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A Review On: Sennheiser IE800

Sennheiser IE800

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Pros: Amazing all around sound, superb bass, mids and treble, cool and modern design

Cons: Nothing for me. Non-detachable cable might bother some.

I'm not that much of an IEM guy. That said, I needed some IEMs as I sometimes travel. I wanted a good all-rounder, something with which I could listen to music on my phone and also play games on PS Vita.


I didn't want some "decent" IEMs though. I had those (Sennheiser CX-300 II, Audio-Technica ATH-CKX9IS) anyway. I wanted the best IEM out there. I've tried two that are said to be the best, Shure SE846 and Sennheiser IE800. I wanted a universal fit and these were said to be the best. SE846 are also great IEMs but to me they looked weird. IE800s look so cool and they are so small. Yet they sound amazing. I couldn't believe such small drivers could sound so good with any genre. Sub-bass is out of this world. Just listen to Daft Punk's Giorgio by Moroder with IE800s and you'll hear what I mean. Even though I can listen to these IEMs for hours without any fatigue, there's so much detail in the sound. These IEMs don't boost treble in order to create an illusion of a detailed sound but actually sound reference class without any coloration.


Also as gaming headphones on PS Vita (or multimedia) these headphones are amazing. Games sound great, and also movies. These also work well with Meridian Explorer.


I recommend these to everyone who want the best IEMs.


Any reason against the shures other than design?
IE800s have better bass (and sub-bass), other than that it comes down to preferences. I prefer Sennheiser sound signature.
I see, and how long will the sennheisers last? I'm interested in the 800 or the 846, durability is what concerns me about them most due to the cable being detachable only halfway
IE800s bass is emphasized, so "reference class without any coloration" is not an accurate description. Also, you didn't include any comparisons (besides the SE846), so I can't tell where the reference claim comes from.
@ wawaweewa: The cable is kevlar so it's supposed to be very durable and it seems that way. I agree it would've been nicer if it had fully detachable cable but personally it's not an issue for me. I'm sure they will last for many years if you keep them well in their box when not in use. I've had many Sennheiser products for years and all of them still work, even the cheap ones. Besides, they're made in Germany and Germans know how to make durable products.
@ AmanAnd88Keys: I disagree. Sennheiser IE800s are uncolored and the only IEMs that I've heard which I can call reference class. They are like IEM versions of HD800. Soundstage is very wide and open. Instrument separation beats many quality over-ear headphones. The sound is neutral and musical. It's not bright but not dark sounding either. It's how live music sounds. SE846s, whilst having better bass than SE535s and a good amount at that, doesn't have the tight, full, realistic bass that IE800s have. Sure, if you listen to bass heavy genres such as dubstep, you will hear lots of bass. Because it's a characteristic of that genre's production. IE800s simply don't sound bass emphasized with pop, rock, jazz etc.
I compared them to Shure SE846, SE535, Ultimate Ears TripleFi10 and Westone W40. Those were the best IEMs my friends have. I also compared them to my much cheaper Audio-Technica ATH-CX9IS and Sennheiser CX-300 II. Also over-ears Sennheiser Momentum and AKG Q701s. IE800s sound better than all of them, over-ears included.
I understand some might prefer a brighter signature. I don't think that's how live music sounds.
I agree their better than the H3 in the mids, but not bass and the H3 treble is slightly better. But, all told, they are better.
Nice impressions of the 846s against the Senns. I have owned mine for 3 years. The cable is heavy there are tons of microphonics to contend with and the fit is an absolute nightmare.
Get round these problems and you have a set of world class IEMs. 
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