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Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones Reviews


Brilliant as Sennheiser claims them!!


Pros: Soundstage, Relaxing and Lush sound, Bass detail, Comfort for long sessions

Cons: Build quality looks cheap for the price tag

Awesome headphones. Perform a lot better with good amplification. Good for almost every genre of music. Bass response is already good, can get even better and tighter with amp. Extremely lush sound signature, something to be fallen in love with. You can spend hours with it without getting fatigued by sound. Treble, though sparkling, sounds bit rolled off but that's how they can be so relaxing to keep listening forever. Listening to these headphones is my main reason to listen music since my purchase and not specific songs, their sound is that addictive. Wish to try a good Tube Amp with them but already drilled my pockets to buy this so using them with my existing Amp/Dac Only area...
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Francis Cheng

It's a great headphone


Pros: full range performance

Cons: Bad headphone cable

If you can change the cable of HD650. You will find that HD650 is the best value headphone in the world.

It's hard to beat the HD650s, once properly set up


Pros: Highly Modifiable and Organic (when paired with a great amp)

Cons: Out of the box, not the best experience

When I first got my HD650s about 5 years ago, I have to be honest and say I wasn't thrilled. Listening to them over my DAC for the first time gave me a bad first impression. I purposely loaded my vinyl transfer of The Police's "Every Breath You Take" because it has a good balance of punch and snappy low, mid and high frequencies (again, I'm talking about my vinyl transfer, not the Remastered for CD version).   I was unimpressed by the lack of "WOW Factor" that I had heard from other users/reviewers. My DAC is a high-end Crane Song Avocet which has a very good solid state headphone amp built in. I then read about how these need a few hours of burn-in time, a concept that I...
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Sounds absolutely gorgeous.


Pros: May not be the most neutral or most transparent but will be the most listened to.

Cons: Doesn't look as good as it sounds.

The HD 650s do just about everything right. Extremely forgiving yet detailed, it makes all music sound gorgeous. Absolutely dreamy, you'll find yourself lost within your music. Much of the sound attributes have been said before, e.g. the warmth and laid-back signature, so all I want to say is that if you ever had to buy a pair headphones solely for the enjoyment of music, pick the 650s. It's an absolute bargain at it's current price. My only complaint is in aesthetics. If only it would look as beautiful and elegant as it sounds. Although, not really a complaint as the sound takes precedence and it's really not that ugly. Could use less plastic though.

A timeless classic


Pros: never harsh sounding, no sibilance, easy to listen to, detailed yet not harsh

Cons: too much midbass, dark sounding, warm sounding, veiled sounding

I don't like this headphone. Or rather I don't enjoy this headphone. But I can't deny it's impressive. Plagued with the typical Sennheiser problems of being built cheaply and being overpriced, yet it's really the only in its class, the audiophile's favorite. That warm and dark sound, that you can never get tired of. That impedance curve that makes it scalable. This is the audiophile's dream, it may not be relevant today with all the FOTMs but it still remains a classic. Grab one used from the classifieds if you're into this kind of sound. As someone who is into accuracy, it was natural that I prefer the HD600... the HD650 was too thick in the mid-bass and lower midrange and the...
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Th3 James



Pros: Superb sound-stage, amazing lows, crisp highs, comfortable for extended listening sessions, aesthetically pleasing.

Cons: Design and materials could be better. A metal reinforced headband would have been preferable. The amp you use can make all the difference in the world

I have only had these headphones for a little over a month at the time of me writing this review. I choose to write the review now because I feel confident in my ability to properly asses these headphones from an objective point of view with minimal bias. This review was written at work over the course of a shift, it is by no means well layed out.    First off....These headphones are understandably flat and dull when used without an amp, anyone expecting auditory greatness (Over the Ear) from a 3.5mm jack running off of your phone is insane.    What I listened to on my HD650s: Classical, Rap, Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal,...
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Great Overall Entry into Hi-fi.


Pros: Excellent sound at the price. Much improved sound stage vs lesser headphones. Very comfortable for long listening session.

Cons: Could be more detailed & in-your-face

These are a great pair of cans all around. Very few complaints. Fantastic value. I've been driving them with E17 / E09k - it may not be perfect but it sounds great to my ears!   These are the kind of headphones you forget you are wearing because they are so comfortable. The rolled off treble is great for long listening sessions.   I find that I tend to use them when I want my experience to be a little bit hands-off. The sound, the feel, etc. is all very comfortable. The bass is a little bit underwhelming, but it fits the 'comfortable' experience.  They are nonetheless quite detailed. They aren't bad at really low volumes, but I am more likely to reach for my...
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Great Christmas Present


Pros: Comfort, Build Quality, Detail

Cons: Open back lets in noise, after hearing them with an amp. you'll have to drop another $300+

Just got a pair of these for Christmas and have to say that I was very impressed with the box they came in, very solid packaging, and neatly organized cord. There is a 3.5mm adapter included in the box, something I was not used to coming from a pair of Grado SR225i cans. The build quality is very good, I don't feel like I will scratch or dent them without a decently high tumble. The cord is detachable and feels like it will not likely give out anytime soon. As for comfort, I never really found my old Grados that uncomfortable (I know you guys/gals on Head-fi and reviews on Amazon always talk about Grados being uncomfortable) but now I can hardly wear them after having used...
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Magic Headphone


Pros: see review

Cons: see review

I'll try to be brief here, which is nearly impossible for me to do.   I bought this headphone last month and previously had two pairs. Those pairs had really anemic upper mids and had bloated mid-bass. This pair does not. I even used my old reference tracks I tried previously and this pair has a quite balanced sound signature. Not dead neutral or completely uncolored, but I would say it's just smooth sounding. Possibly one of the most musical headphones i've owned.   This headphone for me makes a lot of my crappy recordings that are harsh and fatiguing a bit easier on the ears. I don't ever get bombarded by treble or anything else. No shouty vocals or whatever else. It...
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HD 650 A steal at $227 and still with 1years warranty left on them


Pros: Comfort is super and the sound is well music rolls in

Cons: Need an amp to drive them to their fullest

Very happy with them for the price and the sound is great i highly recommend the purchase if its your 1st set of quality head phones the music just doesn't come in it rolls in...   I will write a more detailed review once i get an amp to match them i have narrowed it down to the schiit lyr ,valhalla or maybe the bottlehead crack..who knows one things for sure its driving me mad trying to choose....   Peace :=)
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