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A Review On: Sennheiser HD540 Reference Headphones

Sennheiser HD540 Reference Headphones

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Pros: comfy, sound nice

Cons: pads, cant find replacement

Purchased used from a friend. I shoe-gooed the pads to keep them going, but otherwise... I have AKG 701 and Yamaha yh-100 and I keep going back to these. They are as good as my other cans in many ways, but just not as demanding physically. I mean they are light and comfortable like a glove. The AKGs leave huge dimples in my bald head, where these don't. They need power, which I can hardly supply with my equipment. But they are a true hifi experience every time I use them and you hear everything like it's in your head. I'm having a hard time finding pads though.


Just got a pair of these myself. I had a pair of old pad and foam discs from my HD250-II laying around, and they fit perfectly. Maybe the sound is not quite the same with these though. My 540's were completely missing the foam discs, so I don't know if the HD250 ones look the same or not. Still, they sound great and I will order new HD250 pads and discs and keep them.
I got these headphones from my father, he purchased them around 1989`ish period, since I've replaced the pleather earpads and now have a similar material on the HD600's which I also own a pair of, and these headphones have almost all the same frequency ranges, but they require a lot more power than the HD600's, and their bass is not nearly as defined. With a very powerful amp, these cans would sound amazing.
I now got new HD250 pads and the correct foam discs for HD540. The foam discs are flat and thinner than the HD250 foam discs.
Compared to my old trusty HD250-II, the most obvious difference is that these have a bit less upper midrange, making them a bit more "laid-back" but without loosing detail. Also the sound stage is bigger, which I guess is quite natural comparing with a closed headphone. It sounds like all muscians took a step back.
I'm using a FiiO E17 via SPDIF from an old CD-player, and I don't feel that I lack anything power-wise. But then again, I don't listen loud at all.
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