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A Review On: Sennheiser IE80

Sennheiser IE80

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Sam Edwards
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Pros: Great, neutral sound balance

Cons: Very sensitive to correct position in ears/pad choice

I count myself really lucky. I was convinced that these phones were too treble-ey and didn't have good bass. I tried some after market foam pads and the bass just came pouring out of them. This led me to experiment further and found that the black foam pads that came with them gave a very neutral, but full sound. I am very glad that I didn't write a review before because it would have been unfair. 

I used the IE80's to compare a Meridian Explorer DAC to a AK120 DAP and I must say the differences between these high quality sources was immediately apparent. You can hear very deeply into the recording with both. Great IEM's. 

Before I got these sorted out I was fitted for the UE Reference Monitors. If I'd had this kind of sound out of the box I might not have bothered. Although I'm still very curious about and looking forward to the customs.

1 Comment:

You sure you reviewed the right IEMs? Lmao the Ie80's are bass heavy as hell and do NOT have a neutral sound signature. But they still sound amazing. I'm just wondering which headphones you're talking about in this review lol
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