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Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones Reviews


The HD800 - My Favorite Headphones




ACHTUNG! This is a completly subjective -or let's say in some aspects probably "subjective-neutral"- review.       The HD800 A condensed account after nearly two years of daily use     My setup:   Denon DVD-3910 SACD/DVD-A/HDCD/CD/MP3-Player -> Sommer Cable SC-Classique -> Meier Audio Corda Cantate.2 -> Sennheiser HD800       BAD:   - relatively high prices for spare parts (a pair of ear pads costs about 75 EUR)   - relatively damageable silver paint   - not comfortable for (very) small heads   - sometimes piercing highs in bad recordings  ...
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Snake Eyes



Pros: They look like something out of TRON

Sold me Edition 9's because of these because they deliver a bigger sound stage and all that compared to the Edition 9's. Maybe it's because the Edition 9's are closed headphones. Whatever they're my 2nd favourite headphone after the SR-009.



Pros: Sound Quality... everything.

Cons: Pinch on the jaw.

All I have to say is that their awesome pair of headphones. Great sound stage, vocals are a bit too strong, you can feel the bass other than hearing it, and great for movies. Comfort is 4.5 because there is a bit of a pinch on the end of the jaw part, but you get use to it so... yeah. Still, overall, 5.0 rating.

Sennheiser HD 800 - A King of Headphones


Pros: extreme detail retrieval capabilities; vast soundstage; very comfortable.

Cons: possibly the price; some may prefer a more coloured sounding headphone.

Intro: my first encounter with the HD 800     A few months after discovering the world of high-end headphones I auditioned two of Sennheiser’s HD series, the HD 600 and the HD 800, side-by-side in a local hi-fi store. From the first moment I listened with the HD 800, I was amazed at how deeply I was able to peer into my favorite recordings and hear new details like never before. Though the HD 800 initially sounded a little bit bright to me in relation to what I would describe as ‘natural,’ I found its pristine sound reproduction to be a revelation, and for about an hour I listened in awe with the two HD series headphones.   Following that initial listening session, I...
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Can any better than HD800 in future?

I was addicted when I heard it from a audiophile show in Hong Kong, the sound was completely different with other headphones. It sounds gorgeous, easy, natural, same as the approach of high end audiophile equipment. It is pricey, although not the highest in market nowadays. But it worth every cent you paid, if you have a set of good equipment to pair with it. Many people complained its sound like lack of weight in bass, but my experience is due to not yet burnt in and the balance of whole the system. It took me around 12 months to burn in. Therefore, if anyone wants to go for it, you need to have sufficient knowledge, experience, suitable equipment and patience.  

Only the best


Pros: Flawless sound reproduction and very comfortable

Cons: A bit pricey

Worth every penny 

Sensational Sennheiser HD800


Pros: Wonderful, cohesive sound with great soundstage.

Cons: none

The HD800 is the finest headphone sound that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I put over 100 hours on them before giving them a serious go. Over the past week I have listened to a wide variety of music on them, from jazz and classical to rock and country with a little blues thrown in when the mood struck. The Senns reward great recordings with terrific detail, sparkling treble, rich full mid-range and a solid bass foundation. They do not add or subtract anything from the recordings, they are very neutral and natural sounding. I have paired them with several amps, including the Schiit Vahalla and Asgard, but they shine with the Burson HA-160.  On good jazz recordings you...
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The most accurate headphone result yet.


Pros: With modification: Extremley neutral and true

Cons: Possibly price compared to materials. (more case)

A way to Truly real sound.   There has been many headphones over the year to come closer and closer to The "Non plus ultra" of headphones (terms ex: timing and power). This headphone has come so close to the most accurate results both technically and audibly wich will be explained below.   The Initial impression At first this headphone was pretty extraordinary in Detail.Transparency.Attack.Stability.Comfort and overall close to all aspects of it. It was a few places even in this great headphone that could use a slight improvment though.   Treble some people have reported problems with and what not. I myself found that compared to most other...
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