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Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones Reviews



  So finally some impressions from me heh   For the past two weeks I'm listening to HD800 exclusively, I needed a month to adapt to the different sound signature of 800s. At first I was very annoyed about the lack of bass they have compared to HD600 (and some people say HD600 don't have enough bass already) but now I don't miss it, there's plenty now, its tight but not as deep as HD600. I understand why Sennheiser would want to reduce bass, in my opinion because everything else is now more forward sounding, more open, vocals wouldn't be as realistic as they are with more bass impact.  I have to repeat I don't miss any bass and I have tried them with variety of music. They work...
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The classic Sennheiser


Pros: Detailed, balanced, powerful

Cons: Somewhat heavy, warm, expensive

I haven't had the chance to audition the new Audeze phones, but it would difficult to fault the sound and build quality of Senn's HD800 - a model that has been praised by some as the best dynamic headphone, ever. Given its reputation as top of Sennheiser line, and considering its price, it's a good idea to elevate expectations. This is a fine headphone - but there's a lot to expect. However, instead of regurgitating a fine review like Skylab - whose systematic evaluation covers the important points - it may be just as important to provide a more personal review of these phones.   What I Didn't Like   1. Weight. While I've owned heavier headphones (including all-wood...
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Sizzling detail and otherworldly soundstage


Pros: Analytical and detailed sound, vast soundstage for supreme instrument separation, light and comfortable, aesthetics, dynamic clarity

Cons: Harsh treble (although recording dependent), not an all-rounder, thin sound due to lack of low-end and bass

  Background   I would like to start this off by stating that this is not a review of the Sennheiser HD800, but rather a review of “possibilities.” Yes, this is not the stock HD800 I am going to be discussing, but rather one with the Superdupont Resonator mod installed. In short, the mod helps to tame a well-documented treble peak in the headphones that can put off many listeners.   When I started in the headphones game, with my Beyerdynamic DT990 in 2012, it seemed that the HD800 was the most coveted headphones that I saw on internet forums amongst the mid-fi crowd. Due to Sennheiser’s place in the industry, it seems that there are three headphones that they have...
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As many have said, "A Technological Marvel"


Pros: Sound quality, comfort, build quality

Cons: Expensive(but great value when compared to other top-ends), paint chips off easily, requires good amplification to sound good

BRIEF SUMMARY   The HD800 has always been my goal ever since I started on my audio journey 5 years ago, but I was into portable audio back then and the price of the HD800 were fairly expensive so it was not something within my reach. But now 5 years later, I've gotten an UM miracle and thought I would concentrate on some home non-portable audio and the HD800 came back to me. I saw a fairly good deal, SGD$1250 used on carousell but were only about 2 months old then and in immaculate condition, and I'm in a better position to afford these than back then, so I thought to myself, why not?       SOURCE   As a general consensus, it is known that the HD800...
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Using as a 'control'


Pros: Sharp, Clean, Quite Neutral, Wide Imaging

Cons: This is a Machine not an instrument, I think.

After I bought HDVD 800, it felt like I should change my control headphone. Sure, I was in love with AKG K812 for a long time. But, if using HDVD 800 as a main headphone amplifier and DAC, HD800 made me feel right. So I bought CH800S cables, too. (Oh, that was 'uselessly' expensive.)   HD800 sounds really nothing with balanced connection. I mean, Nothing is Nothing. In my personal and subjective view, Highs too dry, Lows too simple. But why? It makes sense all the time. When I'm reviewing headphones, HD800 acts as a control with high satisfaction. This headphone tells you what is different and what is a character in other headphones.

I'd even say if they could take care of the bright treble of the old HD 800, it would be perfect.


Pros: fast, clear, excellent transients, huge soundstage, very real

Cons: fatiguing and extreme treble, not as lush as HD 650

Sennheiser's HD 800 - You nailed it Sennheiser!   I'd like to clear a few things before you read the review.   1. Sennheiser India was kind enough to lend me their HD 800 for a home demo, for an undetermined length of time. Knowing fully well that I won't be buying them. As I can't afford them at this point in time. So I'd like to thank you Sennheiser India for this kind gesture.    2. The demo unit is a piece from 2009. One of the first 250 HD 800 headphones that Sennheiser built. So it is the old version. And doesn't need more burn in either.    3. You'll be disappointed to know that most of the review was done with the Sonarworks Headphone Plugin....
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Extraordinary true


Pros: THE sound to me. it will sound like the record is, exactly . most comfortable headphones ever made (with the r10 and Qualia) . Widest soundstage ever

Cons: Unforgivable AT ALL. Forget about to listen bad and old records, bad mastering...etc. Change the stock cable can change the sound positively.

I had many many headphones, I had two sony R10, I listened to the best headphones ever made (qualia 010, orpheus...) and they are all amazing and they have soul and are really stellar for emotions. When the HD800 came out, I was really desappointed with them when i did a listening session. To me it was a complete fail because of the brightness and the lack of bass. After years, I decided to buy one because I had a really good price (50% off) and listen all my fav' tracks with it plugged on a Nu force UHD 100 dac/amp.   Suddenly, I understood how much I was wrong about these headphones. The problem is not about the way it sounds...first you can have a feeling of brightness and...
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A headphone with a refined sensibility, clearly high-end


Pros: Imaging, soundstage, neutrality

Cons: For casual listening the large soundstage is a little bewildering

Me and my non-head-fi friend spent an evening listening to the HD800.   We've both spent a lot of time with the HD650, but I had the SR-007 and HD800 available that we took turns listening to. The HD800 was powered by a Headamp GS-1 and Assemblage 3.1.   Here are some notes: The HD650 has a 2-blob soundstage, which the HD800 don't have, and that makes the soundstage larger, and can be a little bewildering to listen to if you're trying to pick out detail and passages.   Stax 007 provides details with greater ease. But it's really apples and oranges, the Stax and HD800 couldn't be more different. Since the HD800 is so critical and detailed it helps to take a step...
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