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Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones Reviews



  So finally some impressions from me heh   For the past two weeks I'm listening to HD800 exclusively, I needed a month to adapt to the different sound signature of 800s. At first I was very annoyed about the lack of bass they have compared to HD600 (and some people say HD600 don't have enough bass already) but now I don't miss it, there's plenty now, its tight but not as deep as HD600. I understand why Sennheiser would want to reduce bass, in my opinion because everything else is now more forward sounding, more open, vocals wouldn't be as realistic as they are with more bass impact.  I have to repeat I don't miss any bass and I have tried them with variety of music. They work...
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The classic Sennheiser


Pros: Detailed, balanced, powerful

Cons: Somewhat heavy, warm, expensive

I haven't had the chance to audition the new Audeze phones, but it would difficult to fault the sound and build quality of Senn's HD800 - a model that has been praised by some as the best dynamic headphone, ever. Given its reputation as top of Sennheiser line, and considering its price, it's a good idea to elevate expectations. This is a fine headphone - but there's a lot to expect. However, instead of regurgitating a fine review like Skylab - whose systematic evaluation covers the important points - it may be just as important to provide a more personal review of these phones.   What I Didn't Like   1. Weight. While I've owned heavier headphones (including all-wood...
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Extraordinary true


Pros: THE sound to me. it will sound like the record is, exactly . most comfortable headphones ever made (with the r10 and Qualia) . Widest soundstage ever

Cons: Unforgivable AT ALL. Forget about to listen bad and old records, bad mastering...etc. Change the stock cable can change the sound positively.

I had many many headphones, I had two sony R10, I listened to the best headphones ever made (qualia 010, orpheus...) and they are all amazing and they have soul and are really stellar for emotions. When the HD800 came out, I was really desappointed with them when i did a listening session. To me it was a complete fail because of the brightness and the lack of bass. After years, I decided to buy one because I had a really good price (50% off) and listen all my fav' tracks with it plugged on a Nu force UHD 100 dac/amp.   Suddenly, I understood how much I was wrong about these headphones. The problem is not about the way it sounds...first you can have a feeling of brightness and...
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A headphone with a refined sensibility, clearly high-end


Pros: Imaging, soundstage, neutrality

Cons: For casual listening the large soundstage is a little bewildering

Me and my non-head-fi friend spent an evening listening to the HD800.   We've both spent a lot of time with the HD650, but I had the SR-007 and HD800 available that we took turns listening to. The HD800 was powered by a Headamp GS-1 and Assemblage 3.1.   Here are some notes: The HD650 has a 2-blob soundstage, which the HD800 don't have, and that makes the soundstage larger, and can be a little bewildering to listen to if you're trying to pick out detail and passages.   Stax 007 provides details with greater ease. But it's really apples and oranges, the Stax and HD800 couldn't be more different. Since the HD800 is so critical and detailed it helps to take a step...
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Picky, but worth it if you find good synergy


Pros: Detail , Soundstage, imaging, tonal balance

Cons: They lay bare all the flaws of a recording, there is no isolation whatsoever

Audio setup -     FLAC files in Media Monkey -> Amazon Basics TOSLINK cable -> Schiit Bifrost w/Uber upgrade -> Knukoncept Shielded RCAs -> Project Ember with  new Tesla ECC802S Music -     Nabucco, Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna State Opera Chorus conducted by Lamberto Gardelli, 1965     Why So Serious, Hans Zimmer, the Dark Knight OST   I got these barely used off of the classified forums, and I even got two Norne cables to go with them as part of the deal. For the purposes of this review I used the single-ended stock cable, but I plan on fooling around with the other cables in the near future, and probably giving...
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First class, the best I've ever heard.


Pros: Best overall sound quality ever. Period.

Cons: Expensive, open on the sides, and a tad thin in the middle ranges in my opinion.

Let me say I am a serious regular music listener, not a techie. The earphones are worth it if you can afford them. The solution to the thinness was to pair it with a TEAC NP H750 headphone DAC and a Marantz 2285B amp, where you can boast the mid ranges independantly. If you listen to what I listen to, which is 1965 to 1980 basicly, it sounds amazing.

A masterpiece headphone


Pros: natural, revealing, holographic, neutral, lightweight, comfortable

Cons: fussy with amps, mediocre stock cable

Contrary to a common complaint, HD800's are not bright and do not *need* a tube amp/coloration. In most cases, the cause is the recording quality, which can be "tamed" by EQ. Although HD800 has an expansive soundstage, you can bring it to another level by using a crossfeed like Redline Monitor. Overall presentation will be even more natural and easier to listen to.

Wow, amazing (but here's why you shouldn't buy it)


Pros: Outstanding in every way, sound, comfort

Cons: Nothing other than price

Will fill this in later but based on the fact that it absolutely kills every single song and genre of music that I've throw at it, the final rating is clear.   Edit 1: After listening to this and the Aude'ze LCD XC for four days, I've reached a point where I will never grab for the LCD XC if the HD800 are available. The HD800 simply sound more natural (all of the other headphones I have sound "synthetic," like they almost auto-tune or digitize the sounds very slightly if that makes any sense. With the HD800 it sounds like the band is singing and playing right in front of you.). The imaging on the HD800 is also incredible. It's like there are 10 speakers spaced all around your ears,...
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With after market cables, you can have audio heaven!


Pros: The DH800s have a great ability to show how good your upstream components can be.

Cons: You MUST use aftermarket cables to make them sound their best!

It took two months of burning in and finding the right aftermarket cables to make these my desert island cans! My system is made of an old Rotel cd player(9 + years) for digital out put and my pc with JRiver Media Center for flac files of my cd and vinyl recordings and high res audio files. I have had my Melos SHA-1 tubed headphone amp/preamp for almost 20 years! Transparent Audio Super cables for interconnects and Ultimates for speaker cables. From my PC to Pangea USB to my M-Audio Fast Track to Tara Labs RSC digital into my Bryston BDA-1 to said Melos SHA-1 headphone amp. I have HD600s, 650s as well as the 800s for ear pleasure. Recommended Moon Audio cables are use with all my 'phones....
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