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I've had these for about 6 months. I find them to be outstanding. I love them!

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Sennheiser HD-598

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Pros: Natural, airy, unhyped and detailed

Cons: None...except they'll make you realize just how bad MP3s really suck. But is that really a con?

I've had these for about 6 months and I find them to be outstanding.  I think you'd pay double to get anything better.  Natural, unhyped response. Nice full soundstage. VERY, VERY COMFORTABLE. I use them with a Fiio E10 as well as a Focusrite TwinTrak Pro. I have quite a bit 24/96 and vinyl. For reference I also own  AKG K240M (600 OHM), Sennheiser HD439, Superlux HD681 and AKG K55.  The 598s are by far my favorite, no contest.


Nice review
you use this to game?
yes doberman these can be used for gaming too.. the soundstage is better.. and direction sound is even better than $200 gaming headphone those fake 7.1 and all.. so use them for gaming too cheers
I'm curious about the durability of this headphones, in your case after all 6 months of using it do you find some issues with the materials? The most common thing are the cracking on some of ajustable bands that are made of plastic, I think. I saw this in the Sennheiser HD 598 Appreciation Thread page 2. This is something that has been bothering me a lot.
I've no quality issues whatsoever. I am careful with my stuff but these have been used a lot and show hardly any visible signs of wear. no cracks not even scratches. Almost a year now, I still love them.
Maybe they have have updated the materials with the new releases, or it have to do more with the way you use your headphones anyway this is very cheap now on amazon, so could be a stronge posibility. Thanks for the quick replay.
"Cons: None...except they'll make you realize just how bad MP3s really suck. But is that really a con?"
Right On! 
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