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Sennheiser HD 598 Reviews

Gia Bao

Best headphone under 200 dollars or 250 dollars


Pros: Wide soundstage, details, beautiful look, best experience when listen to classic music, the most comfort headphone i have ever wore, can run unamp =))

Cons: Treble at it peak sound a bit harsh, mids is a bit forward for my taste( I prefer a more laid back smooth experiece in Treble mostly).

I just bought this headphone and it sound amazing, I did a burn in for about 20hr and the sound improve dramatically compared when the headphone was in the box. The comfort is phenomenal and due to the open circumference design the soundstage is HUGE. Overall this is my first audiophile grade headphone that i have bought even though, I would want to know more about the difference between the hd 598 vs hd 600. Sound quality? Smooth?..etc

(Under $200 Review)True Detail Cans


Pros: Comfort, Inviting, Warm Design

Cons: Sound Signature Can Throw People Off

So, if you've read anything by me, good! I've used many cans. But I'll never spend over $250 on a pair of headphones. I don't feel it's necessary.    REMEMBER! Headphones Objects With Their Own Personality   On that note, let's talk Sennheiser HD598s'!   Quick Personal Overview When talking Sennheiser, it's definitely easy to say that Open Ear/Back is their profession. I've never cared for any of their Closed Back design cans. The HD598 has a personality all of its own, and definitely a unique Detail Headphone. Before I begin the review, read below. Never compare a headphone to something that's completely different. Sennheiser HD598 - Detail Can, Not...
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Lacklustre sound


Pros: Comfort

Cons: Too much seperation, distance, and empty areas. No "immersion".

I got the Sennheiser HD-598 based on all the existing rave reviews. It's amazingly comfortable. That's all the good I can say about it. I just hate the sound.   Okay, I am no "audiophile". I am not using these headphones on any fancy sources. First device is my laptop...an MSI GE70. It has "SoundBlaster" lol! Second device is my old phone...a Samsung Galaxy Ace II x. It has "PowerAmp" app installed lol!   So this review is for cheapo weirdo's like me.   Yes, it has "sound stage". It's almost like they put different speakers in different faraway sections of the headphones...and each plays one component of the sound.   But the problem is that everything is...
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Unbelievably good


Pros: Clean as a nun's earlobes, great bass extension with just enough punch, phenomenal midrange and effortless highs. Really unique and classy aesthetics.

Cons: What? How dare you ask? None.

Value: I got these for $207 and at twice the price they'd be a great buy. Sound: If the next sentence seems defensive, it's not. it's an assertion of the sound quality of the HD598s. I've been in the music business for over 40 years and I have to assert that anyone giving these a low score on sound would not know a good set of headphones if it bit them on the ass (thanks Frank). These things are very close to neutral with just a bit of warmth due to the fact that they emphasise the lower mids and upper bass just a tiny bit. Bass extension is superb with just enough punch, mids are clear and detailed, highs are effortless and real and the soundstage, considering they are cans, not...
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Fairly good beginner cans, if flawed


Pros: Spacious soundstage, wonderfully airy, non-fatiguing yet sparkly

Cons: Stock cord and adapter, grainy, unnatural midrange, lack of sub-bass, overpriced

Design and Comfort:   These headphones are primarily composed of plastic and this contributes to the wonderful lack of weight and fatigue while wearing these. For the price, I would expect better quality material for the frame of these headphones but in reality, without the plastic, it wouldn't be nearly as comfortable. However, if you do buy this; keep in mind that these will not fare well if they're dropped (I've had them accidentally drop and the sound coming from the right cup became a bit wonky, so be cautious). These headphones were designed with looks of retro cars from the 60's and 70's in mind and though I wasn't sure I'd like the look, it's grown on me.   ...
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Very good sounding at an affordable price


Pros: Smart looking and looks very durable

Cons: The white may look dirty over time if not taken care of

While having a listening session with a friend on my newly made valve headphone amp we swapped phones. I was using the Audio-technica ATH700 Air and my friend The Sennheiser HD598s. My tube amp can drive two HPs at the same time with both being close to each other in impedance and efficiency. For the extra $100 over the cost of the AT I would say the Sennheiser are good value. They were not as bassy but good bass extension and mids and treble was airier and cleaner. By no means are the AT a slouch and for $160 they are really excellent value. But if you want something better and happy to pay around $100 more I would suggest the Sennheisers.

Great natural spacious sound


Pros: Spacious, Transparent, Balanced, Very Comfortable

Cons: Too neutral?

Spacious: Absolutely love the spacial sound and madly in love. Big soundstage that would make your other headphones in this price range sound awful. Although it is having a wide soundstage the dimensions are not sharply defined meaning that it could sound a tiny bit confusing at times.   Transparent: The sound detail is great with good separation. Balanced sound that makes listening to orchestral music a bliss.   Comfort: Even if you wear it for continuous hours it doesn't hurt, you start to wonder am I really wearing this?   Too neutral?? Sound well across all frequencies but laid of in higher highs and lower lows. Not for everyone who loves to hear fast or...
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Pros: Good pair, for the price, and sounds more than a $200 pair of headphones.

Cons: Exaggerated mids and artificial soundstage.

Review coming soon ...

Sweet ... but not for every one.


Pros: Awesome mid range.

Cons: Bass is clear but will not shake you

These are so easy to listen to for a long time.   Comfortable, not harsh.   Superb mids.   I can hear things on these headphones that I never could on my Sony MDRs.     They need amping though (and playing loud) ..or they are a bit too mild mannered.
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