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Like camouflage.

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 598

Sennheiser HD 598

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Pros: Smooths my older, rougher recordings.

Cons: Makes all my music sound like it's been recorded in the same venue, on the same day.

For relaxing with a nice glass of wine while reading a good book, the wash of music from the HD598 is very soothing.

Sadly, its mid bass bloom makes my delicate lute music sound like guitars. In fact, everything seems to have the same over-weighty mid-tone about it, however it was recorded. Deep and full, politely sweet but never exciting. It's as if my CDs are camouflaged in a Sennheiser soundscape, with a feeling that there was a Sennheiser engineer present at every recording session, insisting on the exact same feel, no matter whether the music was classical, rock or jazz. 


Typical Sennheiser house sound. What are you feeding it with? That "mid bass bloom" you are talking about, I experienced it with poor amplification. A simple Fiio E10 fixed it for me.
Apogee Duet, latest version. No such problems with the Duet when used with the Shure 840 and 940, or AKG K550, or even the old Sennheiser HD580.
A low impedance source is crucial for the 598s because not only do they have a "lowish" nominal impedance (60 ohm), but their impedance spike is 6 times the nominal impedance (300 ohm at 100 Hz)!
You will have a 100 Hz boost unless your source's impedance is in the single digits, which isn't the case of the Duet (which is around 30 ohm). The Duet will not play nice with any of the HD5x5 ou HD5x8 series.
Thanks. Sounds like a good enough reason for Duet users to steer clear of Sennheiser then. But as I said, I used the old HD580 (300 Ohm) with the Duet for a good period of time and that was better than the 598 in that respect. I've also auditioned the DT880 Pro (200 or 250 Ohm, can't recall) with the Duet and while I didn't like the highs, the lows and mids seemed tight enough.
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