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Sennheiser IE 8 In-Ear Headphones Reviews




Pros: good for hifi music..

Cons: no good for pop

had it for a month with 100+hrs on it, was bitten by my puppy T-T..   only couple impressions left are   1.this in ear needs to have a lot of runs on it in order to get better bass and sound stage.   2.wide sound stage feels like the big headphones, good for classical music   3.cant compare with any ATH's on pop music especially on j-pop at least for me..  

The IEM Search is over


Pros: SQ, comfort

Cons: Case

  I have the SE530's and the triple fi's but these are my favourites by a long way. For me the SQ is so balanced and detailed, with pure and accurate treble, smooth, powerful and controlled base. Stunning soundstage and dynamics for an IEM. They sound very natural. For me the search is over.... At last! The fit is flat against the ear allowing laying on the side with them still in place with minimal discomfort. They seal well and exclude ambient sound well, although of course this depends on the tips and fit you achieve. I have had custom tips made by a UK firm, but the fit was not good and they were painful to wear. After 3 refits they are still poor and I cannot wear them for...
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Sennheiser IE8 - A work of art


Pros: soundstage, detail, bass, smoothness, comfort, durability, cord length, user-replacable cord and eartips, unobtrusive, just the right isolation

Cons: price, but not so much because i got them on UK Ebay for $250 shipped =D shop around, they're worth it, and you can find bargains

Okay, I have to leave for school in 5 minutes, so this is gonna have to be quick. Basically, I totally love these. With my Cowon S9, everything from Armin Van Buuren to ES Posthumous sounds ridiculously amazing. The soundstage, smooth sound, and easy listenability at low volumes are the coolest parts for me.   Okay, I'm not going to write a real review. I just want to say I've been looking for a full-size headphone with the same strengths that can be used unamped and there isn't one. I was thinking DT990 32 ohm, but apparently even that needs an amp. The soundstage, comfort, durability (i've really tested this part, I'm an energetic ADD high school student lol) are unbeatable...
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As great as it can be


Pros: Nearly everything, very fun to listen.

Cons: Need burning in, stock tips are not for everyone, stupid case, tremble and mids are not the greatest but still very charming

I were choosing between this and ue trple fi 10 pro, and as for me ie8 is totally a winner. Great bass, great detail, great everything. Sound is crappy out of the box, but in few hours it start to open up and in nearly 50 hours of burning in you are in heaven. Isolation and fit not super nice, but i made custom tips and now im as happy as one can be. I think it'll be my last IEM before IE9 or something like that. I really like senn sound sig. UPD I forgot the widest soundstage you ever heared from iems. Its even wider than most over-ear headphones.

Sennheiser IE8


Pros: wide soundstage, bass control, fun factor

Cons: isolation, price

exciting earphones to listen to all day. quite expensive! watch out for the fakes.

RnB phones


Pros: excellent bass

Cons: pricey, poor isolation

Poor isolation is then main problem with this headphone. otherwise it is great for rap and RnB music that goes great with heavy bass.    The soundstage on these phones are wide! but the resolution falls flat a bit and you cant listen to individual instruments as much.   the top range is a bit better and there is no sibilance. 

my first high-end universal IEM and very likely to be my last.


Pros: adjustable bass; replaceable cable; durability; soundstage; engaging

Cons: not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing IEMs to most people; mid-bass hump (which bothers some people)

This is my first review on Head-fi and till this day I do not possess the audio vocabulary that many others on this forum have and for that very reason, I will try to keep in simple here. This was at that point in time and still remains, my only foray into the higher-end universal IEM category and for various reasons I will mention in the review, it will likely remain for some time unless I someday find myself in the money.   Isolation and fit I think I will start off by addressing some "misconceptions" that I believe exist about the IE8s and this more or less centres around fit issues that many people have complained about (though this may not apply to everyone). This in turn has...
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I've never kept a set of IEMs this long


Pros: great design, comfortable for long periods, natural sound, awesome replaceable cable

Cons: poor isolation, tunable bass port is almost useless, most accessories aren't useful

Let me start off addressing the pros I've listed. --I love the design of the Sennheiser IE8s. They look great, it fits the shape of my ear, the cable goes over ear to reduce microphonics, and they are easy to put in. --These are comfortable IEMs, I often wore them for several hours at a time to deal with noisy floor mates in my door. --Natural sound is something I'll cover when I hit the sound section later. --The cables on the IE8s are probably the best I've ever personally experienced. It is very well built, feels nice around my ear, supple, and most of all user replaceable. A bit disappointed that the plug isn't gold plated, but it's not a huge issue considering how great the...
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Excellent natural sounding IEM's


Pros: natural, spacious sound, detail, comfort

Cons: takes a while to burn in..But worth it!

I find these wonderful little Sennheisers to be a very natural sounding headphone. They take a while to burn in but once that is done they are the sort of headphones that one puts on and forgets the equipment and just enjoys the music. Very similar to my Stax headphones in sound I feel.   Well worth it I think and though as per normal with forums, once a year old it is almost forgotten it is still worthy of comparison to the best out there! These are my go to phones now!

Magical Soundstage


Pros: Large soundstage, deep bass, extended treble, comfortable

Cons: midbass encroaches on midrange causing muddiness and slight recession

I bought the IE8 hoping for a single high end IEM capable of delievery for all of them music genre's I like to listen to.   Out of the box I seriously doubted my sanity at spending so much money on a pair of IEM's that frankly sounded horrible (muddy loud and uncontrolled bass, recessed mid and high with poor extension, and a lousy soundstage). Fortunately I knew from reading that this was to be expected. So I dutifully plugged them in and let music play thorugh them for the night. The next day the bass had started to settle down, and the midrange and treble had started to improve, but the soundstage was still pretty sad. I listened to them throughout the day and again...
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