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Sennheiser IE800 Reviews

Positive Reviews

Art inTampa

Sennheiser IE800 vs Shure SE846 vs JH 16 Pro and others


Pros: Amazing soundstage, incredible detail, deep impactful bass, very comfortable even for long periods, easy to drive, sound good even at low volume!

Cons: Price

After reading glowing reviews of both of these in ear monitors I was still unable to decide which one would be right for me so I bought both, first the Shure and a few weeks later the Sennheiser. I already own the JH Audio 16 Pro, Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro, HiFi Man HE-500, Sennheiser  HD 650, Shure SRH940 among others. My music files are all in FLAC format and I play them through an Astell & Kern AK120 and also used a Samsung Galaxy S4 for comparison purposes. To boost the signal for some of my headphones I use an ALO Rx Mk2, a Schitt Lyr, and a JDS Labs O2 headphone amplifier.   I begin this review with the following disclaimer, since we all have different tastes in...
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Dynamically Beautiful ; Physically , Sonically .


Pros: Dynamic bass , coherency , comfort , featherweight , good soundstage and imaging.

Cons: Good DAC is required .

Bought at (Singapore) S$1140  Audio This in ear is a marvel. I've auditioned quite a number of Balanced armatures and dynamic drivers in ears , and  over time, I’ve come to love most of the dynamic drivers a lot , regardless of brand or price , dynamic drivers always seems to deliver a more organic , believable , full bodied sound . This one is no different either. It outperforms many Balanced Armatures in my opinion.  Its sound, is simply majestic. Bass quality is superb, quantity comfortably amounted, full bodied, believable speed with a perfect tuning of boom and taut. Treble reach is beautiful never spiky in the highs, presence and quality is sufficient and...
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The best IEMs I've ever heard!


Pros: Superb bass, gorgeous mids, smooth-yet-sparkling highs, expansive soundstage, excellent imaging, very comfortable

Cons: Microphonics, no remote/mic included, short cord

The IE800 are the best IEMs I have ever tried. This includes the Shure SE846 & 535, Audeo PFE232, AKG 3003, JH13 and JH16 and many others. I also prefer their sound to many full size cans like the beyerdynamic DT-880, T70, T90; Sennheiser Momentum, HD650; Shure SRH1840 etc. The closest I've heard to the amazingly balanced sound of the IE800 is the LCD-2 rev 2, which I also own.   The critical thing to note is how cohesive and musical the soundscape is -- these excel with all genres of music that I've tried, from rock to jazz, acoustic to classical/orchestral, electronic to metal. It's laid back when you need it to be, and it can push out the PRaT like crazy when that's...
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Negative Reviews


Sounds good, but you should run away from this and its inconsiderate and inacceptable design flaws


Pros: Good spatial imaging for an IEM; good sound; very comfortable and easy to put on

Cons: barely isolates at all (!); line noise (!); chord too short; even the case is designed poorly

Let me start with the good, and then explain why you should never buy this IEM.   Sound signature: The treble, mids and bass are sort of like that of an HD800, except downgraded. For example, one of the songs I use to test headphones is Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel. One of the key parts I listen for is that initial drum blast. On this, it sounds very close to the way it sounds on the HD800, except it's just missing a little bit. Moving on to a treble heavy song, it sounds similar to the HD800, but slightly muddier and the highs seem a little rolled off. Something is missing with the mids/voices as well -- they seem a little bit more distant. In general, it sounds like...
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Portable Endgame?


Pros: Clarity, Comfort, Detail, Soundstage, Bass texture

Cons: Overly boosted bass, Price, Non removable cables, Treble quality, underwhelming packaging, "Recessed midrange".

Before i start the review i would like to mention that my pair of IE800 were authorised and confirmed not to be a fake set and i use a chord mojo as a reference dac/amp to ensure there is no bottleneck prior to my reviews.   Packaging & Build Quality A very underwhelming unboxing experience considering i paid £650, included is the IE800 (obviously) genuine leather case with engraved serial number, microfiber cleaning cloth and 5 sets of silicone tips, that's it. This is definitley not on the same packing contents and well thought out level like the Shure SE846 for example. Now on to the build, IE800 housing are made from a ceramic and according to Sennheiser has one of the...
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Amazing sound, unacceptable ergonomics!


Pros: Neutral mids, amazing clear lows, great highs! Great soundstage for such a small driver!

