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Sennheiser IE80 Reviews


Warning, now entering audiophile territory!


Pros: Amazing Sound Quality, Tunable Bass, Replaceable Cables, Great Micro-phonics, Excellent build quality, Looks, Value for Money, 2 Year Guarantee

Cons: The housing is a bit huge. If you seek isolation, the stock tips will not cut it for you.

Anyone aspiring to be an audiophile would have heard the name of these IEMs, they are one of the very best around and only a few are in the same league as this one. The IE80 was released a few years ago, following the IE8 which was for a long time, the best that Sennheiser had to offer in this regard. Lets cut the introduction short. This review is not an Audiophile perspective. Its just my experience after one years usage. While it may not give you side by side comparisons with rival products, it will give you an idea of what the IE80 truly is. Short version of review: ------------------------ If I had to tell you about the IE80 in one line, then I would say, you will not be...
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Sam Edwards

Great Phones


Pros: Great, neutral sound balance

Cons: Very sensitive to correct position in ears/pad choice

I count myself really lucky. I was convinced that these phones were too treble-ey and didn't have good bass. I tried some after market foam pads and the bass just came pouring out of them. This led me to experiment further and found that the black foam pads that came with them gave a very neutral, but full sound. I am very glad that I didn't write a review before because it would have been unfair.  I used the IE80's to compare a Meridian Explorer DAC to a AK120 DAP and I must say the differences between these high quality sources was immediately apparent. You can hear very deeply into the recording with both. Great IEM's.  Before I got these sorted out I was fitted for the...
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Disappointing stock. Quite nice modded.


Pros: Bass, soundstage

Cons: Fit, mids

The retail package for the IE 80 is one of the most impressive IEM packages I've seen. The IEMs are nicely presented and the brushed aluminium box looks very sleek. Opening the box confirms this with a the box despite being plastic with aluminium faceplates seems very well constructed and more than adaquetely protects the IEMs themselves although the L shaped 3.5mm connector can be difficult to fit into the case. The included tip selection is very wide. However for me, this is where the problems began. The tips selection, while wide, is still subpar in design, with many of the buds themselves seems to be designed for freakish ear canals, a fact not helped by the wide nozzle design of...
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IE80: Good In Ear Choice!


Pros: Good soundstage, great build and durability.

Cons: Mid bass.

Package:    Nice looking but not really so convenient hard case with tight space for the cable. Most of the tips are useless; There are no mid size foam tips (that most people use), just large and small foam and silicon tips are in all three sizes but others are really useless (odd shape, no isolation or extremely uncomfortable). I found ear hooks to be useless as well and not so gentle on the cable since the critical point of break, where the cable connects to an earphone, is loose. There is also a nice cleaning tool with screw on the other side that is used to adjust bass.       Build:   Just great! Looks great and feels good and they seem to be...
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These things Rock


Pros: Massive Soundstage - crystal clear sound

Cons: Weak in Bass - though adjustable they are too heavy if pushed too high

I love these little beasts. I pair them with my goto player the Colorfly C3 (Hidden Gem) -   If you have a good source track these little  iem's shine - the sound is pristine and crystal clear - They have a lovely wide soundstage way out of proportion to their size; The Bass is a little weak but the high and mids shine. The only downsides to this are poor isolation (fixed by swapping for better buds) and the weak bass - but even turning the adjustable side bass boost dials just muddies the presentation a little. Then again I'm not really into tracks with too heavy a low frequency range preferring brighter sounds - I can wear these all day long and not even notice them -...
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[$300 & Under Reviews]Open Stage For Closed Build


Pros: Great Soundstage, Not Congestive, Wide

Cons: Design, Functionality, Can Hurt Ears

IE80 - High End Earphones I think there's a point to where you draw the line for a Price Point, this goes over that boundary and breaks the rules of it's price, which is unfortunate.   I feel something in this asking price needs to meet some standards, Comfort, Unique Sound, & Build Flexibility. And I feel these don't cut it, the need to be charged within the $175-$220 range.   This will be a descriptive review!   Sound Overview: From what I've gathered, I think these are good! But the Soundstage is completely overdone for an IEM. I think this range needs to be for accuracy, not how wide we can get the stage, and where will the instruments connect.  ...
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Sennheiser IE80, an early review after 3 days


Pros: Accuracy, clarity, strong and controlled bass, soundstage for IEMs

Cons: Absolutely requires a proper long burn-in, difficult carrying case

My head gear background in short: CX-870, Cowon i10, ATH-M50, HD-650 (HK 3490), IE 80 I got the IE 80 few days ago after coming back to my old CX-870 (after a pleasurable winter of using my ATH-M50 as my on the move head gear) and noticing that their bass is, though strong enough, muddy and boomy beyond enjoyment as my standards seem to have heightened quite a bit. This review is very much incomplete since it'll take a few months to come to a conclusion of some kind, but I'll mention a few things I hope I'd read before purchase. First of all I didn't think much of burn-in before, though I knew from previous experience with the ATH-M50 that there could be a clear, but probably not...
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Very nice IEM's for people that enjoy good bass , not my choice of sound though


Pros: Soundstage, Great Build Quality , Removable cable , Adjustable bass , a very nice case and a wide variety of accesories

Cons: Mids are a little lacking , included tips unusable in my experience , have more bass than I would prefer , adjustable bass is meh

Hello Headfiers. I know there are a ton of reviews of these bad boys already , but I want to share my opinion as well on the site. Before purchasing them I have read a lot of reviews but my opinion about these differs in some ways than what most people say so I would like to have some responses to my review. (enlighten me please xD) Overview: The IE80's are beautifully packaged and presented. you can feel the quality of the product before you even open the package. Inside the box there are the headphones themselves , a carrying case thay feels premium but even without using it I managed to break it . A lot of useless ear tips ,and paperwork. Package feels premium , headphones...
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Lovely bass & overall detail and clarity


Pros: Bass, Detail, Clarity, Soundstage

Cons: Didn't like the tips that were provided.

At first, I was somewhat annoyed by the sound quality which seemed mediocre, even to my untrained ears. I knew that, to an extent, this was because I was using the wrong tips and therefore began to try out different tips.   I found that the COMPLY Foam Tips worked very well with these, and provided the best sound isolation of all the tips I had tried. And by the second day of using these IEMs with the COMPLY tips, I had grown to love them!   Once you get the right tips attached, and after you've burned in the IE 80s for a while  (although this may be purely psychological), the sound quality becomes excellent. I've always been using headphones, but these IEMs provide...
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very enjoyable, relax sound


Pros: sound, detachable cable, build quality, brand,modable,tuning feature

Cons: fit, recessed mids, most accessories are useless

very relax sounding IEM, great for relaxing, fit is awkward if u have small ears, accessories are tons but most are useless, tape mod is good! Recommended
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