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Sennheiser MM-550


Pros: Great Sound, Very Compact

Cons: cannot think of any =)

Bose and Beats are all smoke and mirrors these are the real deal! 

they are a must have for the audiofile on the go.


Pros: utility, rechargeable

Cons: sibilence, microphone sound, expensive, cheaper on ebay

I've just got my Audez'e LCD-2 today, can't imagine having to listen to the mm550's, but for walking and moving around they are pretty good with bluetooth and my Atrix 4G

Sennheiser MM-550

Noise canceling clarity – NoiseGard™ 2.0 reduces outside noise actively and lets users enjoy music in peace. Wireless freedom – Stereo Bluetooth® for hands-free convenience and optimized hi-fi stereo sound. TalkThrough – one press of a button turns on the external microphone so you can talk to fellow passengers or the flight attendant without removing the headset. Invisible microphone – for crystal-clear conversations Superb Sennheiser stereo sound – neodymium magnets and patented Duofol diaphragms for excellent sound reproduction. SRS WOW HD™ technology – for wider, taller sound, with greater clarity and with a stronger bass. Large comfortable ear cups – for complete relaxation and luxury in noisy surroundings. Direct cable option – for use on airplanes, with supplied airline adapters. Easy headset controls – integrated track and volume controls for enhanced usability and convenience. Collapsible – metal-reinforced headband ensures portability and durability. Carry case – protective carry case for traveling. Peace of mind – thanks to the 2-year international warranty.

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