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Sennheiser IE80

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Pros: Bass, Soundstage, detachable cables, light weight, build

Cons: Fatigue, price

These are a very good dynamic IEM, and when I say dynamic, I'm not just referring to the type of driver. The sound is very forward, very exciting at first, and I was immediately struck with the immense sound-stage. The drivers are very responsive and demonstrate better speed than I expected. If you love any form of electronica, buy them. I was hard pressed to find fault with any specific aspect of the sound while I was listening and the bass is incredible. However, I was quickly fatigued by listening to them and afterwards my head felt full of grit. I gave them about 50hrs of burn-in and used no EQ while listening.


Because of the light weight, I had no problems getting a comfortable fit with the included eartips. The included case is heavy and possibly worthless if you go with a Comply eartip.


I really wanted to love them considering the bargain price (refurb), but in the end I sold them.


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