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Great sound quality, aesthetically pleasing, but on-ear design may become uncomfortable.

A Review On: Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone

Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone

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Pros: Great sound quality, rich yet controlled bass, balanced mids, well tuned treble, aesthetics, lots of accessories, high standard of build quality

Cons: On-ear design may grow uncomfortable after an hour or so

These have become my favourite headphones. In summary they are just like beats however better in every aspect of quality. The sound quality is, in the eyes of someone who is new to decent equipment, off this world.
  • The bass is very rich, however controlled. I find Beats Solos have an uncontrolled bass, which makes them sound echoey. The Senheisers however produce a much better sound.
  • The mids are great too - vocals that fit into this category come up really well.
  • The treble is open and gives a great sound as well.

The design is very 70s, which in a way looks 'cool'. Perhaps retro is in fashion now? The headphones are very adjustable, and the detachable cable may be useful someday biggrin.gif. I will say though that after an hour or so of listening with these on, because they sit on your ear (hence 'on-ear'), your ears may start to hurt. Easily fixed, just take the headphones off for a few seconds and let your ears rest. The build is of the highest standard, as you'd expect from Senheiser.

When you open the box, it immediately whispers 'premium'. This is because of the packaging quality and what you get with the headphones. There are two cables, one with a 90° jack and a remote, the other with neither; two cases, one stronger giving more bump protection, one soft and silky for dust and scratches; 7 manuals for all the languages you don't speak; and of course the headphones.

May I point out that these offer very little noise isolation, so if traveling on typically noisy public transport, these may not be your best bet.

As I said these are the best set of headphones I have ever owned. I listen to them through an old iPod Nano, so I'm waiting for the next generation of hi def DAPs to come from Fiio and iBasso in order to get the most out of these great phones.

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well I would say do not compare these to beats but I listened to these from my iBasso which sounded awful. Really turned me down ; I love 650s but the bass on these were loose, lacks in quantity, etc. Soundstage was weird too.
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