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Sennheiser HD 598 Reviews


Almost perfect


Pros: Can listen to forever, no reason for me to want to upgrade

Cons: The 1/4" jack makes this even less portable

I previously had a Pioneer SE-A1000, which was my first pair of open headphones that was meant to be used as a home theater replacement (I've owned lots of IEM's such as Shure e2c, SCL4, UE600vi, HF3). The SE-A1000 was awesome to listen to for movies with a massive soundstage, but it was exhausting to listen to for hours on end because of the V-shaped sound signature. When I first got the HD598, I didn't think that the music was drastically better than my SE-A1000, but the key thing I appreciate now is how I can listen to the hd598 forever. The comfort is perfect, and I can wear my glasses under my headphones all day. For music, movies, or gaming, the sound just seems perfect. The...
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Flat response. No, really, FLAT.


Pros: The sound, comfortable, detachable cable, everything is replaceable, nice design, awesome price, forgiving with lower quality sources, low impedance

Cons: Hanger not included, not even a pouch, the 6.35 jack can be a problem

These are just insane. It has such a flat response, but they are not by any means boring. Every single frequency shines since the instrument separation is great. There is simply no distortion, even at really high volumes, which they can achieve very easily since they have a meager 50 Ohm impedance and very high sensitivity. If that wasn't enough, their best quality IMHO is their HUGE soundstage. Even while being so open, the bass in punchy and unlikely tight!    Everything is serviceable too, from the cable to the headband padding. The ear pads are big, cushy and don't get your ears too hot thanks to the open design of the cups themselves and the velour-type material....
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Pros: Wide soundstage, forward mids

Cons: 6.3mm jack at end is like, wtf man?

Sennheiser's HD-598 delivers an amazing sound. Highs and mids are deliciously engaging, although the bass is a bit light. Nevertheless, it's still present, and it's tight.    The 6.3mm jack is a bit weird. You'll need to carry an adapter, which make these cans less portable and bulkier to carry around outdoors. These are generally meant to stay at home.   I've had these headphones for about 7 months now, and they sound fantabulous, even without being driven by an amp. It was definitely worth the price.

A good set of cans.


Pros: Comfortable, bright sound signature, wide sound stage, trebles crisp, mids smooth and bass adequate.

Cons: They could have used a 3.5MM plug for use with portable DAC's like the E10. Plug adapter gives unnecessary bulk.

  These phones are worth the retail price of $249. They have a wide sound stage which gives dimension to music. Clarity is strong enough to notice poorly encoded sound files. These don't require an additional headphone amp weighing in with an impedance of 50 Ohms. While they do sound good without one an AMP/DAC will definitely add depth to the music. On the negative I personally think the 6.3MM jack terminating at the end was highly unnecessary. Instead Sennheiser could have had an screw on jack where the 3.5MM jack can be coverted to a 6.3MM one with a simple screw on adapter as found with the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro.  

Awesome cans


Pros: comfortable, build quality, looks, sound quality

Cons: standard 1/4" jack

these are an awesome pair of cans, some dont like the look but i love it. also these are some of the most comfortable headphones ive ever had on my head, i should note i wear glasses and as anyone who wears glasses and likes over ear headphones will know that it can sometimes push the frame into your head making prolonged usage uncomfortable, these dont push against your glasses at all. i was amazed when i first put these on. i have quite a few different uses for this headphone and i do have to turn my ipod and ipad all the way up on almost all songs, but being plugged into my mixer is when they really start to shine. these headphones on there own are already pretty good headphones very...
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Excellent Headphones!


Pros: Perfect Mids and highs

Cons: Bass should be just a little bit more

I'll be honest, I don't know much about headphones. But for my birthday I decided to look into a new pair of headphones as I previously had the Sony MDR-XD200's which are just terrible! When I saw these headphones I was mesmerised at how good they look! I did some reviews on this site and decided to also get the fiio e10. As soon as I got these headphones I was so amazed! The clarity, coupled with the fiio e10 was just amazing! I could hear things in my songs which I never even knew they were there! I mainly listen to Electronic / Dance with a little classical on the side. The e10 has a bass boost which really helps the hd598's. The bass is present but I wish it had more kick...
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Pros: Very attractive. Extremely comfortable. Responds to equalization very well. Good instrument separation. An jack of all trades in terms of genre.

Cons: I have absolutely zero confidence in the construction. Cord is not replacable. Cord loves to ball up and tangle to itself.

PROs: They respond very, very well to equalization and amping. With the right equalization, these can be literally anything you want them to be in terms of sound signature. For open headphones, these produce a large amount of mid-bass, though producing very little sub-bass.   These headphones have great instrument separation, and an even better soundstage to utilize it. These headphones can easily be your god-mode secret weapon for competitive gaming. When I plugged these into my TV, and played me some Impossible Game on my 360, I quite nearly cried when I heard the soundtrack to "Heaven", as the bass was hard-hitting, and the highs were sparkly and pristine.   As an...
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Pros: design comfort and sound quality

Cons: long cord, weak bass

Great headphones

Excellence in comfort and sound


Pros: Great all rounder, affordable, comfortable, has presence, color

Cons: Some will find the bass a bit light, color can be a turn off

This could be the perfect starter audiophile headphone for anyone looking to get into the game.  Quite possibly the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn.  Darn good highs, mids, and bass though some might find it a bit on the light side.  Overall a great purchase.  Biggest turn of for most will probably be the odd color scheme adopted for the 598, but personally I love it.  Another minor problem is that these headphones do not do metal justice.  Sure they might be great all-rounders, but if metal is the only thing you listen to it would do you good to look at other similarly priced headphones.  Granted these headphones ARE capable of keeping up...
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Great Headphones


Pros: Fantastic all rounder, very affordable, great soundstage, very comfortable

Cons: Not great with metal music, quite plasticy

  I bought the HD598 for 200 bucks. I had to have quick delivery because I was leaving America soon which accounts for the relatively high price.   I don't regret the buy at all because I think they sound fantastic. People say they lack bass? I think this is quite a warm headphone, and low bass is punchy with great quantity - not too much and definitely not too little. However, I DO use a well adjusted Winamp equaliser which may compensate for the loss.   I think these sound fantastic with all genres of music except metal, because they just can't attack the music well enough.   Despite the big arguments over amped/unamped, I was using a FiiO E7, but...
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