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Most enjoyable set of headphones--Sennheisers most comfortable-

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser HD 600

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Pros: Most Musical, Sennheisers most comfortable, need amp, great treble extension, very nice bass--Thanks for Correction folks..It does need an amp.

Cons: None can think of. Best of all my headphones

Most Musical and enjoyable, Sennheisers most comfortable, Does not need amp, great treble extension paired with correct source, very nice bass.


Out of all my cans this is best overall and most enjoyable sound. The HD650 right there but it does have a diffrent sound. I would say Q701 are a great headphone but missing bass.


Have: Grado Sr-60, HD555, HD595, HD600, HD650, ATM-50S, Ultrasone HFI 780, AKG Q701, Bose QC15

Had: Grado Sr-80



Worst headphones: Grado SR-80 and HD555(tried twice)


I am sure the $1000+ headphones are better paired with a great amp but this is what I have.


The Sennheiser are by far the best brand with combo of great fit, great finish, great comfort, great style, and great sound.

I started with Sr-60 and  wanted to go up with higher models with the Grado but the comfort is terrible. Bowls or Pads. Grado has great sound but after years of wearing them and then trying other headphones. I could never wear grado's again for more than 2 hrs at most every couple of months.


I use an STX and Audigy 2 sound card.


"Does not need amp"
Oh yea, it does. :P
 ^ +1
Although OP does have an Audigy 2 and an STX, so it might not need an amp in his setup. He did mention that, but didn't emphasize it, so review might need a dsiclaimer.
He has an amp. :P That's the point. He says the HD600's don't need an amp, but he uses them with a soundcard that can output more than 1,2 Watts of power into 32 Ohms and around 500 mW into 300 Ohm load of the HD600's. In short, STX is a more powerful and capable amp than many separate desktop amps, very few can output as much power and few have as much gain, not to mention sound and measurements. So he's not really using them without an amp, he's using them with a VERY powerful one, and saying that you don't need an amp for HD600's is very wrong and might mislead some people into buying them and then plugging them into bad sources, which will make the headphones sound bad. He should have said, you don't need a separate amp IF you have a high end soundcard with an integrated amp.
Yeah, just try listening to a dynamic soundtrack with your iPod+HD600, you won't be satisfied. The sound will be distorted and blurry at even medium volumes.
The cheapest budget amp to pair up with HD600 is FiiO E12 at high gain, lush!
your right, It does need an amp. But compared to HD650..you can go without it and it sounds reasonable. The HD650 sounds like mud without an amp. But overall it does need an amp.
THANKS for the correction All...
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