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Sennheiser HD448 Around the Ear Headphones Reviews


Killer Close Backer for ~$100


Pros: Flat, Natural SQ. Lightwieght, Multi-purpose, Super Comfy

Cons: Accurate, yet weak lows. Amping helped more than intuition suggested.

As a young audio enthusiast with most of my knowledge base centering around car audio, I found my appreciation for sound begin translate across into the home.  Audio nuts run in the family, so between knowledge obtained from relatives and my own satisfaction of curiosity, I have come to learn much about the extremely complex niche of home loudspeakers.  Being a college student makes living situations far from ideal to venture (as a consumer) into the large, lovely loudspeaker market.  Naturally, the right avenue to achieve beautiful sound seemed to be headphone Ave.  While not related to the product I am reviewing, I feel as though to really deliver accurate...
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Senn HD448 - Solid All Around


Pros: Solid overall sound quality, very good mids, great value for what you get

Cons: Ear cups could be a few mm larger, lacking a little depth in the bass department

I would like to preface this review by saying that I'm sort of an audio noob. I'm a music nut, but have only recently really started to get into the tech, and these are the first headphones I have purchased that cost more over $30. Man was I missing out! What I listen to: Rock, Metal, Alternative, Indie, Post Rock, Folk, Classical, Techno, House, Dub Step, Ambient, Trip Hop, Hip-Hop... basically everything but country. Audio quality: I read a lot of reviews slinging around esoteric jargon like "soundstage" and whatnot. I don't really have the audiophile vocab to describe every facet of the sound quality in detail. However, I will say that I've been pleased with my 448s...
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Great phones, whoever said they are bassless was high


Pros: Great sound, wonderfull fit, lovely highs, monsterous mids. pretty good bass.

Cons: All plasitc, leatherett pads feel cheep are are thick. bass is light useing a ipod.

I got these head phones a little less than a month ago, I'm in love with them now. The over all sound signature is very mid-centric but that not saying the highs are left behind, yes yes the highs are fairly recessed, but they are detailed just not over powering. The bass is more thudy than punchy but with bass boost its quite a monster. for the price i got them at i see no reason to be in any way disappointed. I am getting a tube amp to see how they sound with that, hopefully color the sound  bit and give it the tubey sound.

High quality headphones!


Pros: Punchy bass, Detailed Mids and Highs, excellent value

Cons: Quality reduces when used on a computer, ears get a bit sweaty, and sometimes boomy bass

These headphones offer excellent sound quality right out of the box, even without the 50 hours of burn-in required. Detailed mids and highs, punchy bass, but at times there is boomy bass. My ears got quite sweaty after about 5 hours of use with an iPod. Their overall quality (especially bass) reduced quite noticeably when used with a computer (They are optimized for the iPod). These sounded great with acoustic music from Jack Johnson, Rock and Heavy Metal Music from AC/DC and Metallica because of their ability to deliver excellent mids and highs. Even though these are for Rock, Classical and Acoustic music genres they do very well with hip hop too. In Eminem's songs I could hear little...
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Respectable for the price, but too flawed to recommend.


Pros: Looks, High Quality Mids, Non-Fatiguing, Comfort, Efficient

Cons: "Portable", Bass Quality, Bass Quantity, Hollow Headband, Non-removeable pads

  The HD448 were my first headphones that I could call my own, and my first foray into high quality sound. I bought these in late 2010 for use with my iPod Classic. Like most people entering the headphone game, I was after "more bass, please"  (keep in mind that I was coming from the PX100, which little did I know at the time, was actually somewhat bassy). I was also after headphones that were portable, seeing as I wanted to use them primarily with my iPod.   When they arrived, I opened them up, plonked them on my head, and gave them a whirl. To my immediate disappointment, I discovered that they were less bassy than the PX100! (and as we all know, bass quantity = sound...
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Value for money closed headphone


Pros: Excellent midrange, balanced sound, airy treble and decent sound stage

Cons: Plastic build, comfort, bass quality, can be grainy in treble

I mainly bought these headphones for use at work and home use since I was looking for a closed headphone that provided a decent bit of isolation, wasn't too expensive (in my country) and somewhat portable. The HD448 appeared to fit that description quite nicely.    I ended up suitably impressed by the sound quality of these as they sound very balanced and the sound only improves once they are burned in (+-30 hours). These headphones have fantastic mids and bring out a lot of detail without being overly warm. They work quite well with instrumental and classical music even with the slightly limited sound stage. I also really like them for jazz and guitar based music. The...
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