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Beautifully made and great sound

A Review On: Sennheiser HDVD800

Sennheiser HDVD800

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Pros: Fantastic quality, beautiful sound

Cons: Needs balanced XLR Cable to really shine

I first listened to the HDVD800 in Vegas at the CES Show in January 2013 and wasn't sure if it was worth the £1500 asking price, mainly due to the noisy environment at the show. Having spent some time with it at the London Head-Fi Meet and the chance to try it with the balanced XLR Cable with the HD800's, I was completely sold and knew I'd have to get one asap. Fast forward a couple of weeks later and courtesy of Custom Cable, I have one on my desk.


Balanced cable isn't on general release yet from Sennheiser, however I have one on order. Now even without and using the standard HD800 cable, the sound is open, neutral and a pleasure to listen to. Not to mention the simple understated looks of the Amp itself with the viewing window on top. Simply a classy looking amp.


Sound wise, it's simply incredible. A very smooth and neutral sound with enough power to keep me happy.


Video made in my study below...


I'll update the review once the balanced cable arrives.



Honestly I didn't like the HDVD with my HD800. Especially not for the price.
GL1TCH3D: That's a little vague. What did you dislike about the combination? Do you own the HDVD800? Have you listened extensively? I have mine for a couple of weeks and love the sound in unbalanced mode using my 600s, 650s, 700s, and 800s. I'm waiting on the balanced cables to be released by Sennheiser before reviewing the HDVD800.
I'm interested in how this amp sounds with the balanced cables, make sure to update us once you get them
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