which some 'flat' loving people like me would hate. Once in a month or 2, (I am in Germany) these comes on some offfer in amazon for around 90 Euros which makes them a bargain, if you are basshead. When I tried this with my FiiO X3, and Xduoo X3 they sounded really harsh, but with an iPhone 5 which this is meant to be really paired with, they sound not bad. iPhone has an emphasis on mids and rolled of high's compared to my players. Also low end is not tight as the players. Apart from this, I have noticed, iPhone has a recessed midbass region. Now when these 'Senn's are paired with an iPhone I think it make sense. Also built quality is very good, but not portable as they dont fold. 
Now, the main reason this can be avoided is the clamping force. If you wear a glass, this is medivial torture! I own the Martin Logan Mikros 90, which sounds better, (infact they sound really good, detailed and balanced) but both these cans are examples of extreme clamping force. which makes them 'passable'
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