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Sennheiser IE8i, pure awesomeness

A Review On: Sennheiser IE 8 In-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser IE 8 In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Clear and distinct sound, very present bass. Great build quality. Great travel box. Lots of extra earplugs. Detachable cables. Very comfortable fit.

Cons: Thin cable tangles easily if you don't store them in the travel case. Price is a bit high in my region, 385$.

This is my first review, so bear with me... Sennheiser IE8i, are the first IE headphones I've bought that costed more than 85$. I've always been a big fan of great sound and currently own Bose OE Triports, Bose 3-2-1 GSII and used to have Bose in my car as well.

The IE8i were somewhat of a huge disappointment at first. They didn't sound anything like I expected and lacked that heavy flowing bass I was use to. The fit wasn't any good and I was seriously considering returning the headphones, claiming they were defect. I tried my brother in law's new Shure SE215 and was blown away by the amazing and comfortable fit, and the great sound. The bass was punchy and present, and the sound so good that I just wanted to turn up the volym more and more...

I soon discovered that he used foam plugs, and that he really recommended them because of the great fit. I switched my rubber plugs to foam ones instead, and my headphones really transformed. They were no longer sensitive to how they were fitted into my ear, and the sound went from being dull and unimpressive to amazingly fantastic!

The sound is clear, instruments feel seperated wich is fantastic, and the bass is evenly balansed with a good kick and good sub bass. The tuning function is more likely to be of use to singers, if they use them as moniters, but for us mortal users... just crank the damn thing up as far as it will go.

Now after playing them in, my Sennheiser IE8i are without doubt the best sound I've ever heard in an IE headphone, and I strongly recommend them for you who aren’t sensitive to price. Although the sound is very clear, it does tend to get a bit uncomfortable at really high volumes.


interesting how much of an upgrade was the ie8 over the se215
If you considering the price, not so much. If you only consider the soundquality, enough difference to switch over to IE8i.
But please remember that what you qualify as good sound might be very different from what I would call good sound...
Shure SE215 costs 155$ in my region, while Sennheiser's IE8i cost 385$. SE215 sound great, and really motivate you to crank the volym up since they keep sounding better and better the louder it gets. The sound was a bit grainy, with a punchy and present bass, whilst the IE8i have more clarity and well balanced soundstage. The separiation of instruments are very good in both headphones. In the end the Sennheiser sounds better.
I agree with the your description of the se 215, and yeah that is true ^^ everyone hears differently, I personally am split between a consumer fun sound and audiophile sound, or like V-moda puts it - modiophile ^^. I guess down to specifics... is the treble and soundstage better on the ie8s, if so in what way? I got the se215's for 100 and the ie8's I can get for 300
I'm currently more interested in Shure's SE535 cause I'm really curious in what a 3 driver unit sounds like, and especially Shure's 3 driver unit. I was so surprised by Shure's SE215 that I sooner or later will upgrade to the 535, no doubt. I would say that the soundstage is better on the IE8, but not by much. I would much rather say that neither one is better, just different from one and other. The IE8's soundstage is collected, precise and has a warm feel to it. The Shure's soundstage is just as good, but different. It’s got much more character, and as a result a little bit less precise. Sound is warm and has that big stage sound...
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