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Unfailing Workhorse

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser HD 600

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Pros: Balanced, refined, sturdy, classic design

Cons: not very "fast"

What? Nobody wrote a review of this gorgeous headphone yet? Maybe it´s because many people already own it and don´t talk about it - because once you do you won´t need another headphone. I use the HD-600 everyday and I did the same the six years before. I´ve never heard such a balanced headphone since and I think I never will. I´ve heard a HD-650 a few  months ago but it didn´t make me happy, it sounded too dark and too warm. I missed the easy precision and crispness of my HD-600. Which is exactly what still baffles me: how was Sennheiser able to produce a headphone that is both detailed and laid back at the same time? It´s brilliant, but not too brilliant. It´s warm but not too warm. No, it´s a perfectly balanced headphone. Everything is there but nothing is too much. The soundstage is very natural, wide and deep.


I do a lot of private remastering and the HD-600 never failed me, they are analytical. I can hear errors easily and can correct them. Still, it´s not an overtly honest headphone. If it could talk it would say: "Observe these errors here and there, I´ll present them to you very pleasantly and neutral." That pretty much sums it up.


There are some minor obstacles: deep bass is a bit muted (from 20-70 Hz), depending on the source it may have some problems with differentiation. Another valid criticism is that it is not very fast - with the HD-600 you won´t exactly marvel at the punch, directness or dynamic of Punk or Hard Rock music. While this sounds a bit boring it isn´t - it just seems to present music as it is.  They are more like passive "spectators", presenting music with a bit of distance. Another little downside is that it requires a good headphone amp, it needs a lot of power to sound good. If you don´t own something like that you´ll get an exaggerated upper bass - there goes your balanced sound.


If you think the sound to be a bit harsh you can buy the replacement cable that originally is intended for the HD-650 - with that you can add warmth at the cost of resolution. That depends on your taste of course.


All in all, I would buy it again anytime. But I won´t need to because it still sounds and looks wonderful. This headphone is the reason that I fell in love with Sennheiser, a love that is still growing.


The important thing about any piece of gear is your own personal relationship with it. Opinions vary, but what matters is do you like it? Forget the critics. Haters are a dime a dozen. I could care less about what others think about what i like, especially in a headphone choice. This type of choice is very wearer specific. Budget constraints may not allow for high end phones. Good phones are worth getting and worth waiting for. I'm looking to buy the HD600 and the HD700 headphones. Sennheiser has it going on in these two pairs of headphones. Of course, my opinion is just that, my opinion. The purpose is music enjoyment.
I think HD700 will be the new king of High-end headphones line.
Great review.
i disagree on what Warrax says here about the HD700.
I still comes across the HD600 in pro studios and want a pair again myself.
Sold my first pair some time ago like a fool.
Thank you for the review and comments helps with making a informed decision.
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