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Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone Reviews

Positive Reviews


An incredible value that's better than the original Momentum for some tastes - just let them burn-in


Pros: Great soundstage, realistic bass impact and extension with little bloat, build quality, comfort, timbre and texture, great looks

Cons: Leak more and isolate less compared to the over-ears, don't fold for storage, need substantial burn-in to mellow bass bloat

At the price these guys are currently going at, I think there are few better values around. I did a lot of research before buying, and going by the impressions many folk have posted, one would think these sound massively different to the original Momentums. This is not the case at all - I owned both at the same time, and unlike most who have posted comparisons, I had the on-ears first. Compared to anything else, you can tell these come from the same family - indeed they should share an essentially identical 40mm driver that's simply tuned differently. I find the on ear as comfortable as the over-ears, if not more so. The alcantara pads are super soft, and only get softer with use....
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Amazing looks and Amazing sound.


Pros: Powerful kicking bass which does NOT overwhealm or drain away any other sounds. Portable. Very clean sound.

Cons: Can be uncomfortable after listening for some hours. Do not fold up. Exposed wires. Gets a incredibly tiny distortion when volume turned to MAX

Remember this review comes completely from my experience of the Momentum on-ear headphones.   Build Quality The Sennheiser Momentum on-ears really are built like a tank. The headband is all trusty aluminum/metal which is gonna take a long, hard time to break I'm not sure if the cups are aluminum or plastic (they feel a lil' plastic) but I haven't found 1 problem with the durabilty of them. The color of the headphones (black, blue, green, pink, red, brown and ivory) are not painted with those colors they're washed so they won't scratch off or anything like that which is a real plus. I've had the Momentum on-ear for 6 months right now and they look exactly the same as when I...
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Negative Reviews


Not worthy of the Momentum or Sennheiser name.


Pros: Comfortable.

Cons: Muffled sound, minimal highs and almost no midrange.

I purchased these online thinking they were the Momentum over-ears that I'd previously demoed. They are not, nor are they comparable in any way. Much lower build quality, and the sound is not even remotely similar. Where the Momentum over-ears are relatively well balanced for closed ear phones and sound clean, these are boomy in the bass and completely unbalanced, leaving just warm mush in the mid. Classical music, while clearly not the intended type of recording for these, sounds absolutely terrible. My years old, maybe 10 years old Sennheiser 280pros sound far better than these, are more isolating, and cheaper. I'll be returning them as soon as possible, they're junk for kids.

More Reviews


great looker with nice fun sound


Pros: Greatly balanced mids and highs with rich detail, nice design, extremely enjoyable emphasised bass

Cons: Might not fit everyone's ears, slightly boomy bass on occasion

The Sennheiser Momentum On Ear is bursting with goodness. Nice looks, sound, and great value to go with it. Now, Let's go straight into it!   These look so phenomenal, with all that alcantara leather and the premium stitching. The earcups are so nicely and subtly styled and to finish it all up, at the bottom of each side of the leather padded headband is a Momentum word laser engraved on a piece of metal to finish up that premium feel.   The soumd is great, with detailed, smooth and balanced mids and highs. In the short listen I took, I did not hear any particular emphasis on any frequency range within the mids and highs. The bass is tight but deliciously slightly...
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Small, fabulous comfort, Lots of fun colours, engaging sound!


Pros: flashy design, lots of fun colours, class leading comfort, fun sound (very deep bass, clear mids amazing treble, very wide soundstage), stable on head

Cons: lacks isolation(good for situational awareness, but doesn't block out noise), a bit too much bass (a bit loose), mids more recessed than i like.

For a condensed video review see the link below:     After the much acclaimed success of the Momentum (over ear) headphones, sennheiser wanted to recapture that magic and scale it down into a smaller, more portable, more affordable package. Here the Sennheiser Momentum On- Ear or MOE for short is born.          Accessories/ Features The MOE comes with both a soft carrying case and a fabric bag (with a drawstring) to protect these headphones. In terms of size they are about the same size as their older sibling (the momentum over ear) which is about half the size of my 13inch macbook pro. Inside you will found a pouch to hold your...
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Rich and full sounding headphone


Pros: solid sub-bass, enjoyable well rounded signature.

