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Sennheiser HD 598 Reviews


Great introduction to HiFi


Pros: Comfort, good all rounder. Easy to drive, not picky about source or amplification.

Cons: Some will prefer a more subdued design

Intro   This was my first real pair of headphones, and they satisfied me for two years. So it is only fitting that my first headphone review be on these awesome headphones. The HD598s are a great entry into personal HIFI. They are not picky about amplification, and will not over analyze bad recordings.    Setup   For two years I ran the HD598 from my Asus xonar essence stx sound card. They are a decent enough match, you could do better or worse. I have also tried these on my recently acquired Schiit stack (Bifrost, Asgard 2).     Sound Note: I don't have the poetic vocabulary to do a proper analysis of the headphones, but I can give you a...
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Sound as boring as they look.


Pros: Comfortable to wear, help you relax.

Cons: Makes your music sound dull and boring.

Had these and couldn't wait to get rid of them. I agree with What Hi-Fi? who gave these 3 stars out of 5 and said they were dull and boring. These headphones do manage to suck the life out of any music. If you want something to help you relax then these are the right cans for you, but you will get bored and you won't feel much from listening to vocals and music, which for me is like missing the point of music. I now have Creative Aurvana Live! headphones which are so much better than these. Much more exciting. Much more interesting to listen to. I honestly believe people who rate the HD598 highly don't have another decent set of energetic sounding headphones to compare them with. Once...
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great sounding headphones


Pros: Solid soundstage,robust bass,very detailed,silky signature.

Cons: Highs are rolled off,standard cable is a bit flimsy.

What more can you say about a pair of headphones that cost less than $200.Its truly a wonderful pair of headphones that can play all spectrum  of music and fits comfortably and non fatiguing.Soundstaging is the strong point for sure,deep,wide and high,voices and string artist is so spot on with the proper source and hell plugged right into iPod still sounds great.I own a pair of HD 600 also and some aspects the 598 are even better in the mids than the 600's.Overall if the highs wasn't a bit rolled and bright these headphones get a 5/5 considering the price.

Like camouflage.


Pros: Smooths my older, rougher recordings.

Cons: Makes all my music sound like it's been recorded in the same venue, on the same day.

For relaxing with a nice glass of wine while reading a good book, the wash of music from the HD598 is very soothing. Sadly, its mid bass bloom makes my delicate lute music sound like guitars. In fact, everything seems to have the same over-weighty mid-tone about it, however it was recorded. Deep and full, politely sweet but never exciting. It's as if my CDs are camouflaged in a Sennheiser soundscape, with a feeling that there was a Sennheiser engineer present at every recording session, insisting on the exact same feel, no matter whether the music was classical, rock or jazz. 

Decent Price Glory


Pros: Good Sound, Price, Look, Comfortability,

Cons: Not too much bass

This headphone is really good for its price and is comfortable and looking good. The sound is clear but need more bass, this is not a bad thing for everybody but on certain songs you can ear that the bass is not powerful. Overall the headphone is pretty great for audiophile starters, an amp will not be needed that much.

my first hi fi headphone


Pros: very nice sound and comfortable

Cons: lack of bass details

i love it this pair it is good for music and games recommended for beginners

The complete package


Pros: Very well made, They look awesome, big soundstage, nice punchy bass.

Cons: Cable is long, 6.5mm adapter

Design/Build quality Straight out of the box these feel strong and look like they have been put together very well, they have a beige colour with shiny wood accents and they look awesome! They are like the Aston Martin of the headphone universe, they just look and feel classy and expensive. Sound At first these didn't sound so great out of the box they sounded dull grainy and lacked bass completely after burn in however these opened up nicely, Bass is tight and punchy with a nice subtle low end but definitely not superfluous or over the top, Treble is these cans strong point they have a lot of detail and are unforgiving of low quality music any mp3 below 256kbps sound awful The...
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Blow me away Sennheiser HD-598


Pros: Sound, style, design, comfort

Cons: home hifi, maybe another cable with 3.5mm jack only

For the price, these headphones have incredible sound quality. Compared to other headphones like the HD 650, this is by no means an 'inferior' headphone just different. Superb soundstage and bass and treble capabilities. out of the box the highs mids and lows are well balanced.    Comfort is 5 stars, light and comfy. The headband is pleather, don't know if it will discolour/rot off over time. Some reports that the wood is real but I doubt it. Absolutely love the retro premium style to bits, needs to win an award for one of the best looking headphones. I took off half a star for design because of cracking for early batches and Sennheiser public commitment to replace...
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Almost perfect


Pros: Can listen to forever, no reason for me to want to upgrade

Cons: The 1/4" jack makes this even less portable

I previously had a Pioneer SE-A1000, which was my first pair of open headphones that was meant to be used as a home theater replacement (I've owned lots of IEM's such as Shure e2c, SCL4, UE600vi, HF3). The SE-A1000 was awesome to listen to for movies with a massive soundstage, but it was exhausting to listen to for hours on end because of the V-shaped sound signature. When I first got the HD598, I didn't think that the music was drastically better than my SE-A1000, but the key thing I appreciate now is how I can listen to the hd598 forever. The comfort is perfect, and I can wear my glasses under my headphones all day. For music, movies, or gaming, the sound just seems perfect. The...
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