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Sennheiser IE80 Reviews


Warning, now entering audiophile territory!


Pros: Amazing Sound Quality, Tunable Bass, Replaceable Cables, Great Micro-phonics, Excellent build quality, Looks, Value for Money, 2 Year Guarantee

Cons: The housing is a bit huge. If you seek isolation, the stock tips will not cut it for you.

Anyone aspiring to be an audiophile would have heard the name of these IEMs, they are one of the very best around and only a few are in the same league as this one. The IE80 was released a few years ago, following the IE8 which was for a long time, the best that Sennheiser had to offer in this regard. Lets cut the introduction short. This review is not an Audiophile perspective. Its just my experience after one years usage. While it may not give you side by side comparisons with rival products, it will give you an idea of what the IE80 truly is. Short version of review: ------------------------ If I had to tell you about the IE80 in one line, then I would say, you will not be...
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Sam Edwards

Great Phones


Pros: Great, neutral sound balance

Cons: Very sensitive to correct position in ears/pad choice

I count myself really lucky. I was convinced that these phones were too treble-ey and didn't have good bass. I tried some after market foam pads and the bass just came pouring out of them. This led me to experiment further and found that the black foam pads that came with them gave a very neutral, but full sound. I am very glad that I didn't write a review before because it would have been unfair.  I used the IE80's to compare a Meridian Explorer DAC to a AK120 DAP and I must say the differences between these high quality sources was immediately apparent. You can hear very deeply into the recording with both. Great IEM's.  Before I got these sorted out I was fitted for the...
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Joly good fun


Pros: Gorgeous rumbling bass; wide soundstage; natural laid-back sound; good detail; build quality; replaceable cable; comfort; fun tunable bass dial

Cons: Slightly invasive bass; average isolation; not the best pace; connector would cause channel imbalance

Design/durability: very good build quality as (almost) always on behalf of Sennheiser. The earpiece with its brushed metal faceplate is very good looking and has a sturdy 'unibody' feel to it. Finish is not plasticky and seems durable. The slightly thick cable feels good too, pretty stiff, doesn't tangle, microphonics are pretty low. The proprietary two-pin connector of the detachable cable feels very sturdy as opposed to most MMCX connectors used nowadays on the IEM market. And also, the bass dial is fairly unique and fun to play with. Update: the connector/pins are causing occasional channel imbalance. Not as reliable as I though it would be.   Fit/comfort: the IE 80 is a...
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Disappointing stock. Quite nice modded.


Pros: Bass, soundstage

Cons: Fit, mids

The retail package for the IE 80 is one of the most impressive IEM packages I've seen. The IEMs are nicely presented and the brushed aluminium box looks very sleek. Opening the box confirms this with a the box despite being plastic with aluminium faceplates seems very well constructed and more than adaquetely protects the IEMs themselves although the L shaped 3.5mm connector can be difficult to fit into the case. The included tip selection is very wide. However for me, this is where the problems began. The tips selection, while wide, is still subpar in design, with many of the buds themselves seems to be designed for freakish ear canals, a fact not helped by the wide nozzle design of...
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Brian Hom

Good first high-end IEMs for the budding audiophiles


Pros: Strong bass, fairly represented vocals, wide soundstage for an IEM, replaceable cables and tips.

Cons: Veiled on the Top end and can sound recessed depending on what headphones/IEMs you listen to beforehand.

*Disclaimer - This is my first review on Head-Fi so please go easy on me.   The Sennheiser IE80 is the first set of high-end audio gear above 300$. I bought them second hand from an online store. My impressions will be different than most as I was able to pick these up for around 110$. I have owned these IEMs for around 7 months. I used them for listening to FLACs on my computer and Spotify Premium on my Nexus 6, occasionally with a digizoid zo2.   Build:   The IEMs feel pretty solid. The IE80s are built entirely out of plastic and feel like they can take a beating. The IE80s will scratch and scuff if handled poorly but the only thing that has suffered substantial...
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Very Satisfying


Pros: Sound Quality, Build Quality, Accessories

Cons: Stock Cable, Tunable Bass

Introduction:   The Sennheiser IE80. I would like to start with stating that I am not an audiophile. However, for the past years I have had my fair share of headphones/earphones and I have been involved with the audio world for some time now. Also, this is my first real review so please take it easy if I'm not as descriptive or accurate as other members on Head-Fi. My primary source when listening to the IE80 is the combination of my MacBook Pro (320kbps to 2600kbps audio files) and my Fiio E10K Olympus 2 DAC/AMP. I will be covering topics such as accessories, build quality and the comfortability of these earphones. I will not go in depth about the sound...
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IE80: Good In Ear Choice!


Pros: Good soundstage, great build and durability.

Cons: Mid bass.

Package:    Nice looking but not really so convenient hard case with tight space for the cable. Most of the tips are useless; There are no mid size foam tips (that most people use), just large and small foam and silicon tips are in all three sizes but others are really useless (odd shape, no isolation or extremely uncomfortable). I found ear hooks to be useless as well and not so gentle on the cable since the critical point of break, where the cable connects to an earphone, is loose. There is also a nice cleaning tool with screw on the other side that is used to adjust bass.       Build:   Just great! Looks great and feels good and they seem to be...
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These things Rock


Pros: Massive Soundstage - crystal clear sound

Cons: Weak in Bass - though adjustable they are too heavy if pushed too high

I love these little beasts. I pair them with my goto player the Colorfly C3 (Hidden Gem) -   If you have a good source track these little  iem's shine - the sound is pristine and crystal clear - They have a lovely wide soundstage way out of proportion to their size; The Bass is a little weak but the high and mids shine. The only downsides to this are poor isolation (fixed by swapping for better buds) and the weak bass - but even turning the adjustable side bass boost dials just muddies the presentation a little. Then again I'm not really into tracks with too heavy a low frequency range preferring brighter sounds - I can wear these all day long and not even notice them -...
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my IE80 vs HD598 experiences


Pros: great sound quality, great detail and clarity

Cons: hard to find the correct positioning in the ear

This review is for someone looking for a good pair of in-ear headphones after using over-ear phones; that's the situation where I am coming from at least, as I have been using Sennheiser's HD598 for some years now.   I can appreciate the professionalism and expertise that is apparent in the IE80, The sound quality is great and there is a lot of detail and clarity to be heard in the music. The bass is not too overwhelming at least when adjusting the bass dial to the lower end, and that's how I like it. The treble/high end is not too bright or tiresome. However, HD598 has a more elegant overall sound, it's somehow cleaner and with a wider soundstage. This is of course due to the...
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My first step in Audiophile territory


Pros: Comfortable, INCREDIBLE sound, additional earbuds

Cons: Ruined every pair of ear-buds I've owned uptil now. I'm never going back

I just saved up money and purchased my first pair of Audiophile class anything. I've done my homework and on nothing but the regular laptop output using Foobar and listening to Santana's Samba pa Ti..... I'm Crying!   I've never experienced this kind of....immersion in sounds before. I've been listening to this song all my life... but this is the first time I've felt the music. The only worthy pair of cans I own that can be used as a comparison are my DT770 pros (32 ohm), but this.... This is a whole new world.   I've never been brought to tears over the overwhelming quality of music before. And this pair of IE80s did just that.   Is THIS why you audiophiles spend so...
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