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Sennheiser HD 598 Reviews


Great all-rounder


Pros: Soundstage, excellent mids, tasteful bass, active but smooth treble, great on vocals, classic rock, less aggressive electronic music

Cons: Not the fastest or most crisp sound, bass could be a smidge tighter; Sennheiser house sound isn't for everyone

My chain: FLAC/320kbps MP3 -> Foobar 2k WASAPI Output-> HiFiMeDIY Sabre DAC -> E11 -> HD598   My first taste of the Sennheiser house sound came in the form of the HD439, which I purchased while looking for a balanced all-rounder for casual listening on the go and in coffee shops while writing. I enjoyed the signature, so when it came time to look for an open headphone, the first place I looked was Sennheiser.   I usually favor phones that have slightly elevated bass and are a bit darker, and after reading reviews saying that the HD5x8 series shared the same drivers, I decided that the HD558 was likely the best way to go, assuming it wouldn't sacrifice...
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I'll be using these for a long time


Pros: Soundstage, comfort, very nice looking imo...

Cons: Lacks a little punch in the low bass.

I'll start of by saying I'm new to the hifi headphone world and I'm using these un-amped out of the headphone out of a focusrite usb interface. Wow I never expected a headphone to sound so full, It's almost speaker like. They have plenty of bass but they do lack a little oomph and this becomes very apparent at low volume levels or bad sources, they don't sound quite as well on an ipod as on my pc's soundcard.   It is a very open design, you will hear your surroundings clearly and at medium listening levels or above people in the proximity will definitely be able to play air guitar over whatever it is that you're listening to. If that doesn't bother you this headphone is still...
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Exactly as good as the price suggests


Pros: Very comfortable; gorgeous looking, IMO

Cons: They're fine, but nothing special.

Most of my at-home listening is done via speakers, but if I'm in bed and not wanting to disturb the rest of the house, I have Shure SE 530s, via the laptop or a Sansa Clip. However, I've never been particularly in love with the Shures, which have spent most of their life in their case. I'd pretty much stopped listening to music on headphones.   I thought I'd try these. I don't know why I expected $250 'phones to sound better than $500 ones, and they certainly did not.  They sound exactly like what they are: mid-range, mid-price.   That's not to say they're bad - they certainly aren't; they're just middle of the road. They're lovely and airy, and the sound stage...
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Amazing Sound


Pros: Superb sound, Great build, Super comfortable

Cons: Cable is long, 6.5mm adapter, Massive sound leakage

Amazing sound and even better when using an AMP.   The 6.5mm standard adaptor is a bit Meh. But a 3.5mm is included. Cable is crazy long, definitely designed to be hooked up to a stereo unit at home. Still sounds great throught the ipad / iphone Sound leakage is huge and loud and will piss everyone off in the room. These cans are "at home" only use and not for office or when on public transport. My wife complained "what is the point of headphones if everyone can hear what you are listening to!!"   If you want aural candy, for the price (got mine on amazon.com) these things are diamond.    

Unsung hero


Pros: excellent Sound stage, excellent extension to both direction of frequency

Cons: Price misleading

This wonderful headphone is simply underestimated due to the myterious belief system of audiophiles. Price simply biases the listener, and human brain is simple an automata that is influenced by every factor especially the cost he or she paid.

It's like an HD558 with style.


Pros: Build, look (SE version), complete sound, comfort

Cons: can occasionally be a bit fatiguing, inside touches my ears.

For me the HD598 was a hope that I could get nearly the same sound as the HD558 with more comfort. In short, mission mostly accomplished.   Impression/build/: The first thing I noted straight out of the box is how premium the HD598 looks (SE version) and feels The headband is bound by leatheryness, the earcups have mesh, unlike the felt-like material of the HD558 earcups. Putting them on my head, it was clear to see the lesser clamp force compared to nearly every other Sennheiser I have tried (barring the HD700). The pads also felt a bit softer as well. I prefer this headband pad to most others I have used. One thing that I am sure some people have run into is hair getting stuck in...
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Fantastic cans


Pros: very balanced

Cons: overrated

These headphone are good, but in my opinion, pretty overrated. A pair of cans i can pick up for $50 more sounds way better than these.

Good casual everyday headphone


Pros: Tight bass, sparkly but unforceful highs, comfortable as pillows on your ears!

Cons: lack of midrange texture, cheap feeling

Generally find myself using these straight into my ipad when listening to podcasts or spotify, and for that, they are wonderful.  The sound seems full and complete for long term casual use.  Plugged into my pc for gaming and music, I run them into an Nad d1050, and they really shine there.   I switch between these and the Shure srh840's for casual non audiophile use, but mainly end up using these more because of the comfort.   They are rather cheap feeling.  Definitely not the best built headphones at this price.  But, on the flip side, they're light and sit so comfortably on my head, that I forget I have them on most of the time.   Oddly, I don't...
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Pros: Large sound stage and balanced

Cons: A little muddy

Well, I just got into head fi. I must say my first impression was just okay. Then after using it for over 300 hours I could start to tell its superiority in sound quality to my bose qc 25.. Also it is very comfy. the padding is not as comfy as the qc 25, but because it is an open headphone i.t allows alot of air to breathe so I NEVER sweat with this on, while I do sometimes with my qc 25 when walking around on a hot day.  But when compared to the hd800 it pales in comparison. But thats to be expected, cause hd800 is like 10 times its price. Very worth the 150 dollars though!
Sennheiser Fann

Best open back headphone in the pirce range of $200


Pros: Natural Sound

Cons: Lack of bass

Hi, Iam a new member of Headfi and Iam a new to the World of high end audio, so I started with the HD 598 as my sort of ''beginner'' type, for now. The sound of it is extraordinary, I didn't expect it to perform this well !!! 
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