Cons: Where do I begin...they fall out, they don't fit, cord's too short, insane microphonics...never before have I heard my own heartbeat while resting.

You can read tons of reviews actually discussing the audio aspects of this set, I'll just stick to saying the lows are unforgivably clear and they have a great soundstage for IEM's.  They sound amazing!   Anyways, I mainly came to knock these down a peg - be sure these are for you before you buy!  I never realized how bad a high-end IEM could be for me personally.  I've loved my IEM's in the past, even enjoyed some cheap Senn's more than these.    - Horrible microphonics!  Just breathing sends scratching sounds right into my ears!  - Short cord, can't be wrapped behind ears. (Can't detach and replace either!)  - Heavy inline cord...
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More Reviews


Still regarded by many as the best IEM, the IE800 I own can be viewed a little more critically after 18 months of ownership


Pros: Bass Mids Treble and Sound Stage are world class

Cons: The cable is too short - does not flex enough - and is too heavy for the drivers

The Sennheiser IE800     What hasn't been said about these flagship earphones from Sennheiser?  My first wow moment for these was at a headfi meet sponsored by Sennheiser at the Great Russell Hotel all the way back in April 2014. This was around the launch time of the IE800s and was also the first time I was introduced to the Astell and Kern AK100. Club Orpheus were there in droves and one of the reps handed me an IE800 and AK100 and I was stunned.  I subsequently bought both. Not there and then , but the need to acquire weighed heavily on me until the feeling was too much to resist anymore. The IE800 is still the flagship IEM for Sennheiser and is still a...
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Some notes on SQ, with some comparisons to SE846 (Blue filter)


Pros: Treble energy, detail, openness for an IEM

Cons: Treble energy and at a certain point, transient response

As I have recently started moving away from IEMs, I wanted to get some of my thoughts out there on the IE800 before I forget them, in case they may be helpful to others. I have owned the IE800s (and SE846) for 1.5 years and have had a chance to really get to know them. That being said, throughout those 1.5 years, my opinion on them has changed a few times as I upgraded upstream equipment and as time went on, leading me to wonder even now if I actually know them? Anyways, I will structure these notes chronologically in the order I upgraded upstream equipment. I will focus on sound quality and leave out most comments on form factor, noise isolation, practicality, etc. as I feel they have...
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Dobrescu George

The pinnacle of in ear listening


Pros: The best sound for universal in ear monitors, comfortable, pinpoint precision, big soundstage, mids, bass, treble, clarity, vivid sound

Cons: DAC/AMP deoendent to sound good

Introduction   When someone invests this much money would like to know as much as possible. I will try to express what is not already written in other reviews. I know that most people who read reviews are those who are thinking to buy a product, not people who have a certain product. I have bought the Ie800, and I am doing this for fun, and out of my own will, I did not receive anything to do this, and I paid for my Ie800. My pair is in the 12XXX series, so there might be differences from the first batches.   Introduction and my background   I am a very dedicated listener. I used to play instruments and I re-master music commercially. I'm the type of person who would...
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A fantastic statement in-ear from Sennheiser.


Pros: FANTASTIC midrange quality. Very, very detailed without fatigue. Fun bass and extended high-end. Open sounding (for an IEM). Well built. Lightweight.

Cons: Cable microphonics. May sound bass-heavy to some. Expensive.

  Still burning-in, but I can already say they are by far the best sounding IEM's I've ever heard. Fantastically clear/clean through the mids and treble - tremendous detail resolution without things sounding harsh or clinical. Treble is precise, rich, coherent and extended. Never piercing or bordering on overly bright to these ears, unless it's a crap recording of course.  Midrange is where it's really at. Delicate, full-bodied and airy sounding. Vocals sound crisp, velvety smooth and true in tone. Maybe the best midrange I've heard from any portable audio system, no matter the type and size.  Bass is a bit pumped-up down very low and, while still very well...
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The Best IEMs Ever Made


Pros: Amazing all around sound, superb bass, mids and treble, cool and modern design

Cons: Nothing for me. Non-detachable cable might bother some.

