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Incredible sound

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser HD 600

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Pros: Very balanced, great mids, great highs, classy looks, bass is balanced

Cons: headband, sub-bass is a bit lacking, sound-stage could be better

I'll make this really short (because of my poor writhing skills)


Bass - bass is good but I find sub-bass a bit lacking. 9.5/10


MIDS - Wow, incredible mids. But sometimes it feels that there is to much of mids. 11/10


Highs - really smooth and detailed and not as harsh as other headphones like DT990 or DT880. 10/10


Sound-stage - I find sound-stage to be lacking :( and probably not as quick as I expected when I first bought them. 8/10


Comfort - really great comfort, no issues except for the adjustment part. 9.5/10


Overall: I find these headphones to be amazing, but they are quite picky, and I find it hard to listen to mp3s.


Wow, you got them for 526, I hope that includes shipping.
good review !
think i got my first set for 200, but i need to sun the pads...de-smoke the drivers..wipe the moulds off the box. :P
then add 150 for a new set of cables...and its the best can ever for enjoyment.
it doesnt have the widest soundstage the clearestdrivers yadayadayada...doesnt matter.
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