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Sennheiser IE 8 In-Ear Headphones Reviews


Just amazing


Pros: great sound stage, amazing bass, treble, versitile

Cons: i have not found any yet

So this is my last IEM upgrade I am planning on doing since I am more of an Over Ear type. However for work I needed a solid IEM. I got these at a great price, and I am plesantly surprised of how much of an upgrade over my CX-870's it is!   I love these IEM's, they are warm, bass is detailed, I can play everything from accoustic/vocals, Jazz, to Alternative rock and they sound crisp clean and warm.   Overall I am very glad I got them for $190 USD instead of full price. Listening to Andrea Corr's lifelines album is a pure joy through these.   HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you work in a quite place I wouldnt suggest these for jogging but if your jogging you really dont...
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A well built IEM with a unique sound signature, powerful and punchy. FUN!


Pros: Feels solidly built, stock cable is decent. Detachable cable. Will fit into any decently normal ear. Bass knob.

Cons: No moulding wire. Stock ear-tips provide poor fit. Bass knob doesn't go to negative.

    This review is written by a regular live FOH engineer who's most similar price-range in-ears are Shure SE425's.   I purchased this pair (IE8) of in-ears because they were only AUD$160 from a local eBay seller, brand new w/warranty and I was interested in other sound signatures for listening to recordings. And at the time of writing this review, I have owned them for at least two months with approx 200hrs of listening time on top of burn-in.   I listen to a lot of live recordings and performances, female vocalists, acoustic and rock.  I also listen to some jazz and classical, but as I am not learned in these areas I will refrain from commenting...
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Pros: Bass adjustment knob

Cons: the isolation can do better

overall I have not so much time to try it out...so...those are current feelings for the ie8

Sennheiser Ie8


Pros: Bass, Mid Bass, Warm Sound, Stylish, Removable Cable, Kevlar Cable, Adjustable Bass

Cons: Seal Issues, Sloppy Bass, Bass cant be adjusted enough, No Gold Jack

Overall a great pair of headphones.  Way to much bass, you lose audio quality to a certain extent. WAY to expensive.  I could name 10 pairs of headphones that match the sound of these.

Impressive. The power of dynamic drivers.

During all these years I have explored many different ear monitors ranging from the balanced Westone 4 to the fun TripleFi 10 and have always thought that dynamic in ear monitors don't stand a change against them. But no, the Sennheiser IE 8 proved me wrong.   Packaging and build quality   The IE8 was packaged very nicely and I especially loved the carrying case (some impressive engineering feat there). Its cables are soft but sturdy - one of the best stock cables I've seen. Very solid look and feel.   Comfort   Fortunately, I had a good fit with them. They're lightweight and don't feel heavy at all. Sennheiser included a ton of eartips to go with...
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God bless IE 8


Pros: outstanding sound quality, nice soundstage, nice build quality, sound tuning feature

Cons: tricky to be inserted, uncomfortable until you get used to it

  First impressions   IE 8 is really an outstanding in-ear phone. It's built for an almost perfect sound reproduction, but it's not what I thought when I used them for the first time.   Burn-in is a highly discussed topic. Some say it works and some swear it's ********. But this is the truth: an IE 8 needs some time to sound great. During the first hours they sounded terrible just like those Apple earbuds. They were too bright, had an annoying bass and the mids weren't there. All these issues were gone after the second day of almost continuous use.   When they got home and I unboxed them, I was a little amazed (must confess). But when I saw all those...
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Love Them


Pros: Soundstage is AMAZING, My Price was very good for the genuine Sennheiser IE8s ($180)

Cons: Its hard to get a fit, isolation

ITs ver good headphones for my price paid. much better than beats studios

Sennheiser IE8i, pure awesomeness


Pros: Clear and distinct sound, very present bass. Great build quality. Great travel box. Lots of extra earplugs. Detachable cables. Very comfortable fit.

Cons: Thin cable tangles easily if you don't store them in the travel case. Price is a bit high in my region, 385$.

This is my first review, so bear with me... Sennheiser IE8i, are the first IE headphones I've bought that costed more than 85$. I've always been a big fan of great sound and currently own Bose OE Triports, Bose 3-2-1 GSII and used to have Bose in my car as well. The IE8i were somewhat of a huge disappointment at first. They didn't sound anything like I expected and lacked that heavy flowing bass I was use to. The fit wasn't any good and I was seriously considering returning the headphones, claiming they were defect. I tried my brother in law's new Shure SE215 and was blown away by the amazing and comfortable fit, and the great sound. The bass was punchy and present, and the sound so...
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The Best IEMs I've owned yet


Pros: The sound quality is amazing. The tunable bass ports work and offer a level of bass control I thought I'd only get with my media player.

Cons: The tips are a bit shallow, could have issues with losing the seal

Note: I'm a noob and relise that there are reviews written by members on here with much more knowledge and experence than me and who also have a better understanding of the terms used to describe there experience with these headphones. So I'm writing this review from a noobs standpoint to others who might have just joined this site and are going though the same thing I did. These are the best headphones I've owned yet! I'm a noob and want to thank this forum for showing me there is something more than the Beats and BOSE lines of headphones. This is the first pair of $400 headphones I've owned and I absolutely love them! I owned a pair of BOSE IE2s, I thought they were good but...
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