Cons: on ear design can be slightly uncomfortable - mediocre isolation

Sennheiser Momentum On Ear I bought the Momentum On Ear (MOE) on a bit of a whim and mistaken thought I could return them if not satisfied. So not really an auspicious start to a headphone aside from getting them at a good price compared to retail. I honestly thought I was just going to end up returning them. Buy upon initial listen I have to admit I have been surprised by them. Bit before I get into their sound let's talk about the headphones physical attributes first. Build quality of the MOE is absolutely top notch. The headphones exudes quality construction and design and every color looks good in my opinion. Being traditionalist I bought the black/red model for myself but was...
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Sennheiser Momentum 1.0 On-Ears Quick Review by mark2410


Pros: Bass, its rotund and articulate. Mids have excellent breadth.

Cons: Bass wants to come out and play constantly.

Sennheiser Momentum 1.0 On-Ears Quick Review   Full review here http://www.head-fi.org/t/760881/sennheiser-momentum-1-0-on-ears-review-by-mark2410   Brief:  Sennheiser’s style range On Ear.   Price:  Today on the Rainforest sites its £106 or US$100   Specification:  Impedance 18 Ω, Frequency response 16–22,000 Hz, Sound pressure level (SPL) 112 dB (1 kHz/1 Vrms), THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.5% (1 kHz, 100 dB SPL), Contact pressure approx. 3.2 N, Ear coupling Supra-aural, Jack plug Cable 1: 3.5 mm low profile angled plug, Jack plug Cable 2: 3.5 mm straight plug, Cable length Cable 1: 1.4 m iPod®/iPhone® cable with integrated smart...
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Love them


Pros: Good bass

Cons: With glasses, after a few hours they start to hurt

Before this I had only cheap 20$ in-ears, so I can't compare them to other headphones. But I'm happy with them. At the beginning the bass seemed so cool that I listened to some hardcore, now I got used to it. Love that they keep the ears warm in winter. After around 3 hours they start to hurt when I wear my glasses.

Super cool phones. They sound amazing.

I was in a deep search for some good headphones First I thought, maybe the beats, but then I didn’t want to look like one of the poser kids walking around with headphones on that are more about design than they are function. I started to read some reviews, and the Bose sounded like a good option but I know they are known for being over-priced and not always worth it. Then I saw these and read some reviews. Not only did they claim they sound really nice, but they look exquisite (fancy and not in the trendy kind of way). Reviews (like: http://pocinc.net/blog/product-reviews/review-sennheiser-momentum-on-ear-headphones/ ) painted them as being better than your normal pair of headphones and I...
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Very nice headphones to use outdoors


Pros: Detail, bass

Cons: Nothing, so far

I read several (a lot of) opinions about these headphones here on head-fi and also in other web forums. To be honest, after that i was pretty unsure about them. Nevertheless i ordered them, as they we´re at a very good price (145€). When they arrived, i plugged them to my ipod and the first impression was somewhat dull. After that, i introduced the Fiio E11 on the equation and they came alive, with very good detail and punchy bass. Now, with 5 hours of listening, they continue to make me smile when listening to music on the subway, when i go to work. I don´t really agree with the criticism about being a bass head unit, i believe the bass is very well controlled and the impression about...
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Not bad if you can pick it up cheap


Pros: Good bass extension, easy to listen to for most music

Cons: Bass can get boomy, bleeds into the mids on bass heavy tracks, , lacks extension in the highs

Review to come when i have some time. Bottom line is, if you can pick these up on sale, they are a good buy for what they are.   They are fairly comfortable, have ample bass which sadly lacks a little control.   Overall it is a pleasant enough listen for a portable pair of cans. With some EQ they can sound much better.

Stunning Looks and Amazing sound


Pros: punchy and deep bass, good mids and highs, outstanding looks, good carrying case, low impedance 18 ohm means can be easily driven by smartphones etc

Cons: volume control works only on apple

Got it at a bargain price for 129 AUD.  

Great sound quality, aesthetically pleasing, but on-ear design may become uncomfortable.


Pros: Great sound quality, rich yet controlled bass, balanced mids, well tuned treble, aesthetics, lots of accessories, high standard of build quality

Cons: On-ear design may grow uncomfortable after an hour or so

These have become my favourite headphones. In summary they are just like beats however better in every aspect of quality. The sound quality is, in the eyes of someone who is new to decent equipment, off this world. The bass is very rich, however controlled. I find Beats Solos have an uncontrolled bass, which makes them sound echoey. The Senheisers however produce a much better sound. The mids are great too - vocals that fit into this category come up really well. The treble is open and gives a great sound as well. The design is very 70s, which in a way looks 'cool'. Perhaps retro is in fashion now? The headphones are very adjustable, and the detachable cable may be useful someday . I...
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