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Great sound, subpar build and wearing comfort

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser HD 600

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bedlam inside
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Pros: Great sound quality, shades of the HD800 at a quarter of the price

Cons: Poor ergonomics and distinctly below par build quality spoil an otherwise good Headphone

The HD-600s are very good sounding Headphones with average build and to me below average ergonomics. With the HD-800, Sennheiser have shown they know better. Being open back you are not isolated from noise around you and equally you leak a lot of your own music into the environment, which can cause trouble. While sonically well above average, the lacklustre build and ergonomics of the HD-600 let them down big time. Or maybe the shape of my head is not Teutonic enough? At the price they command I’d expect better, maybe more in line with the Audio Technica ATH-W1000. 
Sonically they offer enough of the HD-800’s magic to make them worthwhile trying on, to see if they fit your head better than mine. To me they are a Curates Egg, their excellent sound balanced by poor ergonomics and build, at too high a price, to others they may very well be THE headphone to take home.

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The thing with the HD600/650 is that they need a little time to loosen its grip, and if you have an above average sized head you need to stretch them out carefully in the beginning if you want' them to be more comfortable.
First off the build quality on the HD600 is superb. The detachable cord is Kevlar reinforced, the headband padded, and the plastic blended with carbon fiber. Sure they are not indestructible, but they are built very well.
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