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HD650 - why the middle road is for fools

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones

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Pros: good frequency response

Cons: muddy bass, soundstage not very wide, slight veil

I recently used a borrowed HD650 in a balanced system for about a month. 


After I gave it back and returned to my balanced Grado HF2's, I was shocked how much better the Grado's were.


I must thank Sennheiser for making me appreciate my current headphone. That's about the only good thing I have to say about the HD650. :) I'm kidding, it's good but if you value an open and fast sound this is not the headphone to get.



"I guess most people are deaf"
I would venture to say someone with high frequency hearing loss would be the one's to gravitate toward Grados overly bright signature!
The HF2 is a dark headphone as well. Upper highs are even more attenuated compared to the HD650.

Here's the HF2 graph vs. the HD650 graph:
your grados hf2 have a nasty spike at 10k, for me it's trebly.
It's not nasty, it's just a spike. A warm solid state amp or better yet a non-syrupy low output impedance tube amp and it's perfect.

On the other hand, the HD650 is average whatever you plug it into, that's why people put silver cables that cost more than the HD650 on it, take out the foam disc covering the driver and even the back driver cover.

And all that still doesn't fix the bass. I wonder why there's no damping mods for the HD650 ... calling the son of markl ...
Well, the hd650 might be "just average", it is ranked as second after the hd800, when you see all the reviews of full size headphones.
To be fair, eugenius, you started the arguing about taste by saying those who like the HD650 must be deaf. Presenting your own opinion is fair; disparaging others' opinions is going to get a backlash.
"I guess most people are deaf" You're one of them. :P
Euginius u can't say people must be deaf (which is something close to an insult) and then end up saying: "stop arguing about my taste". I love grado, but the hd650 is more neutral than the 325is (dunno about the hf2)
Being more neutral than a Grado is like me being more alive than Elvis.
LOL - Your opinions surely have a slight humor to it :P
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