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Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones Reviews


Hd650 - losing my headphone virginity


Pros: Comfortable, well made, the sound! semi-affordable, attractive, great packaging

Cons: None

I was lucky to find my pair for sale at the price I paid (so my saying this is a bargain is based upon the relatively low amount I had to part with.) Firstly, i'm not, by any means - an audiophile (yet.) Although I love music, love to put my headphones on my head and relax, I am still coming to terms with all of the lingo and what not.   To the headphones. I've never owned an audiophile paid of full-sized headphones before. The closest I came was the 515s then the 595s. Both were okay, but lacked any real character. When I stumbled upon this site, I couldn't hold back any longer. I sold my other cans and invested in a pair of 650s and a Little Dot MK III Amp.    I quickly had a...
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HD650 - inside the music


Pros: Varm, detailed and intimate sound

Cons: Pads could be softer / headband should be less thight

  1) My setup at home: Naim DAC - Naim Headline - HD650. I love it. It's like being in a dark room sitting in the midst of the band playing - or rather inside each and every instrument simultaneously. My only complaint is that sometimes on some specific recordings I get the feeling I might prefer a slightly colder, more distant soundstage. The HD650 seems to have a slight bass "hump", which usually is very enjoyable, but sometimes can get a bit too much. Can't win 'em all :-)    I  also want to add that I experienced that the 650's needed 50 hours + burn-in. I was actually quite dissapointed at first.    2) Did a comparison for an hour or so in a dealers listening-room on...
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Perhaps the last headphones you need to buy


Pros: Good with all kinds of music. Very revealing of micro details.

Cons: Hard to think of any.

I bought these used in near mint condition and they were already burnt in. The so called Sennheiser veil won't bother you that much. You might notice highs rolling slightly off on instruments like harps. Some headphones might make Loreena McKennitt's harp playing almost pinch your ears, but on HD650 it's a pleasure to listen to. I have never owned headphones of this quality before and it was something of a revelation to hear FLAC files through these headphones. Suddenly I heard details and sounds never heard before even though I have owned some of my CD's for 23 years. These headphones obviously needs a separate headphone amplifier whether you're going to use them on your portable...
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Everyone Should Own A Pair


Pros: Non Fatiguing, Accurate Yet Delicious

Cons: Unless You Can Properly Amp and Source, Don't Bother

I was enjoying these just fine using an RSA SR-71A portable amp. Quite powerful little amp for a portable. Recently purchased a Channel Island Headphone Amp with upgraded Power Supply. Wow ! I thought I had heard the HD650 but in fact what I had been listening to was trash compared to what these are capable of when properly amped. Expansive soundstage, deep, powerful bass, crystal clear highs and a midrange to make you drool. Top notch headphone ONLY if you feed it properly.

Wonderful balance, could be less clampy, less clear than HD700


Pros: Darkish, very few weaknesses, Lives up to the name

Cons: Clampy, not terribly clear, loose bass

In my time observing the qualities of headphones, I have narrowed myself down to the point where I know certain sound signatures will be to my liking, or not. The culmination of all my others pairs have led me to the HD650.   Build/Comfort: As a few know, sound quality doesn't hold much weight when the headphones are uncomfortable. Luckily, I can say that they are not nearly as uncomfortable as I thought they would be. The headband is one of the best designs I have seen, minus the fact it has little flex. It is lightweight, and leaves a gap for either a stand, or the ridge on your skull. The whole thing can be taken apart and put back together fairly easily. The pads are great,...
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classical headset


Pros: warm,forceful bass,wide sound field,comfortable wearing way

Cons: ageing female voice,hair Destroyer (every headset. lol)


An immersive, warm, auditory experience. Transfers emotion directly into your cortex. Want to relax and unwind? The 650 is medicine.


Pros: Very high-quality dynamic drivers that produce a natural, organic presentation of sound. Laid-back with just enough detail. Lightweight and comfy.

Cons: A bit of sub-bass roll-off, lower-end transients could be a bit better. If you want real low-end visceral impact this isn't it. Plasticky build.

This is my second-time owning the HD650, and I've taken a bit of this review from a post I made in the HD650 impressions thread.   I have some detailed analysis of findings my first time around of the HD650 in comparison with an LCD2 that can be read here: http://www.head-fi.org/products/audeze-lcd2-planar-magnetic-headphones/reviews/13729   I'm going to keep it brief as by now you've probably read gushing reviews, and for the most part they are true. This is a great headphone. Perhaps all one ever may need. Save yourself and your wallet, get the HD650, a decent amp / DAC and run far away from head-fi and never speak of it again.  But if you are still here, you may...
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Superb Phones but Easy to Misunderstand on a Quick Demo


Pros: Mellow, Smooth, Musical, Very Even if Warm Balance, but actually very revealing in a low key way

Cons: Not particularly immediate and impressive in sound, or appearance, and need volts

I bought these to enjoy and to assist development of a headphone amp, having owned Sennheiser phones in the past, the last being HD518s. First impressions on unpacking are of fairly ordinary appearance and materials although actual comfort is first rate. First impressions of sound are that they sound a little thick and subdued. I can understand why people could be disappointed; there are plenty of cheaper phones which impress more for the first minute or two.   However these are dark horse headphones. Although their overall presentation is mellow, and some would say veiled, they are incredibly revealing in reality after prolonged listening. Get the source and amplification right...
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Great dynamic headphones


Pros: Low distortions at all frequencies, comfortable, very detailed, easy to drive

Cons: Can be suffocating if compared to very revealing competition, however, a very pleasant enjoyable and comfortable listen on a long run

To clarify the price amount - that's AU$428.   I had HD545 reference for a long while, 15 or so years. They've been excellent headphones. Had to replace cable two times, which is really outstanding given the 15 years use almost every day.   I compared the HD650 with HD600, HD545 reference, Momentum 2.0 over-the-ears, Momentum 2.0 on-ears and AKG702. The HD650 had the greatest amount of detail and by far the lowest distortions of them all.    HD600 sounded coarse and bass limited. The high frequencies sounded particularly harsh. The sound stage was also compressed compared to HD650. I compared both headphones with the same cable, i.e. I was using the HD600 cable...
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Really Great Start!


Pros: Huge Sound Stage! Everything is very clean and clear!

Cons: Not a bass head at all but i struggle to hear any bass in these.

I listen to alot of heavier music dubstep through metal. I also enjoy listening to the beatles and Classical music! These Headphones shine for lighter more care free music, but when i try to give it a true load and demand heavy notes from the bass it doesnt show up. I have a oppo ha-2 amp to go with these and i have to use the bass boost for anything heavy and then they sound fine. Without the bass boost i really struggle to hear it at all. Im not a bass head by any means. I thought the Audio technica mx-50 was way to over powered in the lower end. I love my HD 650's and they are a great start for any audiophile! They are classic!
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