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Sennheiser HD 598 Reviews


Great Headphones


Pros: Fantastic all rounder, very affordable, great soundstage, very comfortable

Cons: Not great with metal music, quite plasticy

  I bought the HD598 for 200 bucks. I had to have quick delivery because I was leaving America soon which accounts for the relatively high price.   I don't regret the buy at all because I think they sound fantastic. People say they lack bass? I think this is quite a warm headphone, and low bass is punchy with great quantity - not too much and definitely not too little. However, I DO use a well adjusted Winamp equaliser which may compensate for the loss.   I think these sound fantastic with all genres of music except metal, because they just can't attack the music well enough.   Despite the big arguments over amped/unamped, I was using a FiiO E7, but...
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Sennheiser HD598


Pros: big stage,comfortable,accurate,powerfule,removable cord

Cons: lots of plastic

nice sound stage very accurate listen, wish there wasnt so much plastic though VERY COMFORTABLE

Refer to my review in the forum


Pros: Excellent balance of intimate midrange, one of the very few headphones with a wide AND accurate soundstage

Cons: Congestion if lacking amplification, lack of bass impact (though it is possible to adjust with EQ), plastic


Great cans! My Baseline headset


Pros: Great sound, super comfortable

Cons: none

My personal favourite headphones. I measure all my future headphones to this pair.   Tight bottom end, punchy, great clarity in the highs.

First Sennheiser, great HP


Pros: the sound

Cons: fragile nature

The headphone is very light, and comfortable from the day one.  Out of the box, the light weight and airy nature of the sound plus initially less bass response made me wonder.  However, just about a few hours later, bass response improved, and I started to enjoy the airy sound, which made the sound coming not just around my ears.   Not a big fan of the color as it reminded me of Super Nintendo that discolored in the 90s. I also suspect the fake-leader headband will get dirty soon. The HP is comfortable, although I have big ears that stick out into the paddings which cause minor discomfort.  I'm really concerned about the stories of headband cracking to the point...
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