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Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones Reviews


Sennheiser HD 650 review


Pros: smooth and laid-back sound; good bass, mids and treble; comfort

Cons: bad instrument separation; lacks detail in treble; paint chips

Sennheiser HD650 review Introduction My HD650 was my first hi-fi headphone, and also one of my most priced possessions for well over a year. I regret nothing in buying these, but I plan on selling them since they do not get enough head time since I acquired my SR-202's. I only got these back yesterday, after sending them off to get the left driver repaired since it produced ringing in the sub-bass. This pair has the new drivers, in case you're interested. I already wrote a detailed comparison between this headphone and the SR-202, but I felt that it was simply not a good review. As a result, I have decided to rewrite my review in a different fashion only focusing on one headphone at a...
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Lex Tan

An Excellent Audiophile Headphones


Pros: One of the best Headphone around, Reasonable Price, Almost unbeatable with the correct setup

Cons: I can't really tell....

A good headphone with an affordable price. With the right AMP, LOD and headphone cables. It can be godly. Strongly recommend to those who are new to audiophile headphone.    The default HD650 may sounds warm, thick or even muddy but still it voice down if this is the type of style you would prefer...   I have rewrote this article as today I'm delighted that my new setup on HD650 has reached another level, a level which I really like it so much....  The sound is a lot more brighter. Soundstage became wider, and best of all not at the expense of losing the mellow and warm of HD650.   It sounded especially...
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They are not all that really


Pros: pleasant sound, quite comfortable, easily exchangable parts

Cons: lacks clarity and transparency, overblown bass, quality issues (paint flaking, one of the drivers broke after three years)

As much as I cannot understand the overwhalming positive reviews of these headplones I admit that I actually can understand that people can get in love with their pleasant and forgiving sound. If you wish to get close to the soul of a recording however, you should go somewhere else because HD650 are neither natural or neutral sounding headphones. Compared to some other cans (AKG k70x or Beyerdynamic DT880 namely) these Senns are muddy to say the least and lack sparkle, transparency and sheer excitement. The bass is more prominent than with k701's but the definition of the same is not as good. Listening to the HD650 I really miss the sparkle and the excitement that should be there. When...
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Great pair of cans


Pros: Nice bass response, smoothies high, nice mids

Cons: Kinda feel uncomfy after 2 hour session..

Setup for review 1. Dacport lx 2. Scsag m2m 3. JD's O2 Review When i put them on for the first time i could really tell that this HP has some nice comfort on it, even though the earpad kinda hard at first.. I start to feel fatigue after 2 hour of listening session, this fatigue feeling is very hard on my left ear, but after 1 weeks of use, this feeling is gradually reduce As for the sound itself I don't feel any veiled things like many people said, the vocal is really clear and quiet laidback, allowing each instrument to produce their sound independently. The next great thing that i feel is the bass that have a nice "grand" feeling, it's feel very differently from my previous HP which...
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Awesome Headphones!


Pros: Excellent sound quality, great bass.

I am no audiophile but I can say that these headphones are the best I have heard while I spent a grueling couple of weeks looking for a good pair of headphones.  I started off with Dre Beats but felt like I squandered my money so I returned them and started looking for a real pair of headphones.

Mid-priced Perfection!


Pros: Great sound, great comfort, changeable cables

Cons: Must be amped to perform. Much better with aftermarket cable

Bought these second hand from a fellow Head-Fi'er (thanks, Gavin!!)   These are easily some of the best value headphones on the market. Their sound quality and scalability (i.e. improvements gained through better cables, amps, etc.) is brilliant for the price.   I've tried them with all different genres of music and it doesn't matter what I throw at it - everything is effortless, smooth and creamy, but with incredible detail and imaging. The only negative might be a lack of thump with Hip-Hop/RnB. They have the bass, but not the boom. I find them to be just right, but bass-heads might be disappointed.   At 300ohms, they're not easy to drive so a high powered...
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reference class....


Pros: neutral, excellent sounding, nice soundstage

Cons: need a powerful amplifier

Superb headphone, that has excellent detail, amazing soundstage, very nice highs, mids, and a very tight and detailed bass....but to get quality like this, I'm using a blue dragon v3 headphone cable, little dot mk3 tube amp, and playing CDs though them....but even with a modest setup, you will still greatly appreciate the sound that these headphones can put out! Give the hd650's about 100 hours of break-in time, and you will truly hear what they can offer....all in all, STILL one of the best headphones out there....buy a pair, and enjoy! today I started using my hd650 headphones with a full sized CD player, with built I'm dac, and other very high end parts...NOW I'M REALLY IN AUDIO...
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