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Sennheiser HD 598 Reviews


Fantastic cans


Pros: very balanced

Cons: overrated

These headphone are good, but in my opinion, pretty overrated. A pair of cans i can pick up for $50 more sounds way better than these.

Good casual everyday headphone


Pros: Tight bass, sparkly but unforceful highs, comfortable as pillows on your ears!

Cons: lack of midrange texture, cheap feeling

Generally find myself using these straight into my ipad when listening to podcasts or spotify, and for that, they are wonderful.  The sound seems full and complete for long term casual use.  Plugged into my pc for gaming and music, I run them into an Nad d1050, and they really shine there.   I switch between these and the Shure srh840's for casual non audiophile use, but mainly end up using these more because of the comfort.   They are rather cheap feeling.  Definitely not the best built headphones at this price.  But, on the flip side, they're light and sit so comfortably on my head, that I forget I have them on most of the time.   Oddly, I don't...
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Pros: Large sound stage and balanced

Cons: A little muddy

Well, I just got into head fi. I must say my first impression was just okay. Then after using it for over 300 hours I could start to tell its superiority in sound quality to my bose qc 25.. Also it is very comfy. the padding is not as comfy as the qc 25, but because it is an open headphone i.t allows alot of air to breathe so I NEVER sweat with this on, while I do sometimes with my qc 25 when walking around on a hot day.  But when compared to the hd800 it pales in comparison. But thats to be expected, cause hd800 is like 10 times its price. Very worth the 150 dollars though!
Sennheiser Fann

Best open back headphone in the pirce range of $200


Pros: Natural Sound

Cons: Lack of bass

Hi, Iam a new member of Headfi and Iam a new to the World of high end audio, so I started with the HD 598 as my sort of ''beginner'' type, for now. The sound of it is extraordinary, I didn't expect it to perform this well !!! 

Good choice for headphone uder $200


Pros: Pretty detail sounding for a $200 headphone/between mid to high fidelity/ smooths mid and highs/ very comfortable( doesn't create hot spots)

Cons: Not very details bass/ The cable is too long 3m cable/ Due to lack of bass, the sound sounded quite thin for my taste

When I first look at the headphone, Iwas amaze how the outside of the headphone looks, even though i heard of not many people prefer beige colour. For me, this headphone sound like you are in a actual concert, you being submerge in a room that being play just for you. Overall an amazing experience, this could be a good headphone if you are short in your budget when you cannot afford more high end headphone such as the HD 600. ( I also owned a HD 600 =))   9/10

Audiophile Grade Headphone/ Classic/ Smooth sound signature/ Precision.


Pros: Buttery smooth mids and highs, natural sounds, removable cable, good value, soft velour pad which maximum comforts.

Cons: Slightly lack of bass and some songs can create some sort of distortions.

This is my first experience of a headphone that can produce an amazing detail sound that can really feel natural and immersive at the same time. The first time when I put on the HD 598, I didn't expect this headphone can perform this well when looking at it price tag. Later on, I also try some other very high end grade headphone which including the Audeze LCD 2 which cost about $1000(+ some very high end DAC/AMP from Kern) , of course with this high price tag, the Audeze perform just like what I expected from it price, instruments sounded like it is playing lively just for you. The thing that Iam trying to say, is that the HD 598 do really benefit the technology from it older brother (HD...
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Excellent headphones for casual use.


Pros: Clear sound, sound signature is very neutral, decent sound-stage, comfortable, well-priced

Cons: sound-stage isn't extremely open, bass light (not good or bad IMO)

I've had these headphones for a little over a year now, and although I've always been extremely pleased with them, I know they aren't amazing. For the money ($149 when I bought them), they are phenomenal semi-entry level headphones. They're clear, not super hard to power, and comfortable. I can't complain about them unless i'm comparing them to other Senn headphones. Obviously, the 600s and 650s blow these out of the water in most respects, but that is to be expected with the price point. All in all, I think these are great headphones, and if I could go back to when I was looking for a new, open pair, I wouldn't change my decision. 

Not what I expected in the price range


Pros: Removeable cable, comfortable, sits around the ear not on, has great mids

Cons: small soundstage, feels semi open

I first started getting into audiophile grade headphones in high school (5 years ago) with Sennheiser HD515 headphones which were (at the time) the best headphones I had ever tried. Since then I have sought other headphones, in pursuit of new sound, new experience, and a perfect headphone. I paid 40 dollars for Sennheiser HD515 on amazon in 2010, and a hundred and fifty for these HD598 now. The quality has gone down in my opinion. Sound stage on the HD598 feels small in comparison, for the money I expected a flat but clear sound and to be honest it sounds very distorted in some songs, and seems to push mids above all else, the highs are no where near as clear as my HD515 and the bass...
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She will pull you in with her smooth comfy curves and keep you with her sound.


Pros: Balanced and rich accuracy. She's a real beauty.

Cons: She doesn't really have any major ones.

Alright, so I am not an audiophile by any means, my entire experience of headphelia is just using cheap IEMs but after trying some expensive beats, I knew I needed something more. And if your like me you want one pair to be your main man until it kicks the bucket a couple yours down the road.Not knowing what you want makes buying headphones hard, and so you take to the internet expecting some advice but then get thrown words like warm, shimmering highs, soundstage, and then you get caught flat on your face with too many options to choose from.  I am going to give you my honest impressions and experience, not a whole description of each thing you will hear, because no online review...
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