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Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones Reviews


Musical reference

The Sennheiser HD650 is a great pair of headphones. Makes a great complement to airier headphones.

#1 for a good reason.


Pros: High-quality warm sound signature. Good imaging. Comfortable. Replaceable parts.

Cons: Not the best build. Clamp is too tight at first. Not for trebleheads or bassheads.

I was like a lot of audiophiles starting out. I had a below $100 pair of headphones and thought it couldn't get much better than that. I looked at headphones like the HD650 and thought their pricetag, which is a hefty sum to most, couldn't be justified. For a few headphones that might remain true, but after a long journey through thousands of dollars of headphones I realized the HD650 is worth the money if you start to really care about your audio like I have.   A while ago I felt like it was time to upgrade my audio setup to something more high quality. I got myself a JDS LABS O2+ODAC Combo RevB and tried 10 of the best open-back headphones $400 and under from many big name...
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The Gentle Workhorse


Pros: Smooth, non-fatiguing sound, comfortable, well-balanced sonic signature

Cons: Sub-bass could be deeper, treble could be slightly more airy

My first Sennheiser was the HD555, which was a real gem for its price bracket, and then when it broke, I replaced it with the HD600. I immediately exchanged it for the HD650 as I found the HD600 to sound so similar to the HD555 (just a little bit more treble mainly) that the price difference wasn't justified. The HD650 is very similar to the HD600, but with a bit more weight in the bass, and a slightly smoother sound overall. But in any case, these upgrades are all diminishing returns, as the HD555 really is excellent already.   The HD650's clamping force is strongest of the three, but it's still comfortable enough that I often forget to take them off after I was done listening to...
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My precious


Pros: Great smooth, lush beautiful sound, very balanced and relaxing. Quite detailed. Dark. Very comfortable

Cons: Build quality

I love my HD650 for rock, jazz and weightier orchestral pieces. The sound is very detailed but somehow dark (which is good with some recordings). This headphone never sounds obtrusive or hard. It is very comfortable. I have it as a companion to another great headphone, AKG k701, and they work great with their parts of my record collection.
Dobrescu George

Smooth midrange headphone from Sennheiser


Pros: Smooth sound, Good bass extension, Natural tone, Good comfort, Very good details, Vivid sound, Almost linear presentation

Cons: Price, Intimate soundstage, Upper treble lacks some energy, Bass is not for bassheads

          Introduction   Sennheiser HD650 is one of the (seemingly) consecrated headphones made by Sennheiser as an upgrade (update?) to their well received model, HD600. HD600 has been quite popular from the beginning of its life and has been considered one of the best headphones ever made albeit Sennheiser later made the renowned HD800 (Which have also been later updated to HD800S). To be honest, I find ie800 from sennheiser to be the TOTL IEM with the sound closest to my ideals even without any Equalization albeit it's treble being a bit hot for some sources (DAPs).    HD800S is a very good headphone with which I had the pleasure of...
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Great All-purpose Mid-tier Headphone.


Pros: Great tuning, relaxed, non-fatiguing, and transparent.

Cons: Mediocre bass quality, mediocre detail, and somewhat fuzzy sounding.

Overview:   The Sennheiser HD 650 is a headphone I've owned more than once and always seem to go back to and a headphone I'm very familiar with and have tried on countless different systems from low-end to summit-fi. In terms of systems I've owned, I mainly used them on mid-fi gear. This is a headphone I have owned 3 times now, because I always found something I liked about it, but there are a few issues that ultimately have caused me to let this headphone go in the past, and the only reason I currently own them is due to getting them from a friend. This review is quite positive overall, but I honestly find them a bit exaggerated in how good they are and I don't really find them to...
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Sennheiser HD650 how good of value is it?


Pros: Affordable, comfortable, neutral sound with touch of bass boost, detailed and refined, detachable cable, made in Ireland

Cons: build quality could be better, could be little cheaper, need amp to shine

Audiophile world can be your salvation or your hell. It depends how deep you will be sucked in and how confused you are what you’re looking for. For me it has been both. It all started two years ago when my old headphone broke on me and I had the wild idea to press the “buy” button on $1000 headphone called Grado GS1000.   I remember holding them in my hands with watery eyes upon the sight. The texture of the mahogany the smell of the wood it was something retro and to behold. Everything about that headphone was unique and I was excited to try them out. Then the disappointment when I found out that it was lacking in comfort and bass. How can a $1000 headphone be lacking in...
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Sounds good with EDM , but takes too much equipment to get the sound out.


Pros: Light and comfortable.

Cons: Too much money for what it is.

This is my second round with these "holy grail" of headphones.  First time around I was just laughing at it's meager power capability.  The sound was good, but not mind blowing.  Zero sub bass control, with ok bass.impact.  I got the Hifiman 400i and couldn't be any happier.  Has everything that I'm looking for at an "affordable" price.  I got a lot of heat from my fellow headphone enthusiasts for my nonesense.     I listen to all kind of music and DO NOT like to be limited to what I can listen too from my music library with an expensive headphone.  For 300+ dollars I want my subbass and bass with authority.  At the same time I want it...
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One of the best all around headphones, regardless of price


Pros: Natural sound signature, clear and detailed, realistic vocals and instruments, speaker-like sound

Cons: Pads compress and wear out faster than others. Could use a touch more sub-bass.

EDIT: 7/7/16   I am redoing this review I posted in 2015 because it was too short. For this review of the HD650, I will be going into much more detail about the sound, pros and cons, certain tracks that make these headphones shine, and how DSP plugins can make this headphone (or pretty much any headphone) come alive.   First, let's go over the build quality and comfort.   The HD650s are completely plastic on the outside, except for the metal grills and metal adjustment band. For the 2 years I have had them so far, there have been no paint chips or places where the paint has rubbed off from use. Keep in mind, I have taken extremely good care of them, and made sure to...
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The Art of Headphones


Pros: The Sound Signature I Love

Cons: Physical Looks

I can't imagine another 650 review is needed for the known universe, especially here on headfi. While I enjoy reading them, I also don't take the "objective" reviews seriously. While I would everyone to have the cans that move them into a space for deep listening for music, I can only be concerned here with my ears. And what I hear from the 650 goes beyond the "veil" or analytical accounts of treble range or sub bass. What we have here is an artistic expression - masterfully done. It's more than just the science or looks. What I know is that from the very first point I put these on, I feel myself falling deeply into the music, even my songs produced poorly or poorly ripped or just plain...
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