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Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones Reviews

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Pros: clear

Cons: expensive

Im not good at reviewing, but its the best sounding headphone i have! I must say that although not all my friends think these are worth it, everyone can tell that its better than my hd598

Amazing headphones that will reward you with every system upgrade!


Pros: Bass, Mids, Highs, Soundstage, Solid Construction, Supreme Comfort

Cons: Needs better cable to excel, paint job a little fragile

  What is there to say about the new flagship Sennheiser that hasn't already been said over the past year.  With that in mind, I will give my impressions about this headphone and why I believe that most people that don't like it haven't listened to it properly amped and for long enough time.  This is a headphone that easily wows for the first few minutes you try it on....often blowing away any other headphones you've heard before.  However after that initial honeymoon is over, many are very bothered by the highs, lack of bass, large soundstage on certain kinds of music, and being overly analytical.  To me, the HD800 is very much of a Chameleon, like the Stax SR-007 Omega, meaning...
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The best headphone I have heard to date


Pros: Amazing soundstage & instrument separation, detail monster, awesome PRAT and bass, top notch mids

Cons: Sometimes sibilant, very fragile

Hey guys, The last time  I listened to HD800 impressed me so much that I had to buy a pair for myself: Since then, the HD800 have grown on me even more. These headphones are absolutely spectacular on the right gear, in my case the Burson Conductor . These headphones deserve  post of their own. I almost feel responsible doing this, as I feel that I haven’t done them justice in my first post and I have to make up for it. Lets take this from the start. In my opinion they look quite nice and I really enjoy their futuristic design. Every time I put them on I feel like this: How I actually look like: However, they seem really...
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Extraordinary true


Pros: THE sound to me. it will sound like the record is, exactly . most comfortable headphones ever made (with the r10 and Qualia) . Widest soundstage ever

Cons: Unforgivable AT ALL. Forget about to listen bad and old records, bad mastering...etc. Change the stock cable can change the sound positively.

I had many many headphones, I had two sony R10, I listened to the best headphones ever made (qualia 010, orpheus...) and they are all amazing and they have soul and are really stellar for emotions. When the HD800 came out, I was really desappointed with them when i did a listening session. To me it was a complete fail because of the brightness and the lack of bass. After years, I decided to buy one because I had a really good price (50% off) and listen all my fav' tracks with it plugged on a Nu force UHD 100 dac/amp.   Suddenly, I understood how much I was wrong about these headphones. The problem is not about the way it sounds...first you can have a feeling of brightness and...
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Picky, but worth it if you find good synergy


Pros: Detail , Soundstage, imaging, tonal balance

Cons: They lay bare all the flaws of a recording, there is no isolation whatsoever

Audio setup -     FLAC files in Media Monkey -> Amazon Basics TOSLINK cable -> Schiit Bifrost w/Uber upgrade -> Knukoncept Shielded RCAs -> Project Ember with  new Tesla ECC802S Music -     Nabucco, Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna State Opera Chorus conducted by Lamberto Gardelli, 1965     Why So Serious, Hans Zimmer, the Dark Knight OST   I got these barely used off of the classified forums, and I even got two Norne cables to go with them as part of the deal. For the purposes of this review I used the single-ended stock cable, but I plan on fooling around with the other cables in the near future, and probably giving...
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Wow, amazing (but here's why you shouldn't buy it)


Pros: Outstanding in every way, sound, comfort

Cons: Nothing other than price

Will fill this in later but based on the fact that it absolutely kills every single song and genre of music that I've throw at it, the final rating is clear.   Edit 1: After listening to this and the Aude'ze LCD XC for four days, I've reached a point where I will never grab for the LCD XC if the HD800 are available. The HD800 simply sound more natural (all of the other headphones I have sound "synthetic," like they almost auto-tune or digitize the sounds very slightly if that makes any sense. With the HD800 it sounds like the band is singing and playing right in front of you.). The imaging on the HD800 is also incredible. It's like there are 10 speakers spaced all around your ears,...
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