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Sennheiser HD 428 Headphones Reviews


A Stunning Value for $23.98


Pros: Great LF extension, good detail and sounstaging, very comfortable

Cons: Colored lows, slightly recessed highs, short and wimpy cord

I am an old time audiophile - I started off my headphone "career" back in 1971 with the original Sennheiser lightweight phones (white plastic with blue or yellow foam pads).  They were a revelation in the 1970s and as my interest in the hobby progressed, I purchased and enjoyed most of Sennheiser's popular models (except the HD 800 and HD650).    But over the past 10 years or so, I drifted away from Sennheiser and I have mostly used Beyerdynamic or Audio Technica cans.  Recently, on a whim, I decided to buy a pair of "refurbished" HD 428s from DAKMART for just $23.98 and I must admit:   Sennheiser has come a long way with respect to a closed headphone design.   First, the HD...
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Amazing for $30


Pros: A massive bang for the buck if you buy them refurbished for $30

Cons: Bad isolation, a little hard to drive, Crap build quality (Cheap plastic all around), One-tone bass )read more)

I wanted to get a pair of headphones that would cost almost nothing and I would be able to use them as a gaming headset. For $30, these headphones are a steal. I don't want to write a very long review so I'm going to state the cons first. Firstly, the headphones feel like they are for people with extremely wide heads. I have to hold the headphones and almost crush them together so that the headphones don't feel like they're gliding over my ears. Secondly, the headphones leak a lot of external noise. I ran back crying to my Etymotic HF3's when I wore these headphones on the bus. Definitely not like open headphones, but not closed either.   EDIT 5/17/12 lastly, the bass that...
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Great value portables


Pros: Balanced sound, great typical Sennheiser mids, good bass, great treble presence while staying smooth, stylish, comfortable

Cons: Flimsy cable, they don't extend very well

At the price you can get these, they are very worth well the price. Typical Sennheiser sound that don't disappoint. Within their respective range they do everything well but they don't extend that far.   Cable is weak and otherwise the design is good.   Highly recommended.

Headphones fitting for beginners.


Pros: Cushioned cups & headband. Pivot friendly.

Cons: EQ sounds boxy, a little charred in the mids. Bass' freq response isn't very reliable. Erect end jack.

These were actually my first pair of mixing headphones. I can definitely say they worked for me at the time, but this is also the time I did not acknowledge the importance of EQ & compression. I don't know a lot of terms, but I'll say that the "inner-sound design", in comparison to my other three pairs of headphones, is a little bit more meshed together; centers are more pronounce & dynamics aren't very golden. Basically, perception of stereo space sounds "filtered", & the EQ is boxy. Doesn't mean you can't still use these headphones to achieve some decent mixdowns/masters.

Fantastic Budget Headphone


Pros: Cheap, Light, Extremely Comfortable, Moderately Isolating, Balanced And Articulate

Cons: Thin Sound (unless EQed or DSPed), Minor Sound Leakage At High Volume, Skinny Three-Foot Cord

 I found my HD 428s for $37 new on a NewEgg flash sale. I purchased them based on price (MSRP is around $100) and because I was curious about some of the positive reviews I'd read.   My early impressions were negative. I'd listened to a pair of them at a retail store after demoing several mid-high end closed headphones and found them to be thin (papery?) and too laid back to my ear. However, I after the requisite burn-in (only 30 hours, I still don't know if it works), they seemed to improve. The real trick has been pairing them with an appropriate source.    For instance, my Asus DG sound card, which...
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