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A Review On: Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones

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Pros: Warm sound signature, detailed, non-fatiguing

Cons: 3-blob soundstage, clamping a little strong at first

The HD650's don't do anything really wrong.

They have a natural sound signature and slightly elevated midbass that is easy on the ear (non-fatiguing).

Most people will find that they appreciate their sound.

They are not the final word in transparency and speed, but they are advanced enough technically to allow them to be true to the source material, offering an excellent sonic window into the music.

This neutrality allows them to be used for reference purposes; as a studio headphone mixes done on them translate well to monitors.

Similarly, they sound great with all genres, and don't dominate any particular one.


For a beginner head-fi'er, HD650's paired with a <$500 SS amp and a cheap DAC might be the last headphone rig you ever need.

Inversely, the HD650 scales very well with upgrades, sounding best to these ears with a powerful tube amp.

However, If you don't like the sound of these phones on first (amped) listen, don't try change the sound signature with cable upgrades because the differences are relatively subtle.


Super helpful - thanks so much. A friend in my office has these and I've been considering making the leap...I'm very much in the beginner bucket, so the confidence that these will scale as I spend more time on Head-Fi is encouraging.
Great notes, thanks for the review. I've had mine now for a few months and am thoroughly enjoying them. I'm also happy that the initial clamping force has worn off. I find them very comfortable now.
I agree about the cable upgrade. It is real snake oil and paying 200 dollars or more for a cable is nonsense,
The #3 popular headphones on the site, and the first review starts with "The HD650's don't do anything really wrong."
Kind of coincidental I guess. I wouldn't buy anything qualified like that though...
i have ordered a HD650 online ,but i have not got it yet
i am looking for a good portable amplifier,which is compatible with my headphone
what do you think would be the best choice for my headphone?
would Electric Avenues PA2V2 make a good pair with my HD650?
I would avoid powering these with a portable amp.
Consider them the last headphones you will ever need, and spend appropriately.
I have been out of the amplification loop for a while, but if I were to buy an amp I would look at schiit audio.
Also,  the Objective 2 amp, or whatever, has a lot of hype on head-fi, and runs on batteries. I guess that means it's portable?
Like I say, I'm not the person to ask.
Congrats though, I wish I kept these headphones, I have often thought about buying them again.
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