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Sennheiser IE80's - The new King of IEM's - Amazing

A Review On: Sennheiser IE80

Sennheiser IE80

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Pros: Massive Soundstage / Treble / Mids / Kick Ass Bass

Cons: Price

Hi all


I have been a Sennheiser fan sinced my first pair of Sennheiser IEM's - the IE7's.  I then later upgrade to the IE8's and these were even better.  Unfortunatley my IE8's suffered a hardware failure under warranty, so, I sent them back in their orginal packaging and was then informed the IE6 / IE7 / IE8 range was no longer being manufactured as new models came out.  So my IE8's were upgraded at no additional cost to the IE80's so very glad wtih this.


Well, so far extremly impressed with the IE80's as they sound even better than the IE8's and this is without me using the tuning function, and a grand total of about 20 hours use.  The soundstage on these seems even better again and still massive, while the treble, and mids is also better.  The bass is as usual for Sennheiser, meaty and thumping but not overbearing or bloated.  All my music is 320kpbs, and you hear little nuances in all the songs that I didn't pick up before.


These Dynamic driver IEM's are the cream of the crop on Sennheiser's range, until IE800's come out.  I am not a fan of Balance Armature as I have tried 3 pairs of single Armature Sony headphones, and over audio quality does not even come close to the IE80's - especially in mids / treble / and bass - yet the Sony are more expensive for less, and they all have loud cord noise. The IE80's also stand out with their new metal finish, and their presentation (packaging) looks better than anything else out there.


Honestly, the Sennheiser IE80's are like having audio cans in your ears, their audio reproduction is simply amazing, and I dont know how those Engineers at Sennheiser in Germany do this.  Once again Sennheiser have outdone themselves.  I have had people listen to these and their jaws drop literally with the unexpected soundstage and clarity then they ask the price - which puts them in a coma - but these are worth every cent.  Once you hear these, its hard to go back to cheap earphones.


Thank you Sennheiser


Accurate impressions but as an IE 80 owner, 5 star on value really? Dude they are good but they are also expensive. We got what we paid for and no more. Lets not kid ourselves or anyone else here.
So, do we still need portable amp like Fiio E11 or Fiio E1 with this IEM ?
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