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A Review On: Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser HD 600

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Pros: Fantastic sounding, great comfort, easy to amp

Cons: Can rip hair out, looks weird, stock cord is weak

These were the best audiophile purchase I have made. I've used them nearly everyday for 5 years, and I have little desire to purchase another set of open over-ear cans.



The sound signature is neutral. Some have criticized the treble for being rolled off. While the treble lacks a certain energy (stemming from a lower quantity) one might find on Grados, I find that it still replicates high frequency instruments very well, and that the "laid back" nature makes listening non-fatiguing. They also have a great airy sound to them, which makes them sound more like speakers (which is a good thing).


The bass response is perfect, not too little, not too much. They can "slam" as much as the music allows. Using a decent amp helps in this area. In my experience, I can not tell the difference between my cmoy, Aria Headfive, EMU 0404 usb headphone out, and from my Onkyo receiver headphone out. These are all considered to have/be good headphone amps. You don't need anything super expensive.


The mids are very rich and full. It's got just the perfect amount of warmth in the mids.



The padding is velour, and is extremely comfortable.

I have longish hair, and sometimes the headband pulls  on or rips out my hair. Once you know how it happens, it's not hard to avoid.



I just don't see how anyone could be disappointed with these. They just do so many things right. They also aren't that expensive nowadays.


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