I'm not that much of an IEM guy. That said, I needed some IEMs as I sometimes travel. I wanted a good all-rounder, something with which I could listen to music on my phone and also play games on PS Vita.   I didn't want some "decent" IEMs though. I had those (Sennheiser CX-300 II, Audio-Technica ATH-CKX9IS) anyway. I wanted the best IEM out there. I've tried two that are said to be the best, Shure SE846 and Sennheiser IE800. I wanted a universal fit and these were said to be the best. SE846 are also great IEMs but to me they looked weird. IE800s look so cool and they are so small. Yet they sound amazing. I couldn't believe such small drivers could sound so good with any genre....
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Best IEM I have ever heard: balanced sound throughout the whole spectrum


Pros: Excellent well extended, tight and punchy bass, amazingly detailed mids, very detailed and sparkly treble without being bright. Good soundstage and positioning.

Cons: Other than price, I couldn't find any.

Hello guys, I have been reading about the IE800 for some time now. I heard people saying it is a mini HD800. That intrigued me, as I love the HD800. I usually hate IEMs for their congested and bassy sound. I also hate sticking something inside my ears, but was curious about Sennheisers' new addition. It seems I am a lucky man,  as last week soundnews.ro asked me if I can write a review for them on their site. Of course I accepted as I love their website. DarKu writes there and I have used it as a reference for many ears. In my opinion, It is the best romanian website about audio. It was an honor and an opportunity I couldn't...
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One of the best dynamic driver IEMs on the market


Pros: Bass without sacrificing vocals quality, ease of use, comfort

Cons: Interesting design quirks, crispy highs, a ton of fakes out there.

  Introduction Up for review are a pair of Sennheiser’s IE800 dynamic driver in-ear monitors. They were first released in 2012 at around $1000, but pricing has fallen to more reasonable levels, with Sennheiser’s MSRP at $800 and used pricing on the market under $500. There was a lot of controversy due to the cable design, dynamic drivers, price, and the proliferance of fakes on the market. Are they still worth picking up? Let’s take a further look.   I purchased this pair of IE 800s on Reddit after coming across them for a price I couldn’t refuse. I’ve had these since January, but refrained from commenting on them as they were shipped with small eartips instead of the...
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Outstanding precision, like listening to UHD in comparison to VGA of most other IE


Pros: Musicality and precision in Treble and Basst, amazing cooperation of all levels, can make you cry when listening to high res favorites

Cons: non interchangeable eartips, overall quality of build (transfer of ceramic to eartip) mediocre and dissapointing

You should definitively try these out before going for the K3003 or the se846. In my opinion there is no comparison in sound. Listening to Jazz, Electronic and classical live concerts and well as studiorecordings min 944 FLAC on my cambridge DAC or on Samsung Edge Mobile, these earpieces are as shockingly beatiful in sound as advertized. Listening at low sound is as great as going a bit higher.   The craftmanship is not even close to the the SHURE build but then also arent the AKGs (cheap end cablepieces). In therms of treble precision and clarity as well as differentiation of all levels way beyond the 846, more like the HD800 but then, at 8Grams per Ear! If I had to put them on my...
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A Flagship Earphone with Character - With added comparison to the se535`s, pfe232`s and W30`s


Pros: Unsurpassed midrange clarity, Treble extremely resolving, Great high and low end extension, Light and comfortable, Perfect for low volume listening

Cons: Fitment is unreliable stock, abundant fakes, treble splashy on some recordings

Introduction – The ie800`s are as of March 2016, Sennheiser`s flagship iem that was designed by a small team over a period of 5 years. They were released with an absurd $1000 USD price tag that garnered much attention, but have since fallen down to as low as $550 USD. As such, they are actually one of the cheapest flagship iems, at least quite a bit cheaper than the Shure se846`s. I bought mine for the equivalent of $450 USD NIB and can confirm that they are genuine as they were replaced directly from Sennheiser about 2 year ago. I bought the ie800`s as an upgrade to my JVC FX-800`s and have since owned them for almost 3 years so all honeymoon period hype has mostly dissipated and I`ll...
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Absolutely stunning and sensual experience to be given throughout.


Pros: Wonderful & sensual sound, stunning build

Cons: Almost proprietary horn, short cable

         I must first and foremost give a massive thank you to both Sennheiser and Bill Poteet for giving me the opportunity to review such an amazing product. Despite this being a flagship product it’s one I don’t see onto many lists of head-fi meets, so the likelihood of me having the ability of hearing this product let alone to such an extent would’ve likely been null and void. So again thank you for this humbling opportunity.           The Opening Experience       The initial handshake is something I talk about in everyone of my reviews and will continue to do so for I firmly believe it’s one of the most...
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