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Sennheiser HD 600 Reviews


Sennheiser HD600 - Timeless Sound Quality


Pros: Pros : Sound quality, comfort, build, modularity (parts), balance, naturalness, clarity, detail

Cons: Cons : Headband not as strong as it could be, initial clamp force

The Sennheiser HD600 is an open dynamic circumaural head-phone which Sennheiser market for audiophiles, and also state as ideal for studio monitoring.     Pre-amble (about me at time of writing) I'm a 44 year old music lover.  I don't say audiophile - just love my music.  Over the last couple of years, I have slowly changed from cheaper listening set-ups to my current entry/mid-fi set-up.  I vary my listening from portable (i-devices + amp) to my desk-top's set-up (PC > coax > NFB-12 > HP).  My main headphones at the time of writing are the Sennheiser HD600s, a modded set of Alessandro MS1i, and a set of B2 iems.  I previously owned Beyer...
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Dethroned, yet still one of the dynamic kings.


Pros: Very detailed. Balanced. Good soundstage. Absolutely amazing mids. Entirely modular, with all parts replaceable.

Cons: Bass could be a little tighter. Some would say subdued treble, but I'd say it's at a very realistic level. Soundstaging has room for improvement.

Note: The price paid is used from Amazon Marketplace.  Also, I've duplicated my review from the other product listing here on Head-Fi.  If it is possible, the two HD 600 pages ought to be merged.   The first thing about these the HD 600 is the excellent tonal balance - it's never harsh, but the highs are still there and very detailed.  Sometimes the finest details may get lost in very complex music thanks to being overshadowed by other parts of the music, but the resulting detailed smoothness is a very good thing.   The mids - ahh, they're to die for!  They're the highlight of the headphones.  They're detailed and lifelike, similar to the...
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Unfailing Workhorse


Pros: Balanced, refined, sturdy, classic design

Cons: not very "fast"

What? Nobody wrote a review of this gorgeous headphone yet? Maybe it´s because many people already own it and don´t talk about it - because once you do you won´t need another headphone. I use the HD-600 everyday and I did the same the six years before. I´ve never heard such a balanced headphone since and I think I never will. I´ve heard a HD-650 a few  months ago but it didn´t make me happy, it sounded too dark and too warm. I missed the easy precision and crispness of my HD-600. Which is exactly what still baffles me: how was Sennheiser able to produce a headphone that is both detailed and laid back at the same time? It´s brilliant, but not too brilliant. It´s warm but not too warm....
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A Masterpiece of Neutrality


Pros: Air, Dynamics, Sound stage, Price, Comfort, Build

Cons: Straight cord, Box does not close, Lacks definition in middle of sound stage

    After over two decades of service, the HD 600 is still going strong. Since the early days of its introduction, the HD 600 has grown to become something of reference point within the audiophile community. Furthermore, its neutral, airy sound has made it a favorite among audio engineers. As such, you will struggle to find better at this price point. Now, please enjoy the video, it offers my full opinion on the HD 600 as well as a touch of comparison between it and its sister, the HD 650. If you have any questions please, feel free to ask. Thanks for watching.

A Living Legend

Here's a quick summary on the HD600. I am going to leave out headphone specifications because you can find them on Sennheiser's website. These are open cans ,not suited for portability, and they do require amping (300 Ohms). Comfort They are very comfortable and my ears don't get too hot after listening for quite some time. The cups are quite deep and I like it that way. I had hours of listening enjoyment with it and so far had no problems with comfort.   Sound Quality Wow, these cans sound completely natural! I know the differences between natural and neutral but the HD600 has both elements. Although Sennheiser has been long associated with a veil, the HD600 does not...
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Classic Sennheiser sound


Pros: Amazing, lush, liquid mids, vocals that are so rich and palpable you can taste them

Cons: Bass can be muddy without really good amplification, highs can sound wrong to some ears.

These were my first foray into high end, high fidelity sound. They were a true revelation. These headphones were built for my ears, laid back, rich warm mids, deep but controlled bass, the de-facto ultimate headphones of their time.   Treble: Laid back, airy, great sound stage, contrary to popular belief, bigger is not always better with regards to sound staging, some things weren't recorded on a giant sound stage afterall. Liquid cool and never fatiguing, the treble was far from analytical but still revealing of source quality, a transparent headphone to be sure.   Mids: Wow. Rich palpable midrange to die for. This is what you dream of. Perfect vocals, anyone could...
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Pros: Clear, open, neutral, comfortable and just a great all rounder

Cons: Headband is relatively fragile, not the bassiest headphones I've heard

I've owned these for a year now so I think I can pass fair judgement. Great headphones. A legend among headphones. Neutral, clear and the reference I use to compare all others. Very comfortable, the most comfortable headphones I've ever used with the Beyer over ears. I sold my Audeze LCD2.2 and kept these, that's how much I like them.   Surprisingly easy to drive for 300ohm. They improve with adequate amplification, but I think people really overstate how important it is.   I did have the headband crack on me when stretching it (they have a bit of a tight grip initially), but Sennheiser were great and replaced them straight away for a new pair.

HD600 a Classic!


Pros: Excellent mids, beautiful timbre, warm signature, deep soundstage, comfort...etc

Cons: Non to my knowledge

The HD600 is one of the best headphones around. They are neutral, easy to drive, comfy, with a touch of warmth and enticing natural presentation and timbre. I didn't like them the first time I bought them with the stock cable. I bought another pair driven by the formidable Beta 22 amplifier and the HD600 was transformed into another league.    Although I listen mostly to my K702 which is more accurate in comparison to HD600 warmer tone (which is closer to concert hall sound IMO) I save the HD600 for very special listening sessions, I don't use them for occasional listening at all but only when I really need to enjoy rather than analyze my music.   The highs are...
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Pros: Sound Quality, Clarity, Soundstage

Cons: Clamp force, Design is funky

Note that the price I put is buying used from a fellow head-fi user   About Me: I am an 18 year old music lover. I have gotten into music more and more in the last year, with this being my first major headphone buy. Since I was 14 I knew that music would be my thing. I have enjoyed listening to Tapes and CD's since I was very young, and over the last few years I have been growing as a music lover. My headphone collection has gone from Beats Solo hd(trash 1/5) -> Beats Studio(ok but broke 2.5/5) -> Monster DNA(alright 3/5) -> Sennheiser hd439(surprised me for the price 3.5/5) -> Sennheiser hd600(pure gold 5/5). I've heard some nice headphones...
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Great All Rounder and Perfect Comfort!


Pros: Detailed. Tight natural sounding bass. Fairly balanced frequency response. Lightweight and comfortable.

Cons: 3 blob soundstage. Lacks visceral bass (sub bass). Headband seems fragile.

I've been listening to the HD 600 with the FiiO E07k/E09k combo. I realise that this DAC/amp combo might not really get the most out of the HD 600 but I thought I'd share my thoughts nonetheless.   Firstly, I really like the sound of the HD 600. It's detailed, the bass is tight and present but doesn't dominate. Personally I think these headphones sound great with rock and classical music, I especially find drums and violins to sound very realistic. The comfort of these headphones is superb, the ear pads are very comfortable and the headphone is rather lightweight. I think the fit is also perfect and ensures that these headphones don't wobble around much. I find the...
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