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Sennheiser HDVA600 Reviews

Positive Reviews


A Perfect Match For the Sennheiser HD-800


Pros: Beautifully Designed With High Grade Components

Cons: I was not able to secure it as a gift!

I think this is one time I was thankful another headphone amp failed and I was forced to seek out a replacement.  I stumbled on the Sennheiser HDVA 600 with it's balanced inputs, balanced pass through outputs, enough headphone outputs for (2) sets of balanced headphones and (2) sets of 1/4" headphone plugs.  This headphone amplifier is beautiful, modern, elegant, what you would expect from Sennheiser engineering.  I chose the HDVA 600 for two reasons:   1.  On both my larger and smaller audio systems I already have the SABRE DAC in play, so I did not need the older DAC in the Sennheiser HDVA 800, and the 600 and 800 are exactly alike except for the inclusion of...
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Negative Reviews


not quite as good as listening to sony 5400 through the headphone jacks


Pros: pretty accurate, almost can't tell if its in or out of circuit:

Cons: loss of air and bass definition-small but audible

I have 2 sony 5400 cs/sacd players: sound slightly different from each other, use sennheiser 800's to listen. putting the amp in line with unbalanced leads and listening to cd's showed almost no change in sound of either player but small negative overall impression: bass boomier by a small amount, a little less air.  Have no idea how it compares to other equipment or balanced leads. definitely not a $1500 improvement in my system: i'd say about a detraction when compared to front earphone jacks on the sony. Jeff

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Pros: Option of running balanced or unbalanced. Beautiful piece of equipment. You can attach up to 4 headphones at once.

Cons: None

I own the Sennheiser HD 650's and 800's.  I've owned the 650's for going on 3 years and originally listened to them through an Asus Xonar Essence One DAC/HP amp combo which was unable to totally lift the infamous "veil."  I eventually became so dissatisfied I sold the headphones (which I almost immediately came to regret) on ebay (sold the Asus DAC, too).  Fortunately the new headphone owner wasn't happy that the outer box had no pedigree label and returned them.  Providence?  I bought the highly recommended Bottlehead Crack headphone amp with speedball upgrade in hopes of lifting the veil, but found tube rolling highly distasteful because it was too unpredictable...
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