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The most accurate headphone result yet.

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones

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Pros: With modification: Extremley neutral and true

Cons: Possibly price compared to materials. (more case)

A way to Truly real sound.


There has been many headphones over the year to come closer and closer to The "Non plus ultra" of headphones (terms ex: timing and power).

This headphone has come so close to the most accurate results both technically and audibly wich will be explained below.


The Initial impression

At first this headphone was pretty extraordinary in Detail.Transparency.Attack.Stability.Comfort and overall close to all aspects of it. It was a few places even in this great headphone that could use a slight improvment though.


Treble some people have reported problems with and what not. I myself found that compared to most other phones this was a pretty small problem. Since there was not much else to say besides that some might not like the massive soundstage, It was really only a slight bit of focus and treble "smoothing" that might have been necessary in order to achieve close to Total perfection.


The second impression (Mod).

A very detailed modification was done later to it that completely removed all of the troubles that had been found in the headphone before.

It now had a much better focusing of the sound imagein all areas, together with a treble with 0 indication of +/- audible deviations or any hars sound.

There was now also even greater detail and attack than before completed with a much more natural response overall in the frequency range. With this mod that was done to the custom built amplifier and a certain material that was put inside the earcup, (sadly not able to go into much more detail due to not enough info), The phone was now so natural and transparent, Nothing I have heard from neither headphone nor speaker came close no matter the price range. ( 138.11- 1381100 dollar).


This truly is the most perfect audio I have ever experienced in my life in terms of neutrality and transparency.






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