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Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones Reviews




Pros: clear

Cons: expensive

Im not good at reviewing, but its the best sounding headphone i have! I must say that although not all my friends think these are worth it, everyone can tell that its better than my hd598

Smoothing out treble and giving more bass

Get a different cable. One fault is the stock cable of the hd800, it's 36AWG, perhaps the bottleneck you are finding with this headphone. Get a different cable because the anemic bass and the hot treble on this is mainly due to this fault in engineering, using 18awg will make it a lot better

Amazing headphones that will reward you with every system upgrade!


Pros: Bass, Mids, Highs, Soundstage, Solid Construction, Supreme Comfort

Cons: Needs better cable to excel, paint job a little fragile

  What is there to say about the new flagship Sennheiser that hasn't already been said over the past year.  With that in mind, I will give my impressions about this headphone and why I believe that most people that don't like it haven't listened to it properly amped and for long enough time.  This is a headphone that easily wows for the first few minutes you try it on....often blowing away any other headphones you've heard before.  However after that initial honeymoon is over, many are very bothered by the highs, lack of bass, large soundstage on certain kinds of music, and being overly analytical.  To me, the HD800 is very much of a Chameleon, like the Stax SR-007 Omega, meaning...
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HD 800 Startles

Just a short review to add my experience of the HD 800.   There are times when I am simply startled at the aliveness of the music.  There will be silence after a musical passage or between pieces, and when the music starts up again, it's like when someone walks into a room and you don't hear them and then they start talking to you.   The sound is so real, so natural so alive, for that moment it is as if the ensemble were next to me.   I did jetteson the stock cord and replaced it with a Cardas single ended for better results.   I am very happy I got them.



Pros: Certainly Unique, Nothing else like it , however,

Cons: Sure have my "personal preferences" these aren't quite,,

Have tried them all now, after reading all of your fine reviews,,,,, whew,,, what an experience!  HD-650, DT-990, AK-702, AD-2000, AH-D7000, and of course the HD-800.  First, I am in complete agreement with SKYLAB's review,, remember it's mostly positive and I will write more later.  My initial impressions?  Give me the AH-D7000 with it's wonderful smooth, articulate mid definition, and a bit less "over" bass, give me the even consideration of the DT-990 with more of the air that the HD-800 offers and a whoop of the .AH-D7000 bass, and finally, please give me the HD-800 with all it's own built in delivery,,and a bit more of the wooomfy 7000 bass so low, even some of the even,...
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Not completely satisfied


Cons: lispering

I totally agree with the review of Skylab; what a great and honest review! The reason I'm not really happy with the HD 800 is because I bought it as a reference headphone. After listening to the recording of my choir (professionally recorded) I noticed that all of the consonants 'S' sung by the female voices didn't sound natural at all; they sound like they were 'lispering'. I really thought there was something wrong with my headphone; but after googling for a solution for this, I found this review by Skylab that explained the problem. I listened to another choir recording (the third part from the Gloria from John Rutter sung by the Cambridge singers) with this lyrics:  ...
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Sennheiser HD800 Review

Introduction I’ve been a “headphone audiophile” for the better part of 5 years now, searching for the elusive holy grail of headphone systems. During that time I’ve had the pleasure of auditioning some of the best headphones from every significant manufacturer, including the AKG K701 and K1000, Beyerdynamic T1, Stax Omega 2, Sennheiser HD600/HD650 and HE60, Grado RS-1, PS-1 and GS-1000, Audio-Technica W5000, W11JPN, and L3000, Ultrasone Edition 9, and others. Some of these I’ve even owned myself for periods of time. Audio nirvana is a very personal thing. What sounds magical to me and sends chills down my spine might well sound artificial and grating to another. That is the nature...
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The best headphone I have heard to date


Pros: Amazing soundstage & instrument separation, detail monster, awesome PRAT and bass, top notch mids

Cons: Sometimes sibilant, very fragile

Hey guys, The last time  I listened to HD800 impressed me so much that I had to buy a pair for myself: Since then, the HD800 have grown on me even more. These headphones are absolutely spectacular on the right gear, in my case the Burson Conductor . These headphones deserve  post of their own. I almost feel responsible doing this, as I feel that I haven’t done them justice in my first post and I have to make up for it. Lets take this from the start. In my opinion they look quite nice and I really enjoy their futuristic design. Every time I put them on I feel like this: How I actually look like: However, they seem really...
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