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Hi-Fi bargain even at a full price

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones

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Pros: seductive vocals, overall SQ, relaxing signature combined with a good speed

Cons: soundstage is not large enough, clamping force is incomfotable for big heads

There are some who say HD650 demands for expensive amps. I disagree, HD650 is great with lesser sources/amps and excellent with higher gear. From Hi-Fi cans I tried (DT990, DT880, HD600, AD2000, AD1000PRM, W5000, D2000, K701), HD650 is less finicky to pair, while it is on top of this heap in terms of SQ. It is also moderatley priced for Hi-Fi can, half of those mentioned above are more expensive. Add that I bought mine barely used for $150, so it is a keeper for me.


Soundstage becomes bigger with better amps, like WooAudio 3 with upgraded tubes. Clamping force can be reduced, if you store HD650 with some spreader for headband. I recommend not to store it on a things like basketball, since you will flatten the earpads.


The best way to reduce clamping force is to extend the headband all the way out and bend the metal part a few times until you achieve comfort. If you loosen them too much, you can bend the metal part in to tighten. Whatever you do, DO NOT BEND THE PLASTIC. Only the flexible metal part of the bridge should be bent. If you do a search here on headfi, you'll find more detailed instructions on how to do it. I followed the directions and my 650 is much more comfortable now.
By the way, I noticed a sound improvement when I upgraded my amp to the Lehmann BCL. I especially noticed more depth to the soundstage.
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