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Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones Reviews


Fantastic warm, present and well balanced sound!


Pros: Clean sound, fantastic resolution, great tone, warm, well balanced, very detailed sound, the highs and mids are smooth, clean and sound very musically

Cons: Amp needed.

Everything sounds great, extremely clean and extremely detailed on the HD 650.   Fantastic clean sound, fantastic resolution, fantastic tone, warm, extremely well balanced, great bass (not boosted), very detailed sound, well separated instruments, very present sound, great sound stage, the highs and mids are smooth, clean and sound very musically.   And how about the infamous veil of the HD 650? It, definitely, does not exist. Perhaps on the old models, with the black drive, it could be true. On my new model, with the silver drive, there is absolutely no veil.

Beautiful non-fatiguing, laid-back, romantic headphones...


Pros: Scale very well with gear, sound superb with OTL/tube amps, very comfortable, well balanced sound

Cons: Technically bested by newer headphones, not as bright/revealing as newer headphones, "slower" presentation than other headphones

These headphones are superb in their presentation of rich, harmonic tones. They are not in your face headphones... the bass doesn't have the visceral impact of other headphones, and the highs are not cutting or piercing in any way. These headphones are smooth in a way that other headphones just can't match... they flesh out the tonality of the music, and present it as if you were sitting in the tenth row. You're left to close your eyes and take it all in, without it being pushed at you the way newer, more exciting headphones may do.   The midrange can be lush, organic and supremely holographic with the right gear. The bass is controlled, slightly emphasized compared to completely...
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Great for easy listening


Pros: Warm and dark sound sig, detailed mids and bass, good soundstage and imaging, very comfortable, never harsh or sibilant

Cons: May be too polite and laid back for some, rolled off in both ends. Highs lack a bit of sparkle and detail.

  The Sennheiser HD 650, quite possibly most popular can in head fi. While IMO it doesn't live up to the hype, at it’s price point it’s the easy listening headphone to beat. Though the older HD600 is possibly the better option as it's cheaper and more balanced.   Unboxing Pros: comes with a box, and a ¼ to ⅛ inch adapter Cons: box too huge, lack accessories   Nothing much to say except taking off the gray  textured wrapper is a tad annoying, but I do appreciate the adapter. Often you have to buy that separately.   3.5/5   Burn in (modding?) Pros: cons all go away in a few days, removing the foam takes out the veil. Cons: veil highs, trident...
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New Experience Right Out the Box


Pros: Extreme clarity, very comfortable

Cons: Style, Dark

I'm a noob to high quality audio equipment. I have been using V-Moda M-80's. I bought these because they were onsale for $272, and it would be stupid not to buy them at that price. I just opened these up and put them on. I understand that these may need to be broken in first. One of the biggest positives I noticed right off was the level of comfort. These are extremely comfortable, like I have pillows on my ears. The quality of the vocals is outstanding. The music is so much more crisp. Now to the negatives. Compared to the M-80's the sound is so much darker and subdued. The sound from the M-80's is bright and loud. No amp is needed and the M-80's can easily damage your hearing....
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An all time classic


Pros: Comfort

Cons: Fussy about Amps

The headphone i compare all others to, my reference point, my grounding. Wearing the HD650's is like coming home from a trip, wrapping yourself in your dressing gown and curling up on the sofa in front of the fire. Warm and cosy, and there really is no place like home.

an excellent sounding headphone


Pros: -rich, creamy bass -extremely comfortable -not harsh on the high end -excellent vocals -extremely large soundstage

Cons: -headphone can clamp a little hard when you first get it -can take up to 200 hours to burn in completely -earpads are a little hard when new

An excellent sounding headphone for the price. The 650 is what separates a mid-fi headphone and a hi-fi headphone. It is has extremely rich bass and excellent mids. The headphone does require a little amplification, but it is not too difficult to drive. The headphone is extremely comfortable- when broken in. when you first get the headphone, it clamps a little hard and the earpads aren't very soft, but both loosen over time. Some people may not like the "dark" or more warm sound, in which case they go for the hd 600, but if you do like the warm but not overly warm sound this is a extremely good headphone. It sounds excellent for classical/jazz, acoustic, rock, and metal. The bass is...
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True high-end headphones


Pros: great soundstage, very comfortable

Cons: can sound "dull" without good amping; not revealing as some competitors

The HD650s have been out for many years already and became a reference point to compare with other headphones. Although not the best headphones, they can still introduce you to the world of high-end sound, as long you provide them with proper amping.

Truly a "laid back" sound. Charming, but not spectacular. (HD650 with Bottlehead Crack + Speedball)


Pros: Comfortable, never fatiguing, and with the right recordings the lows can really shine

Cons: Treble a little too slow, bass could be a smidgen punchier

I moved from IEMs to full sized headphones, and the HD650s were my first real investment. My first "real" audiophile big can was actually the Audeze LCD-2s, but I never had proper amplification back then. As a result, I never experienced what the LCD-2s could actually deliver. I ended up selling my LCD-2s and then going back to IEMs, all the way until this year when I took the dive and tried to buy the safest, most solid cans set I could. I went for the most famous, solid buy and went hunting for the best amplifier match. This, of course, led me to the Sennheiser HD650s.   My chain ended up looking like this:   Foobar2000 with WASAPI Event, FLACs > Schiit Modi DAC >...
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My new reference


Pros: Surprisingly detailed, great separation, very musical and lovely tone

Cons: obviously not portable. Price

Ok, so this review isn't going to be nearly as long as my first one. There are just a few things I want to address with these coming from much cheaper setups. First, the build quality. These seem built very sturdy. The stock cable is phenomenal and I really wouldn't see a reason to "upgrade", especially with so much of the controversy surrounding the actual audible differences. The only minor complaint I have buildwise is how the hinges when swinging horizontally sometimes *click* and the action isn't smooth. It's not a very good feeling and it makes me think that they're going to break or something.  These do clamp on your head but I am very used to that sort of thing,...
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